17 Amazing About Us Page Examples That Really Connect With Customers

April 19, 2022

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Ecommerce can feel a little impersonal at times.

Shoppers experience your brand through a screen instead of in person where they can touch and handle the products before making a purchase.

As a result of this detachment, shoppers might forget your brand or even mix you up with a competitor.

To avoid this, it’s important to make a strong impression on every visitor. One excellent way to leave a mark is through your About Us page.

A comprehensive About Us page helps differentiate your brand, connect with your customers, and make you more memorable.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best About Us page examples out there and break down the reasons they resonate with shoppers.

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17 stunning ecommerce About Us page examples

Let’s go over a few iconic About Us pages and what they do well.

The About Us page examples below present their stories, personality, and accolades with finesse and branded design.

1. K-Swiss: Segmented stories

k swiss about us page timeline
Image: K-Swiss

The team at K-Swiss understands there are multiple contributors to their brand’s history.

Their About Us page is divided into three sections: Our Story, Our Athletes, and Our Collaborations.

Their story page goes through a timeline of events, from their founding in 1966 through different product releases, accolades, and endorsements.

This section of the About page helps establish their authority, reliability, and long history in the trade.

k swiss about page 1993 timeline

Their athletes section features various K-Swiss tennis players, including the iconic Venus Williams.

This section of their About page establishes social proof, sharing how the best of the sport use their products.

k swiss athletes section about us page

Finally, their collaborations section highlights the various brands and influencers they’ve worked with.

This also adds social proof while building partnerships, as it showcases they’re open to working together.

k swiss collaborations influencers brands about us page

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2. Leesa: Interactive storytelling

leesa mattress about us page above the fold video
Image: Leesa

The Leesa team uses a video introduction above the fold on their About Us page.

Visitors know that companies will use staging, lighting, and Photoshop to make their products look better in photos than in real life.

It’s harder to hide flaws in video, though, so it’s a more compelling medium to show potential customers what you have to offer.

Leesa’s About page highlights the quality of their materials and process, bringing readers along on a visual journey.

Scrolling down, readers encounter a section where they can flip through the different steps Leesa takes in creating a mattress.

leesa about us page interactive elements

Visitors can flip through concept, prototyping, research and testing, and the final build to learn more about each step.

The quick transitions make for a seamless storytelling experience.

After establishing their story and quality, Leesa’s About page explains their purpose by sharing their social impact.

With 41% of consumers choosing brands with a clear commitment to social causes, this is a brilliant distinction to showcase on their website.

leesa about us page b corp sustainability section

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3. Adnams Southwold: Invoking the spirit of adventure

adnams beer about us page above fold
Image: Adnams

Adnams, a carrier of premium beers and spirits, infuses a fun sense of adventure into their About page. Their website features experiences such as brewery tours, “distill your own” spirits, and group tastings.

Based on their product offerings, readers can readily tell the brand’s personality is defined by excitement and group bonding experiences.

The About Us page reflects this masterfully with its wording, image choices, and colors.

The copywriting is a great example:

“Our stores, hotels, pubs, and inns reflect our individuality and the personality of our incredible teams. Our focus, and theirs, is to create memorable moments and to give our customers experiences that delight.”

Moreover, Adnams incorporates video, colors that pop, and headlines such as “pioneering spirit” to invoke imagery of adventure and journeying.

adnams about us page video element

Finally, they highlight their values and focus on sustainability, a smart move since 44% of shoppers prefer brands with a clear commitment to sustainability.

So, this section benefits both the environment and the company’s bottom line.

adnams about us page sustainability

4. Cambridge Mask Co: Highlighting the need

cambridge mask about us page founder
Image: Cambridge Mask Co

This About page opens strong with background on the company’s founding.

Readers are introduced to the founder above the fold, quickly explaining his motivation behind Cambridge Mask Co.

Below the founder’s story and vision, visitors find a timeline of the company’s history.

This helps establish credibility by showing that Cambridge Mask Co has been in business for years.

cambridge about us page timeline

The Cambridge Mask Co About page also talks about their current team, partnerships, and the product itself (masks).

They explain the credentials of their product, highlighting the most important points first, then giving readers a place to learn more should they so choose.

cambridge about us mask information

This is an excellent way to give readers the most pertinent information upfront while allowing the more research-inclined to delve deeper.

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5. FeastBox: Revealing the face behind the brand

feastbox about us page story
Image: FeastBox

Some brands begin before the name registration.

For many companies, the business idea came from the founder’s history—those born from a founder’s personal pain point are often near and dear to their hearts.

In these About Us pages, it’s appropriate to share the founder’s story to paint a full picture of the brand’s inspiration and original motivation.

The FeastBox About page goes into their founder’s history, tracing roots back to her grandmother.

It also shares the moment she realized her friends were missing out on the diverse flavors from her childhood, which inspired FeastBox.

feastbox founder about us page

Adding these stories to your About Us page makes the brand more personal and helps readers understand the background of the company they’re choosing.

FeastBox’s About page then delves deeper into the brand, revealing humanizing aspects such as their promise.

This is why the company was founded—to share flavors and experiences that were previously hard to find.

feastbox about us page promise quality

Finally, they wrap up with their commitment to people and the planet.

This section describes how they’re building a more sustainable, responsible business to align with their shoppers’ goals.

feastbox commitment to sustainability about us

6. La Blanca: Vibrant lifestyle images

la blanca about us page above fold
Image: La Blanca

La Blanca sells swimwear, loungewear, and athleisure clothing.

Their About page helps visitors envision themselves enjoying the sun and surf with bright, vibrant lifestyle images.

la blanca about us page design swimwear

As visitors scroll, they’re given a balance of eye-catching images and brand benefits.

For example, La Blanca highlights that their swimwear has multiple areas of adjustment to ensure a perfect fit for all body types.

la blanca about us page perfect fit

They wrap up with a prompt to gather user-generated content using a hashtag while displaying models of various body types in their swimwear.

la blanca user generated content about us page

7. Bondi Sands: Using motion

bondi sands above the fold about us page
Image: Bondi Sands

The Bondi Sands About page opens to a GIF of the ocean, with rolling waves, bright sunshine, and happy swimmers.

It’s a beautiful image that captures the eye with movement, transporting visitors to those sunny beaches.

Their About Us page then moves on to accolades and certifications, such as their reviews, the size of their global community, and their vegan and cruelty-free tags.

This is an effective visual way to highlight “why should you trust us” in one line.

bondi sands about us page accolades

Additionally, the Bondi Sands About page uses motion to make their reviews more interesting.

Their list of reviews appears beside GIFs of their product in use, as well as prompts to read further reviews should visitors want to see more.

bondi sands about us page reviews

8. The Urban Writers: Meet the team

urban writers about us page on a mission
Image: The Urban Writers

The Urban Writers is a platform that connects writers and other freelancers with projects to create books, articles, and more.

Their About page highlights the organization’s purpose, from their background and mission to the pain point that inspired the creation of the business.

Scrolling down, visitors can learn more about the founders and team behind The Urban Writers, hovering over photos to reveal information about the person and their role.

urban writers team about us page

When it comes to pictures of your staff on your About Us page, there’s no reason to limit the display to just the leadership.

If your team is larger than a handful of people, highlighting that will bring attention to all the work that goes into your products, which makes them seem more valuable.

This About page works well because the “product” of the website is actually the expertise and work of the individuals behind it.

Understanding the team powering the business is a good way to showcase different people and skills.

The page then wisely wraps up with a CTA to apply to join the team.

urban writers about us page join team

9. Acadian Estates & Custom: Incorporating the service process

acadian estates about us page husband wife team
Image: Acadian Estates & Custom

The Acadian Estates & Custom About page does a few things well: It introduces the founder stories, highlights services, and explains how they work.

First, on the About page, co-founder Blake Gautreau explains why they started the company.

A common theme among many About pages is stating the pain point and how their brand addresses it.

acadian estates about us page philosophy

Then, the page moves on to a crystal-clear summary of their services.

This section works well because it’s succinct, easy to skim, and uses icons to help tell the story.

acadian estates about us page icons

Finally, right before the CTA to book a consultation, the About page shares what the Acadian Estates & Custom process looks like, from consultation to creation.

acadian estates about us step by step cta

10. MVMT: A personal sign-off

mvmt about us page personal
Image: MVMT

The MVMT Our Story page starts off with a strong tagline:

“Designed in LA, Worn Across the Globe.”

This automatically establishes them as a global brand with local (to Californians) roots.

The page provides another example of the problem-solution formula with its “we started MVMT to disrupt the overpriced and outdated models of the fashion industry” line.

MVMT uses more than just text to tell their story; it includes a picture and even the signatures of their two co-founders.

This sort of personal touch goes a long way toward instilling trust.

mvmt about us page signatures

11. Quad Lock: Emphasize your differences

quad lock about us page story
Image: Quad Lock

The Quad Lock page introduces their origins and co-founders, and even incorporates a video of their product in use so visitors can get a feel for how it works.

What stands out on this About page is that they highlight what sets them apart from the competition:

“Quad Lock features a patented dual-stage locking mechanism that securely locks your phone to the mount. It is also extremely quick to attach and detach with one hand.”

They also share social proof in the form of a customer quote.

quad lock customer quote social proof about us page

12. TULA Skincare: Spotlight your experts

tula skincare about us page founder story
Image: TULA Skincare

TULA Skincare sees the importance of putting their best foot forward. In their About page, they plug their founder, Dr. Roshini Raj.

Dr. Raj is a practicing gastroenterologist with degrees from Harvard and New York University—talk about an impressive face for a brand!

The page ends on a personal note from the founder, with her explaining the purpose behind TULA Skincare and the reason she founded it.

tula about us page brand vision

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13. Death Wish Coffee: Giving the team a voice

death wish coffee about us page
Image: Death Wish Coffee

The Death Wish Coffee About Us page includes photos of everyone from the CEO and CFO to the roasters and customer service reps.

Something that stands out on their page is their team section.

As you hover over a photo, it flips over to reveal a quote from that team member.

death wish coffee team about us page

This interactive element gives their team a voice and adds more personality, helping to leave an impression on visitors.

The Death Wish Coffee About page also knows how to have fun.

They use wordplay to showcase their brand personality: For example, when they describe their company benefits policy, they label it “Friends with Benefits.”

death wish coffee employee perks about us page

14. Loud Brew: Loud brand colors

loud brew colorful about us page
Image: Loud Brew

The Loud Brew About Us page splashes loud colors everywhere, from their main menu to the images they use.

This page personifies their brand—their bold design elements, font sizes, and colors, use of exclamation points in CTAs, and even moving gifs are all eye-catching and fun.

loud brew about us page ctas

15. Taaluma Totes: Leveraging press coverage

taaluma totes about us page
Image: Taaluma Totes

If you have a unique business model, your About Us page gives you an excellent opportunity to explain precisely what differentiates you from similar stores .

That explanation must be concise, though.

Otherwise, the visitor might get distracted or bored and back out before they’re convinced you’re better than your competitors.

Taaluma Totes certainly has a unique business model: Their products are made with traditional fabrics from many countries and manufactured in the USA. The proceeds then go on to fund microloans in the origin countries.

taaluma totes about us page how it works

Beyond that, Taaluma Totes leverages their press coverage from Shark Tank, TedX, Business Insider, and more to provide social proof and establish credibility.

They have a section with quotes directly from the Shark Tank “sharks” about their business concept.

16. Daring Foods: Open strong

daring foods about us page we love chicken
Image: Daring Foods

Daring Foods’ About page opens with a powerful statement: “Why chicken needs to CHANGE.”

They unveil the problem they’re trying to fix immediately—namely, that chicken is great, but the process needs to be fixed.

Right below their strong opening statements, their copy masterfully explains why there’s a problem with how chicken is farmed today:

“It turns out that there are certain compromises that have to occur to provide us with all that chicken. How the animals are raised, what they eat, the amount of animal waste that’s generated. And it’s not sustainable. It might seem hard to believe, but changing your chicken might just change a lot of things. For the better.”

daring foods about us page chicken unsustainable

The copy and design work together in perfect harmony to tell a complete story.

It starts with a problem statement, explains why it’s such a large issue, then closes with the solution:

“Making chicken better by making it out of PLANTS.”

daring foods about us page plant based chicken

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17. Mavi: Summarizing with statistics

mavi about us page statistics
Image: Mavi

Mavi combats any vagueness on their About page by using statistics to tell their story.

The page shows visitors the number of units they’ve sold globally, the number of countries where they’re available, how many stores they have open, how many employees they have, and their number of social media followers.

Displaying their story in statistics is a powerful way to condense information and let visitors know what the brand is all about.

Build a better customer experience by learning from great About Us pages

The About Us page examples above all do something well, whether it’s segmenting their stories or introducing their team.

Use them as inspiration for your own About Us page to help visitors learn more about your brand, mission, vision, and company as a whole.

We hope this article helps you improve your own About Us page or create one that proudly reflects your brand.

When you’re ready to create a custom About Us page, you can use Shogun to put all these learnings to work for your brand.


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