When you import a product page into Shogun you will be presented with the option to either use a "Custom Layout" or an "Existing Layout."

Custom Layouts

When you choose to use a custom layout you will be presented with a blank page with a product box. 

You can then create a product page in any way that you see fit. :)  You can learn more about product boxes and product elements here:


Existing Layouts

The Existing Layout option allows you to combine the theme's product template and third party apps with Shogun content.

When you choose to use an existing product layout you will be presented with a product page with three dropzones: Above, Main, and Below.

The "Main" dropzone is your product description.  The "Above" and "Below" dropzones are additional places to customize your page.

You can view these dropzones in our layout panel in the right sidebar.

You can switch between product templates when using an existing product layout.


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