Picreel Integration

Picreel is a simple tool that can be used to increase conversion rates & sales through popup modals and more!

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Picreel provides advanced exit popups, engagement messages, overlays, and other onsite messages that help increase site retention, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and increase leads and sales.

How to set up

Adding your Picreel API Key to Shogun

Before making use of the built-in integration with Picreel, it's important to ensure that your API Key is placed inside of your Shogun settings. To do this, you must first grab your API Key from your Picreel Account Settings. In the top right corner of Picreel, select the account icon, then click “Account Settings”:

On this page, under “Profile Details”, grab the “API Key”:

Once you have that token, navigate to your Shogun dashboard, into Settings, and scroll down to the Integrations section. Click “Enable” on the Picreel Integration, insert your API Key, and then click Save.

It’s important to note that you’ll have to republish any page that you want Picreel to work on, now that you’ve added the API Key.

How it integrates with the page

Once the API Key is added to your settings and the Shogun page is republished, the Picreel script will automatically be added to the live page. Now that the script is in place, everything is controlled through the Picreel Campaign dashboard and nothing else needs to be added/changed on the Shogun end.

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