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Can I change my page background?
Can I change my page background?

Can I change my page background in Shogun?

Updated over a week ago

The background color of your site is controlled by your theme, and Shogun does not currently have the option to change this - but be sure to let our team know that you are interested in seeing this option added to Shogun in the future!

You can find a workaround below, but please note that this is not supported by Shogun and if this does not work for your particular needs, we would recommend contacting your theme developer.

There are two methods of adding this to your page - inside a Shogun HTML element for a single page, or in your theme for your entire site (contact your theme developer for more information).

For your theme's CSS files, you will need the following code

body { background-color: #your-hex-color; }

For the HTML Element option, you will need to modify this slightly, as follows,

<style> body { background-color: #your-hex-color; } </style>

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