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Shogun Custom Forms + Klaviyo
Shogun Custom Forms + Klaviyo

Send Form Data Automatically To Your Klaviyo Account

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Integration Set Up

Generate a Private API Key


Note: Shogun will need a private key set with 'Full Access' in order to pass submissions to Klaviyo.

Add the Private API Key to Shogun Settings

  1. Copy the Private API Key from your Klaviyo account

  2. Navigate to your Shogun Settings:

  3. Click the Enable button next to the Klaviyo integration

  4. Paste the Private API Key and click Save to enable the integration.

Image showing the field to add Klaviyo API keys in Shogun

Using The Klaviyo Integration

After you've added a Form Box Element to your page, you'll notice a new toggle menu that allows you to choose where you'd like to Send Submissions.

  • Email (this is the default option where we email you the form data)

  • Klaviyo (this is the integration that will send form data directly to Klaviyo)

Image showing the field to select where submissions are sent to
  • Once you've selected Klaviyo, you'll see a new menu that displays all of the Klaviyo Lists in your Klaviyo account.

  • Pick the name of the list that you'd like to send the form entries.

Other Things To Note

  • In order for the Form Box Integration to function properly, you must include a Form Text Input element with the Input Type set to Email.

    • We can't send data to Klaviyo without an email address

  • Feel free to add additional form elements to collect additional data points:

    • Name

    • Gender

    • Favorite Food

    • Anything you want :)

  • Any additional data values will be passed along to Klaviyo as Custom Properties.

  • It's also important to note that by default "Double opt-in" is enabled on your list settings. If you'd like to ensure that the user gets added to the list without having to email them first to confirm, go to your list settings and select "Single opt-in" instead.

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