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Displaying Shopify Product Bundles on Shogun Pages
Displaying Shopify Product Bundles on Shogun Pages

How to display and sell product bundles on Shogun pages

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Setting up Shopify Product Bundles

The first step to selling bundles is installing the Shopify Bundles app in your store.

Assuming your store meets Shopify's eligibility requirements, installing the app will make creating product bundles a breeze.

While logged into your storefront, go to the Shopify Bundles app store page and click the Install button. The Shopify Bundles app is created by Shopify and allows merchants to pair together products to sell as bundles.

Creating a Shopify Product Bundle

Now that the Shopify Bundles app is installed, go to the Bundles section of your Shopify dashboard to create your first bundle.

Screenshot of Shopify Product Bundles application

When creating a bundle, you'll be able to:

  • Add a title to the bundle

  • Add products from your catalog to the bundle

  • Set the quantity of products in the bundle

Once the bundle is created, you'll be routed to a page where you can add a product image to your bundle, set it as Active, and Save the changes.

How to set a product bundle active in Shopify

Displaying a Shopify Product Bundle in Shogun

When the bundle is created using the app and steps covered in the previous sections, the bundle will be available to display on any of your Shogun pages using the Product Box element.

Simply assign your bundle as the product on any Product Box in your Shogun content. With that, you're now selling bundles of products on your Shogun pages!

Displaying a product bundle on a Shogun page

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