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How do I import my BigCommerce contact page?
How do I import my BigCommerce contact page?
Troubleshooting tips for importing your BigCommerce store's contact page
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When importing your store's contact page into Shogun Page Builder, it may not initially appear as an option in the import menu.

If this is the case, locate the contact page in your BigCommerce account and check its Page Type settings.

If the Page Type setting has the "Allow people to send questions/comments via a contact form" option selected, the page will not appear as an import option in Page Builder.

To resolve this, select the "Contain content created using the WYSIWYG editor below" option.

This will convert the page from a "Contact Form" to a "Normal Page." With this adjustment, you'll then be able to import the page into Shogun.

Please note: Making this adjustment will remove the built-in BigCommerce form from the page. However, a new form can be created using Shogun's Form Box element.

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