Shogun is not currently compatible with AJAX carts that certain themes provide as part of their feature list. There is currently not a standard in place for AJAX carts, which makes this difficult for us to implement support for - should this change in the future, this is something we will investigate.

How do I know I have an AJAX cart?

Our support team are more than happy to help you determine whether or not your theme has an AJAX cart or not. There are a few signs that this is the case,

  • The cart icon is not updating on a Shogun page after the add to cart button has been clicked

  • There is a slide-out checkout drawer on your store

The theme's script will only update the cart preview/counter, or slide-out checkout drawers if it detected the theme's built-in buttons being clicked, or when the page is refreshed.


For themes with AJAX carts, we typically recommend using the Go to Cart option of the Shogun Add to Cart button as this will remove the need for the cart icon to update, or for the page to refresh.

Advanced Recommendations

Note: Shogun support can not provide support for custom code on your pages as this is out of scope. These recommendations are provided as guides only and would require developer assistance to implement.

1. A custom function can be added to the theme's script to refresh the page or cart view upon clicking Shogun's Add to Cart button.

2. Custom code modelled after theme's live product form can be added into the page using the HTML or Custom Element features in Shogun. If the same HTML markup & classes are used, the theme's cart script should recognize it and update the AJAX cart accordingly.

Since the theme controls the cart functionality, cart modification is outside of our scope to modify the theme or create custom code. If you do feel like you could use a developer's assistance with this, we have some recommended resources in this guide,

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