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How to show the dropzones within the editor
How to show the dropzones within the editor

Using the 'toggle dropzones' feature of the editor, you can see all of the dropzones where you can place content!

Updated over a week ago

The Toggle Dropzone prompt can be useful in situations where you may not be aware of where your Shogun content can be placed on the page in relation to other elements on the page. This option can be found under the three dots menu in the top bar of the editor.

What does this do?

The Toggle Dropzone button makes the drop zones in the editor more visible. The Shogun editor is filled with places where you can insert Shogun content, but there are usually not visible - toggling the Toggle Dropzone prompt shows them on the page.
โ€‹Note: a dropzone is a section of the Shogun editor where you can place Shogun elements!

Why is this not on by default?

We wanted to make it easy to toggle between showing the dropzones, and not showing the dropzones. This option is disabled by default to give you a more accurate representation of what your page will look like - since these dropzones won't be present on your live page!

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