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Adding downloadable content to your Shogun pages
Adding downloadable content to your Shogun pages
In some cases, you may wish to offer a downloadable piece of content such as a PDF for your users.
Written by Edward Savoy
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Please note: adding custom code to your pages is not currently supported by our support team, code is provided as is and variations of the code are the responsibility of the merchant

While not officially supported, it is possible to include links to downloadable content within your Shogun pages using the HTML element.

Can I add a download option to a Shogun element?

No, Shogun elements like the Image element do not support downloadable content. Please feel free to reach out to to register your interest in this feature.

How to add downloadable content

Hosting: downloadable content can not be hosted within Shogun, this must be hosted outside of Shogun on services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc.

Once you have your file hosted, you should have a URL where you can access your file - please contact support for the service if you can not find this URL. Next, grab a HTML element from the sidebar and drop it on the page.

<a href="https://myhosting/image/imagename.jpg" download></a>

There are no restrictions on file types allowed, for example, .pdf will allow you to add a downloadable PDF to your page.

More information on the download attribute can be found on W3Schools, it would be recommended that you familiarise yourself with this attribute before making use of this code.

Please note: the example code will only add the link to the page, styling and element creation will be up to the merchant creating the Shogun page. Shogun support will not be able to offer support on creating custom coded page elements.

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