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Generate AI Text with Shogun AI
Generate AI Text with Shogun AI
Save time generating new content or refreshing existing content with the assistance of AI
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Save time on writing content by using AI in Shogun's header or text elements. Simply open up the AI Text Generator, add a prompt, and choose to accept or re-generate the result.

NOTE: AI Text is now in Private Beta. Get in touch here to request access to our Private Beta program for early access to new features.

Starting a Prompt

When adding a Text or Heading element to the page, or having one on the page as the active element, you'll find a new option populates in the toolbar attached to that element.

Selecting this will open a new context window in the editor where you can instruct the AI to generate content based on the given prompt.

Accepting or Regenerating the Result

Once you have your prompt written you can hit 'Generate' to create copy based on that prompt. If the copy isn't to your liking, you can click 'Generate' again and the AI will produce another result.

Tips and Tricks

You can use the keyboard shortcut 'shift' + 'enter' to generate your result more quickly.

Known Issues

Using the AI text generation prompt will reset any custom styles you've set to the text in the text editor with respect to that element.

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