As you may have noticed, the Shogun editor has received a design refresh. Here's an overview on what's changed.

Save/Publish Button

The Save and Publish button have been redesigned to be a single button. The option to save your content will appear when the page contains unsaved changes. Once the changes have been saved, the option to publish those changes appears.

Live Page & Preview

The Live Page and Preview options (if available) can now be found in the top-left section of the editor.

Advanced Page Controls

Advanced page controls, such as the option to duplicate a page, content scheduling and page settings have been moved to a single menu. These controls can be access through the 3-dot menu in the top-right corner of the editor.

Page Settings

Page Settings has been moved from the left navigation bar of the editor to the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the editor. 

The options to Unpublish the page and Set as Homepage have been relocated to the Page Settings panel as well.


The Versions menu has been relocated to the upper-right portion of the editor, next to the Save/Publish button. 

Custom Elements & Snippets

Custom Elements and Snippets now live together in their own section of the sidebar. This will help you keep your Custom Elements and Snippets organized and searchable with the newly-added search bar.

Toggle Dropzones

The option to Toggle Dropzones has been relocated to the top navigation bar of the editor. You will find this option to the right of the Device View toggles.

More Updates & Features on the Way!

This interface update is the first phase in many new features and improvements coming to Shogun this year!

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