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What staff permissions are required to install Shogun for Shopify?
What staff permissions are required to install Shogun for Shopify?
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Need to update permissions to use the Shopify Metafield element? See below.

To ensure your staff is able to download the Shogun app to your Shopify store, the following staff permissions will need to be selected on their store profile:

  • Orders

  • Products

  • Discounts

  • Themes

  • Blog posts and pages

  • Manage Settings

  • Manage and install apps and channels

These are the minimum requirements for their staff account to download Shogun, but more can be selected and it will not effect the app install.

Please note: If you'd like your staff member to have the ability to upgrade and select a paid plan on Shogun, the "Approve app charges" permission will also need to be enabled.

If you’re looking for more on how to manage staff accounts, you can check out this Shopify document:

Updating Your App Permissions

If you installed Shogun before September 27th, 2023, in order for Shopify Metafield data be available on Preview and Live pages, you must first accepted updated permissions.

If you need to update your permissions, you will see this message when selecting the Metafield element that is dropped on a page:

After selecting Update permissions, you will see this modal where you can select "Go to Shopify" to accept the new permissions in a new tab.

Please note: you must have the correct user permissions from your Shopify Admin in order to accept new app permissions. The permission you need is the "Manage and install apps and channels". Please coordinate with your Admin to accept these new permissions.

Once new permissions are accepted, you can access the Metafield element on your page!

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