Integration Set Up

Generate a Private API Key


Add the Private API Key to Page Builder Settings

Using The Klaviyo Integration

After you've added a Form Box Element to your page, you'll notice a new toggle menu that allows you to choose where you'd like to Send Submissions.

  • Email (this is the default option where we email you the form data)

  • Klaviyo (this is the new integration that will send form data directly to Klaviyo)

  • Once you've selected Klaviyo, you'll see a new menu that displays all of the Klaviyo Lists we found in your Klaviyo account.

  • Pick the name of the list that you'd like to send the form entries.

Other Things To Note

  • In order for the Form Box Integration to function properly, you must include a Form Text Input element with the Input Type set to Email.

    • We can't send data to Klaviyo without an email address

  • Feel free to add additional form elements to collect additional data points:

    • Name

    • Gender

    • Favorite Food

    • Anything you want :)

  • Any additional data values will be passed along to Klaviyo as Profile Properties.

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