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An overview of how to integrate Loox reviews in conjunction with Shogun's product box

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Loox is an app that enables you to collect and display star ratings and reviews on your products on Shopify.

We have provided an integration with their platform in our editor, steps to enable and use it are found below:

Setting up the Integration

Integrating with Loox requires that you first have their app and our app installed.

From there you can go to the 'Settings' tab of the dashboard and down to 'Integrations' where you will find a prompt to 'Enable' our Loox integration:

Clicking this prompt will open a confirm dialog box:

Once your selection is 'Saved' you can add the widget to your pages from the sidebar in the editor.

Note that at present, Loox won't populate to the sidebar in the editor until this step is completed.

Using the Widget

With that done you can navigate back to the editor on any pages you want Loox content to be presented, and so long as you have a product box on the page, you can drag and drop the Loox widget from the sidebar. Placing it inside a product box will automatically associate the widget with the product associated with the product box.

From here you can decide what Loox content you want to render.

Product Reviews Widget: Renders published reviews specific to the product that is associated with the product box.

at this time it is only possible to have one Loox Product Reviews Widget per page

Ratings Widget: Renders just the star rating for the product that is associated with the product box.

Shogun doesn't provide any options to customize the appearance of the Widgets, those options are found in the Loox control panel.

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