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What happens to my pages if I uninstall Shogun on Shopify?
What happens to my pages if I uninstall Shogun on Shopify?
Learn about what happens to your content after you uninstall and cancel your Shogun subscription.
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How do I cancel my Shogun account?

We are sorry to see you go :( Cancelling your account is as simple as uninstalling Shogun from your store, this will cancel your Shogun account. More details on how to uninstall an app on Shopify can be found in the article below.

We would love to hear any feedback that you have for us before you go! Please reach out to πŸ™‚.

What happens to my live pages once I uninstall Shogun?

You keep all your live pages and drafts, even after you uninstall. Published pages stay with your store as live pages, served up as pure HTML so they will never disappear.
Note: if you edit these pages outside of Shogun, your platform may strip the styling of the page, which would require re-publishing through Shogun.

What happens to my data?

While you do keep all of your live pages on uninstall, there is some data that may be lost.

Due to GDPR changes on Shopify, we are requested to remove your data after a certain amount of time after you uninstall Shogun or stop using Shopify. The data removed will only be data that is stored within Shogun, listed below,

  • Analytics data

  • Audits

  • Collaborator and user data

  • Form data

  • Instagram integration

  • Sync Data

There is some data that is stored in Shopify that will be re-synced once you reinstall Shogun, even if your data has been removed, see below:

  • Product Collections

  • Pages

  • Products

Please note, if your store was redacted before 27th October 2020 there are a few additional items that were removed from your store: custom elements; data collections; custom templates; experiments; media assets; and snippets.

What happens with my media assets?

Your media assets will remain live on your store, live pages will not break when your information is redacted. These will be waiting for you if you ever decide to come back to us!

Please note, if your store was redacted before 27th October 2020 your media assets would have been redacted.

How long will my data stick around?

After uninstalling, Shopify will inform us that this data needs to be removed within 14 days. You will receive an email containing the date that we will redact (delete) your data from our systems. Reinstalling Shogun before the redaction date will prevent the data from being redacted from our systems.

Will my custom elements continue to work?

Your custom elements will continue to work as normal. For stores redacted before this date, if your custom element is referencing a data collection this may stop working as expected.

Please note, if your store was redacted before 27th October 2020 your custom elements would have been redacted.

Will my Shogun forms continue to work?

No, once your data has been redacted your form elements will no longer work. Since we are prohibited from storing the data, your forms will no longer work.

If you are using custom forms on your page, they will continue to operate.

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