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CMS Properties for BigCommerce Product Categories
CMS Properties for BigCommerce Product Categories

Which properties are available in the external CMS collection named BigCommerce Product Collections?

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Accounts with access to the CMS feature include an external CMS collection named "BigCommerce Product Collections." This CMS collection pulls overview information about the Product Categories in the store's catalog and makes them available for use in Custom Elements.

This collection is useful when creating a list view of all the categories available in the store.

General Product Category Properties

  • body_html - This is the description of the category.

  • handle

  • id

  • title

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this CMS collection to display all products within this category?

No. This CMS collection's properties only include information about the category. It does not include information about the individual products within the category.

However, it is possible to display products with the same tag using the BigCommerce Products CMS collection.

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