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Align and Overlay Content with the Grid Element
Align and Overlay Content with the Grid Element

How to align and overlay content using Shogun's Grid element

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We’re thrilled to announce that we’re taking the page-building experience to the next level with the introduction of Grid – a groundbreaking new feature now available in public beta. You’ve told us your dream of a more intuitive, flexible drag-and-drop experience for years. Today, we’re delivering on that dream.

Why Grid?

  • Intuitive Design: Forget about fiddling with rigid layouts, stubborn columns, and restrictive design elements. With Grid, you can now drag and drop exactly how you imagine.

  • Speed & Flexibility: Build pages faster than ever without compromising your vision or layout.

  • Non-Technical Friendly: Our new grid element makes it incredibly easy for non-technical merchants to create stunning layouts.

What’s in the Public Beta?

  • Core Grid Functionality: We’ve developed Grid to a point where we’re eager to get it in your hands.

  • Feedback Loop: Your input is invaluable to us. We’re actively seeking feedback to improve features and finalize the functionality for responsive editing, which is currently in development.

Known Feature Limitations

  • If you drag an element into Grid, you cannot drag it back out currently.

  • The Grid element does not have a 'stacking on smaller screens' option similar to the column element when you move from Desktop => Mobile.

How to Get Access

Grid is available to merchants on our Grow and Advanced plans; if you are on an outdated plan, you can upgrade to a new plan to get access.

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