How to Write a Killer About Us Page For Your Shopify Store (+ Templates)

March 30, 2022

Michelle Deery

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For many ecommerce brands, learning how to write an About Us page isn’t at the top of their to-do list.

It doesn’t seem important, it can be hard to create, and it’s easy to assume that no one reads them anyway.

In actuality, a well-designed About Us page can bring several benefits to your online store by helping with a number of brand-building tasks.

It can improve organic search rankings, build trust through displaying testimonials and let your customers know what your brand values and mission are.

Done right, it’s a conversion booster.

But how do you build a compelling About Us page—and where do you start?

In this post, we’ll look at:

Let’s dive in.

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What is an About Us page?

The About Us page is a page on your website that is a reflection of your brand—answering your visitor’s questions when they come across your website and want to learn more.

It shows:

  • Who you are. Your audience is made up of human beings and they want to hear your brand’s story from a human perspective.
  • What you stand for. A brand mission and vision should reflect the aspirations and values of your target audience.
  • Why you exist. Explain what you sell and why—talk about the care, the quality, and attention to detail that goes into every product that your store sells.

And customers want to know who they’re doing business with and what they’re spending their money on.

In fact, you need an About Us page.

Do I really need an About Us page?


Every ecommerce business, whether large or small, needs to have an About Us page if they want to display their originality and stand out.

And building an About Us page is the perfect opportunity to tell your authentic story.

Research shows that 86% of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support—and 57% of consumers think that less than half of brands create content that resonates as authentic.

Your About page will help nudge customers closer to making a purchase.

Not just that, but HubSpot found that 31% of surveyed shoppers think an About Us page is one of the most important parts of a website.

hubspot what element most important for website
Image: HubSpot

What’s on an About Us page?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to writing a company About Us page.

What you include will depend a lot on your industry or even what products or services you offer. However, Shopify stores will want to include a few key elements:

  • Your brand’s story
  • A summary of your brands business model
  • Images of you and your team, adding that human touch to your brand
  • The use of persuasive language (speaking how your ideal customer speaks)
  • Showing off any wins, certifications, testimonials, or social proof to improve customer confidence and trust
  • A call to action
  • Describing your ideal customer and how you’ll help them
  • Contact information

Now, exactly what you’ll decide to include will vary.

But as you write your store’s About Us page, you want to think about your customers’ needs as well as their pain points.

  • What would they want to see on an About Us page that connects with your product?
  • What can you let them know about your brand that would help them trust you more?

Once you think through those questions, you’ll want to get started writing an About page that fits your brand.

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How to write an About Us page that shines

Writing an About Us page that stands out and attracts your visitor’s attention is half art, half science.

There’s the content as well as the design to plan and execute, all while keeping your customers at the forefront.

To help craft a solid About Us page, we’ve provided a copy template below.

Then we’ll walk through the different elements that should be included—along with some About Us page examples for inspiration.

An About Us page copy template to get your story started

When you’re writing an About Us page, it always helps to have a reference point to start from.

Make sure to tweak and refine it until it sounds unique to your brand and speaks to your ideal customer.

(Founder’s name) started (Company name) after (Describe the “problem” event that led to the creation of the company in a few sentences). 

Today, we (Describe recent company accomplishments, certifications). Our mission is to (Describe your mission statement, brand goals, values). 

(Include  clear CTA to close e.g. “follow us on Twitter”, “sign up for our newsletter”, “learn more here” etc.)

There are About Us page generators available for you to choose from if you’re struggling to write the content yourself.

However, we recommend hiring a professional copywriter to craft the copy for you—ensuring the words written are both compelling and resonate with your visitors.

8 tips for writing a powerful About Us page

Once you get started writing your brand’s About Us page with a template, keep these data-backed tips in mind for finalizing the remaining elements you choose for the page.

1. Voice your positioning and mission statements

According to a study run by Zeno, consumers are more likely to champion a brand when it has a strong and clear purpose-driven mission. They are:

  • 4 times more likely to buy from that brand
  • 6 times more likely to “protect” that brand in a challenging moment
  • 4.1 times more likely to trust that brand
  • 4.5 times more likely to recommend that brand to friends and family

Good About Us pages prioritize voicing their mission—regardless of the size of your niche market.

Nuun does a great job of this by not only telling but showing what their mission is all about:

“Nuun is a company dedicated to keeping you as hydrated as humanly possible. Our drink tablets are fizzy, tasty, and loaded with electrolytes that keep you healthy and hydrated!”

It’s clear, concise, and to the point.

nuun about us page we are nuun
Image: Nuun

2. Share your authentic brand story

When you’re crafting your About page, you can never go wrong with authentic storytelling.

No matter what your store sells, every company has a story worth telling that can elicit emotions from its readers.

And if you want to make your brand as memorable as possible—lead with a story on your About Us page—as people remember stories over facts up to 22 times more.

Goose & Gander does this by not only telling their story by starting with “The Little Shop,” but they’ve also added branded illustrations.

In a sea of ecommerce stores that are selling similar items, your story will only stand out that much more.

goose and gander little shop who is good and gander
Image: The Goose and Gander

3. Show the real people behind your products

It‘s no surprise that some of the best About Us pages display images of their team members, as according to research, seeing faces in brand visuals increases feelings of trust.

This works because people want to relate to people and make social connections.

Now, this is different from learning how to write an About Me page. Since your brand is likely a group effort—writing about your team will require interviewing them and asking their input on what they would like to be included about them.

This Meet Our Team page from The NxtSTOP is an excellent example of a small business that introduces the people behind their company.

They don’t hold back from showing off each team member along with their names and titles.

the nxtstop about us page meet the team
Image: The NxtSTOP

4. Include your contact information and location

According to a poll by Hubspot, 62% of participants felt that including contact information was a critical part of a website and 51% of consumers trust companies that make it easy for visitors to contact the people behind the company.

In other words, contact information is a critical part of your About page, since this is where users often look for this information.

Pau Hana, a surf supply company, makes sure you know exactly where they’re located by incorporating a Google map to their page.

pau hana surf supply about us page
Image: Pau Hana

5. Increase credibility and trust with compelling social proof

Show your customers that you have fans by featuring testimonials, awards, and certificates that you’ve acquired over time on your About Us page.

Publishing customer reviews can also generate income, with BazaarVoice finding that on-page customer reviews lead to 3.5 times more sales, with 9 out of 10 customers making an effort to read reviews before purchasing a product.

La Tierra Sagrada Hair does this by featuring a strongly positive testimonial at the bottom of their page.

la tierra sagrada hair about us page
Image: La Tierra Sagrada

6. Wow shoppers with exciting images & videos

The saying “an image is worth more than a thousand words” applies to About Us pages, since visual content drives engagement and has a clickthrough rate of 47% or more.

In fact, 27% of people polled said original videos and images were an important part of any website.

This means you should include different media where appropriate on your About Us page.

For example, if you’re including a “behind the scenes” look into your brand, include images of your employees at work or a video of your founder introducing the company.

That’s why ActiveDoodie® Dad Gear decided to create an About Us page with a video as well as a clear mission statement at the top.

activedoodie dad gear about us page
Image: ActiveDoodie® Dad Gear

7. Invite your visitors to take action with a CTA

CTAs (calls to action) are a crucial component of an About Us page so that they serve your different goals.

They can also be an invaluable tool for capturing consumer information and staying connected.

This Our Story page from Alchemy Fine Home does it perfectly. Once you get to read about their story (and put a face with a name), you’re told to ask questions so you can “Get Started!” along with an easily accessible way to get in contact.

alchemy fine home about us page our story
Image: Alchemy Fine Home

8. Revise and update regularly so it stays in sync with your business

Your brand is going to evolve—the About Us page you created five years ago isn’t going to be relevant to what’s happening with your ecommerce store now.

As you create your About page, take the time to update it at least once or twice a year.

You might find that you need a more professional About Us page template to refresh your brand look or that some information is no longer accurate.

#cta-paragraph-pb#Here are some additional About Us page examples to use for inspiration.

What not to do on an About Us page

There are a few things you want to avoid when writing About Us pages.

Then, you’ll be well on your way to building the best About Us page that puts your store ahead of its competitors.

  • Don’t lean on brand-centered copy. Today, consumers care about more than the basics, with 79% only buying from brands that prove it’s important to them that they earn their customer’s business. Make sure you weave this information into your brand’s About page by talking about what you can offer them and why you care.
  • Don’t leave out the CTA. It’s all too often that ecommerce brands fail to include a strong CTA in their About Us page. Your About page should never be a dead-end destination. In other words, what can you do to help the customer along the buyer’s journey once they’ve landed on your About page? Can you encourage them to follow you on social media? Can you include a newsletter form so you can keep in touch with them?
  • Don’t write walls of text. Finally, don’t make your About Us page a rock-solid wall of text. Keep your paragraphs short, about 3-4 sentences max. Statista found that 6 out of 10 shoppers care about website usability when shopping online. A crowded website design turns your customers away.

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How to add an About Us page to your Shopify store

Creating an About Us page for your Shopify store can be done in a few steps.

Here’s how.

1. Navigate to your Shopify pages

First, you’ll want to go to your Shopify dashboard and log in.

Once there, navigate to your admin dashboard and, on the left-hand menu, click on Online store > Pages. 

If you’re creating your first About Us page in Shopify, click the green Add page button to create the new page.

shopify dashboard online store pages
shopify dashboard add a page

2. Use the editor to write the content

As you’ll see, Shopify’s editor has limited functionality with only a few fields you can use to create your About Us page.

From here, you can add the basic content to your page.

You can write your title and add the content. You’re also able to determine the visibility of your page on the right side by setting the date it will be published.

Next, use the search engine listing preview to edit the meta content for your About Us page in Shopify.

shopify dashboard add page editor

Once finished, click Save so you don’t lose your changes.

3. Add the page to your Shopify menu

Now you need to make sure your About Us page is visible to your store visitors.

In other words, you need to add your newly created About Us page to your store’s menu.

To do this, click on Navigation on the left menu. Then choose which menu you want to edit. Your About Us page typically goes in your Main menu, but you can also add it to your Footer menu as a preference.

shopify dashboard navigation main menu

On the menu page, you’ll see menu items currently visible in your navigation. Click Add menu item to add a new link or page to your store’s main menu.

shopify dashboard navigation add menu item

When adding a menu item, you’ll want to enter what you want to name your About Us page. This is the name that will be used for the link in your menu.

shopify dashboard add menu item name and link

The Link field allows you to choose the page you want to link to.

When you click on this field you’ll be given a list of active pages in your store. You can either choose an internal page or type in a link to an internal or external page.

shopify dashboard add menu item link choose destination

When visitors click the menu item they’ll be taken to the designated page or link.

Click Add, then Save menu to make the new menu item visible in your store.

Creating an About Us page with Shogun

With how much an About Us page can influence customers, you want as much control as possible over the visual experience.

In short, your About Us page design matters a lot.

Shogun’s landing page builder lets you create gorgeous About Us pages that don’t bore your would-be customers to sleep.

Shogun allows you to build custom landing pages in Shopify with its simple drag-and-drop tools.

Once you integrate it with your Shopify store (a one-click process) you get instant control over a ton of page design elements that you can customize and use to create your winning About Us page.

Different page elements let you add videos, images, or even testimonials so you can create an About Us page that really tells the story of your brand with engaging visuals that inspire trust.

Oh, and did we mention you can do all of this without touching a single line of code?

Let’s walk through a short example.

1. Install Shogun on your Shopify store with one click

This first part is easy.

You can do it two ways: Either visit the Shogun homepage and click on Get Started or, on your Shopify dashboard, navigate to Apps on your left-hand menu, search for Shogun, and activate the app.

shopify dashboard apps shogun page builder

2. Create a new page

Once you click on the Shogun Page Builder app, click on the Add Page button.

shogun page builder add page

Next, you can choose from starting from a blank page or a template.

The About Us templates can be found by scrolling down through the templates. We’ll start with a blank page in this example, as that way, we can test out all the different drag-and-drop page elements that Shogun has to offer.

shogun page builder choose template or blank page

To finish creating your page so that it’s ready to start being built, enter the Page name, Path, and whether you want to include your original theme’s header and footer (or go without for a classic landing page style).

shogun page builder new page details

#cta-mini-pb#Ready to start building your own About Us page? Start for free now.

3. Drag and drop your favorite elements to create your stunning About Us page

As you drag and drop your favorite page elements for your About Us page, you can create columns, tables, add videos, create tabs for different content, or even completely new page sections.

Spend some time playing around with each element until you create a brand page that makes sense visually.

shogun page builder editor

A video tutorial on creating your About Us page on Page Builder

If you prefer watching a video on how to create an About Us page for your Shopify store, we’ve got you covered.

With Shogun, you can make them as fancy or as simple as you want your brand to be. The sky’s the limit in terms of page design for your About Us page.

But what if you don’t want to create your About Us page from scratch?

Thankfully, Shogun comes with many Shopify About Us page templates for you to choose from.

Let’s have a look at four of them.

Readymade About Us page templates from Shogun Page Builder

Let’s take a look at four Shogun About Us page templates you can use to build a personality-filled page.

The artsy About Us page

Why it works: As soon as you land on this About Us page you’re met with big bold writing and visuals.

Instead of having a standalone heading at the top, it’s complemented by a background image.

As you scroll towards the bottom, you get to catch a glimpse of the brand’s team, which gives it a human touch.

artsy hipster about us page template shogun

The crafty About Us page

Why it works: This About Us page is beautifully designed in three main sections that include their story, who they are, and what we do.

To top it all off, there’s a CTA at the bottom to join the email list as well as an invitation to check out their gallery.

It brilliantly hits on the most important elements an About page should have.

crafty about us page template shogun

The get-to-know-us About page

Why it works: This About Us page works with all the best elements incorporated in one appealing design.

There’s a section for the brand mission, merit, promise, and impact. Along with a “meet the team” section and clear contact information at the bottom, there’s no getting lost on this page.

It sells the brand as trustworthy from top to bottom.

get to know us about us page template shogun

The meet the team About Us page

Why it works: This About page works because it includes the brand values, a clear CTA at the bottom, and images of the humans behind the brand.

By showing a bit about themselves, shoppers build trust with their brand.

meet the team about us page template shogun

Learning how to write an About Us page pays off

As you build your ecommerce brand, never underestimate the power of having an accessible identity that’s available for everyone—in the form of a beautifully written and designed About Us page.

While there are lots of ways to create your About page, some are easier than others.

Though there isn’t a magical high converting one-size-fits-all About Us page, with Shogun, you don’t have to worry about hiring developers or trying to code in order to create stunning pages.

Instead, you can build an About Us page that will capture and hold your visitor’s attention all on your own.

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Michelle Deery

Michelle Deery is a writer and strategist for B2B SaaS companies. She writes content that helps brands convert visitors into paying customers.

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