Olark Integration

Olark is a cloud-based live chat solution that enables businesses to interact with customers through their website.

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Key features of Olark include automated messages, team management, real-time reporting, searchable transcripts, and more.

How to set up

Adding your Site ID to Shogun

Before making use of the built-in integration with Olark, you will want to make sure your Site ID is added to the Olark settings option within Shogun. In order to do this, you must first find your Site ID from your Olark account.

Click on the Settings button to the left of the page and choose Installation from the drop-down options. This will open up a new window where you’ll see the Install your Chatbox options. Click on Install as a Plugin.

You will see your Site ID as shown here:

Copy the Site ID and navigate to your Shogun dashboard and to the Settings tab. Scroll down and find the Olark Integration option. Click Enable and paste your Site ID into the text box and click save.

Add the required Code to your theme

Once you have added the Site ID to your Shogun integration you will want to follow the following guide to add the code required to run Olark to your Shopify theme: https://www.olark.com/help/shopify

If you have any landing pages testing has confirmed that you shouldn’t need to add them to the theme.shogun.landing.liquid file. If there are any issues with it not appearing on the landing pages this may be needed.

How it integrates with the page

Once you’ve followed the installation guide the Olark popup will automatically show up on your site.

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