Nosto: Personalization for Shopify
An overview on how the Nosto personalization app works with Shogun
Written by Edward Savoy
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What is Nosto?

Nosto is a personalization solution that allows marketers and e-commerce professionals to deliver custom content to segments of customers.

Integrating Nosto in Shogun pages

Nosto Recommendations can be implemented into your Shogun pages in a number of ways, depending on your needs.

HTML Element

Shogun offers a HTML Element that can be used to implement the code that is required to load a Nosto recommendation on your page. Simply put the HTML Placeholder code provided by Nosto into the HTML element, and Nosto will handle the display of the content on the page.

Custom Element

Custom Elements are a great way of adding custom content that can be dragged onto your page. With Custom Elements, Nosto recommendations can be added to the page just like with the HTML element.

<div class="nosto_element" id="{{nosto_id}}"></div>

In the example code above, the {{nosto_id}} variable refers to the Slot ID that is provided by Nosto. The {{nosto_id}} variable can also be hardcoded - though this isn't recommended as this reduces the flexibility of the element.

For more information on Custom Elements, please check out our documentation around Custom Elements.

Will I need to update my Shogun pages when updating a Nosto Recommendation?

If you update the Nosto recommendations, you will not need to re-publish your Shogun pages as long as the Slot ID is not changed in the general settings of your recommendation.

Will adding Nosto content slow down my page?

Nosto loads elements asynchronously on your pages, this means that this will not contribute to a longer load speed.

Where can I find support for Nosto?

Existing users are encouraged to get in touch with your dedicated Nosto customer success manager (CSM) for assistance.

New users are encouraged to visit Nosto's app store listing for assistance and information on getting started.

Nosto have also published an article on how to implement Nosto recommendations with Shogun, should you require further support on this.

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