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Can I Use Page Builder with Shopify's Hydrogen?
Can I Use Page Builder with Shopify's Hydrogen?
How to use Shogun's Page Builder with your Shopify Hydrogen storefront
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With Shogun Page Builder for Shopify Hydrogen, merchants now have the no-code drag-and-drop page creation features from Shogun Page Builder for their Shopify Hydrogen build.

Shogun Page Builder brings drag and drop design to Shopify Hydrogen

Shogun's Page Builder Advanced plan includes Hydrogen compatibility and access to the API endpoint that allows developers to easily pull Page Builder content into Hydrogen builds.

Installation & Requirements

In order to use Shogun Page Builder with your Hydrogen storefront, you'll first need Page Builder installed on your Shopify Plus store. The store's Page Builder account will also need to be on Shogun's Advanced plan in order for the Hydrogen compatibility and endpoint to be enabled.

Contact our Sales team to learn more about Shogun's Advanced plan and Shogun Page Builder for Shopify Hydrogen.

Technical Documentation

Developer installation and code examples are available on Shogun's Hydrogen Demo repo on Github:

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