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CMS Properties for BigCommerce Products
CMS Properties for BigCommerce Products

Which properties are available in the BigCommerce Products external CMS collection?

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Accounts with access to the CMS feature include an external CMS collection named "BigCommerce Products." This CMS collection pulls various product properties from the store's catalog and makes them available for use in Custom Elements.

The following properties are available in this CMS collection.

General Product Details

Basic details about the product include:

  • body_html

  • created_at

  • handle

  • id

  • tags

  • title

  • updated_at

Main Product Image Properties

Values for the main image of the product are available in the image nested object.

  • image.alt


  • image.product_id

  • image.src

  • image.src_standard

  • image.src_thumbnail

  • image.src_tiny

  • image.src_zoom

  • image.updated_at

All Product Images

Values for all of the images that have been uploaded for a product are available in the images nested object.

  • images.alt


  • images.position

  • images.product_id

  • images.src

  • images.src_standard

  • images.src_thumbnail

  • images.src_tiny

  • images.src_zoom

  • images.updated_at

Product Options

The options of the product are available as a nested object.



  • options.position

  • options.product_id

  • options.values

Product Variants

The properties of variants for the product are available as a nested object.

  • variants.barcode

  • variants.compare_at_price


  • variants.image_id

  • variants.inventory_quantity

  • variants.inventory_tracking


  • variants.option_values.label

  • variants.option_values.option_id

  • variants.option_values.option_display_name

  • variants.price

  • variants.product_id

  • variants.sku

  • variants.title

  • variants.weight

  • variants.weight_unit

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