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How does the "main" dropzone work within Shogun
How does the "main" dropzone work within Shogun

Shogun offers three dropzones on Product and Collection Pages - let's explore how the "main" dropzone works.

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Dropzone: a location on a Shogun page inside the Shogun editor that you can drag and drop Shogun elements into.

Shogun offers three dropzones on your Product and Collection Pages: above, "main" and below. We are going to concentrate on the "main" dropzone for this article.

Note, for pages with a single dropzone the "main" dropzone will be the only dropzone on the page.

Where is the "main" dropzone located?

When a Product or Collection Page is imported into Shogun we make use of the location of the description that is already set by your theme - for technical folk, this is the {{ product.description}} or {{ collection.description }} respectively. This is controlled by your theme.

Note: you will not see a "main" dropzone if your theme does not include the code noted above, if you are missing a dropzone it would be recommended that you reach out to your theme developer to confirm if this code exists in the theme.

How does the "main" dropzone work within Shogun?

The "main" dropzone of your Product and Collection Pages is linked to the Product Description field and Collection Description field within Shopify. What does this mean? This means that any content or edits that you make to the "main" dropzone will be stored in the description field of the relevant page on your store.

We recommend at this point to only edit your pages via Shogun as Shopify's editor will strip out Shogun's styling code and possibly break the page. We have tips on how to resolve this if this does happen here: "Help! Why do my pages look broken and why is my styling lost?"

We would prefer to modify the product description or collection description via Shopify.

That's okay! Let the team know and we can go ahead and disable the "main" dropzone for you. This means that editing your product or collection description via Shopify will no longer interfere with the Shogun content of your page.

Help! My description is pulled by a third-party and there is code showing

Occasionally, a third-party service will make use of the description that is stored within Shopify to populate other services. This can include but is not limited to: ad services, third-party cataloging services, or backup services.

Certain ad services have been known to have issues regarding the use of Shogun in the "main" dropzone. Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram storefronts are not equipped to handle certain code within the product description - this may cause the code to show within the ad and the ads may get rejected due to this.

Example: Shogun code showing in instagram storefront

If this does occur, please let our team know - we can let you know how to get around this by disabling the ability to edit product descriptions within Shogun, and how to remove the Shogun code but keep the content. We would not consider this a bug.

An alternative to disabling the ability to edit the "main" dropzone within Shogun would be to use a simple text element in the main dropzone, rather than more complex elements such as Columns, or Tables.

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