When using Shogun's Form element, there are two ways to view the submissions it has received.

Receiving form data by email

Messages from the form are emailed to the address entered in the "Send submissions to" field. The subject line of those messages will also contain the "Internal Form Name," if one has been provided.

Downloading form data as a CSV file

Submissions from all of your Shogun forms are also stored in the Form Data section of the Shogun dashboard.

In this section, you can export all form submissions as a CSV file. The file will contain all of your form data, including the date & time of each submission, the internal form name, and the visitor's email address.

If you'd like a form that integrates with your existing mailing list/contact management service or one that offers more complex options, such as file uploads, it is possible to embed third party forms into your Shogun page using the HTML element.

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