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Adding images using Unsplash
Adding images using Unsplash

You can now use Unsplash in order to populate your Shogun image elements!

Updated over a week ago

Unsplash is a service that provides a repository of stock photographs that are available under the Unsplash license. These images can now be used directly within the Shogun editor to bring beautiful stock photos to your Shogun pages.

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Adding an Unsplash image to your page

Unsplash is available through the Image Element, similar to your regular photos. Simply drop an Image Element onto your page, select pick image and navigate to the Unsplash icon on the left of the popup. From here you can search for what you are looking to add to your page.

Note: adding an image to your page will automatically add the image to the Your Media Library tab

Adding an Unsplash image to Your Media Library

If you come across an image that you would like to save until later, you can add it to your library for later use rather than add it straight to the page. Select the add to library button while hovering over any image to save it to your library for later use!

Previewing an Unsplash image

You can preview all Unsplash images before adding them to your pages or to your library. Simply hit the preview button that will appear when you hover over any image in the image selector and you will be given the option. This can be great for ensuring that you are happy with the image.

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