Learn how to use Shogun to create custom layouts for your blog articles.

How to Create a Blog Post

Creating a blog article is a breeze. Simply select 'create new page' and choose 'blog post'. You can then choose from a pre-made template, or from a blank slate. Name your article and choose what blog it belongs to and you're on your way!

Changing the Settings of a Blog Post

Several of the article's settings and details can be updated in the Page Settings panel of the editor.

How to Change the Author of a Blog Post

The Author of the article can be edited within the Page Settings panel.

How to Add an Excerpt to Your Blog Post

Adding a Summary or Excerpt to your blog post can also be done in the Page Settings panel. You will find this just under the Author field.

How to Add a Featured Image to Your Blog Post

Featured images are great assets when sharing articles on social media. Some themes even display these images at the top of the article or in the blog's main feed. If your ecommerce platform and theme support featured images, they can be added through the Page Settings panel. 

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