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Shogun A/B Testing in Public Beta
Shogun A/B Testing in Public Beta

Use Shogun to run multivariate tests using our natively integrated testing platform and user-friendly visual editor.

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This article is being deprecated and moved here.

Run A/B Tests directly in Shogun and start optimizing your storefront today.

A/B Testing is currently in Public Beta and we are actively working on improvements and new functionality.

Book a 15 minute onboarding call to request access, get set up, or learn more.

Welcome to Shogun A/B Testing. Watch this video to see a demo of how to build, launch, analyze, update, and complete a test.

Launch a test

Ready to start optimizing your pages? Great. Here is how you can launch your test with Shogun in just a few minutes.

  1. Connect Google Analytics

  2. Enable A/B Testing

  3. Build your Page Variants

  4. Define your traffic

  5. Publish test

Connect Google Analytics

Connect Google Analytics in a few clicks with the Google Authorization flow. After connecting Google Analytics, Shogun will automatically create GA4 Audiences and configure event tags so that you can analyze the performance of your tests in Google Analytics. Watch the video below to learn more.

The Google Analytics is currently under review by Google and you will see this message. To complete authorization, please click "Advanced" then "Go to"

Seeing an error when authenticating? Please review the following requirements:

  1. Connect Google Analytics to your ecommerce platform

  2. Ensure your storefront is not password protected

  3. Ensure your Google account has adequate permissions in your Google Analytics property

    1. Administrator or Editor permissions are required in order to complete authentication.

Enable A/B Testing

Navigate to the Page you want to test in Shogun's Visual Editor. You will see a new menu item where you can open up the AB testing panel:

Here is where you can create new page variants to test against one other. When you create a new variant, Shogun will duplicate your Original page design.

Note: when creating, removing, and deleting variants, you may observe a slight delay before your variant is updated. We have improvements to the loading experience releasing on December 6th.

Build your Page Variants

Now it's time to make the changes between each page variant that you want to test.

Once you have enabled A/B testing on your page, you will see a new dropdown in the top menu to quickly jump between your page variants within Shogun's Visual Editor.

When editing a Page Variant, you can make any change to your page's layout that you wish. You can test a full page redesign, or a simple text change.

Note: Autosave currently is not compatible when A/B Testing is enabled, so please Save your changes manually.

Define your Traffic

Shogun supports the ability to control the traffic distribution so that you can test bold ideas safely and with control.

Simply toggle off the "Split traffic evenly between variants" option and enter define much traffic you want each variant to receive.

Publish Test

Once you have made your desired changes to your page variants, connected Google Analytics, and set up your GA4 Audiences, you are ready to launch your test.

Simply click Publish Test and your test will go live.

On the Dashboard, add a Page Type filter to quickly find all your pages that have a test in progress.

Analyze your Test

Native Analytics will be available in Shogun soon, but you can always view your test analytics in GA4.

Ensuring GA4 is tracking properly

After you publish your first test, watch the video below to ensure analytics have been connected successfully and how to add GA4 Audiences to your Reports to analyze your test.

Need help building a Report in GA4? You can learn more about building reports with custom Audiences here.

Update your test

If you need to make a modification to your page while you have a test in progress, Shogun will allow this. However, please be mindful that any update to a test can impact the validity of your test results.

Stop your Test

When you are ready to complete your test, disable A/B testing for your page.

Then, you will be presented with the following modal where you need to pick the variant you want to move forward with. Don't worry, your other variants will remain available if you'd like to access them in the future.


  • Why am I not seeing any data in GA4?

    • Event data takes GA4 24 - 48 hours to become available in your reports. While you wait for GA4 to process your event data, you can view the Realtime view to see your events coming in.

  • Why am I seeing an old version of my live page?

    • When you visit a live page with a Shogun A/B Test running, Shogun updates your browser's localstorage so that your shoppers have a consistent experience when visiting your store. To see a random version of your page, add ?cache=false at the end of your live page URL and you will be served a random page variant.

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