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What are 'shoguntemp' and 'shogun-title-probe' pages?
What are 'shoguntemp' and 'shogun-title-probe' pages?
In this article, we explain why you might see these temporary pages in your store
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You may occasionally notice pages with the title of shoguntemp or shogun-title-probe appearing in your store dashboard's activity feed and might be wondering what they are.

Our app temporarily creates pages to help replicate your theme and page layout inside of our drag and drop editor. That is, we create a page in your store very briefly, so that we can display the theme's components inside of the editor, such as the header and footer. This also helps show where your Shogun content appears within the page layout as you build.

These temporary pages generally only exist for a fraction of a second before they are deleted, but may appear in activity feeds if there is a delay in the deletion process.

In the unlikely event these pages are not being automatically deleted, please do reach out to us and our support team will be happy to look into it.

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