15 Top B2B Ecommerce Websites To Inspire You in 2023 (+ Tips You Can Steal)

November 22, 2022

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After a tumultuous few years, ecommerce experts have shared that the pandemic has accelerated the shift to B2C ecommerce shopping by as much as five years.

The impact of the pandemic is similarly felt in the space of B2B industries, as many were forced to improve digital systems to keep up with their sales and transition their teams to remote operations.

Companies across both B2B and B2C industries need to fine-tune the digital experiences they deliver.

In this post, we’ll cover the key features that make for incredible customer experiences on B2B ecommerce websites and show 15 examples demonstrating how to do it right.

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Elements of successful B2B ecommerce sites

While you may already know some good ecommerce landing page strategies—such as featuring a single call to action and keeping visual distractions to a minimum—B2B websites need a slightly different approach.

The elements B2B stores need to focus on to succeed online are:

  • Clarity of service and messaging (cut the jargon)
  • Focus on benefits over features
  • Design for a stellar user experience
  • Share your personality through more emotive copy
  • Connect with different target audiences
  • Have a variety of calls to action based on user intent
  • Highlight user testimonials

With these insights and tips, you can connect better with your clients and maximize your store’s potential to sell.

Let’s dive into some great B2B ecommerce examples and unpack what’s working for them.

15 Examples of the best B2B ecommerce websites

New ideas, products, and systems can take a lot of work to explain to customers.

Most businesses resort to writing more, which results in longer paragraphs and more waffling. This seems counterintuitive when you consider that most users only read about 20% of your content.

Instead, we recommend using visual aids to fast-track comprehension. Visuals anchor attention—and, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

1. StoneCycling

StoneCycling’s product is an innovative carbon-positive brick made of upcycled matter. With the illustrations of the brick, the megamenu is simple and clear to digest.

The removal of clutter helps reduce visual overwhelm, which aids users in their decision-making.

stonecycling bricks b2b ecommerce websites stonecycling education b2b ecommerce websites

The takeaway: Reduce jargon and increase comprehension

It’s easy for businesses to get caught up with heavy jargon when trying to sound professional.

Businesses can think it gives them the expert upper edge to look more accomplished than their competitors, when in fact, it can be a deterrent.

After all, flowery, verbose language is one of the biggest causes of confusion.

This is especially true in B2B industries with complex services and products. Instead of sticking with the status quo, you must write in layperson’s language.

This aids readability, comprehension, and engagement between your user and your brand.

Tips for writing more effective copy on B2B websites:

  • Use shorter sentences
  • Mimic your audience’s vocabulary
  • Leverage more emotive language
  • Break up details into bulleted lists

2. Pressure Systems

Instead of complex technical language and jargon, Pressure Systems uses succinct phrases and user-friendly vocabulary to make building relationships simpler and quicker.

Their heading, “The Pressure Safety Specialists,” gets straight to the point.

They follow it with a simple line offering their help—“Let us assist with your sizing and selection process.”

Without zeroing in on a product or service that might be relevant to some and not others, the keyword “Specialists” is a great broad-spectrum opener.

pressure specialists home b2b ecommerce websites pressure specialist b2b ecommerce websites

The takeaway: Help your audience focus on your message

We’ve all heard of an elevator pitch.

When it comes to selling your product on your website, make sure you have the text version of that pitch.

You should be able to sum up your offering in a short, clear sentence—wrapping it up in the time it takes to get to your floor on the elevator.

3. SHK Global

SHK Global uses a combination of statement hero typography and short headings to allow users to focus on their message and brand mantra.

With a more creative design featuring a combination of cross shapes and cut-out imagery, their succinct copy allows the design breathing room to stand out while achieving clarity.

“Quality food & drinks for stores, restaurants and cafes” shines a light on the intended audience and customer, reassuring businesses they’re on the right page.

shk global food suppliers b2b ecommerce websites shk global brands b2b ecommerce websites

The takeaway: Use hero typography to give your site a modern update, but maximize the effect with shorter phrases.

4. Foodbomb

Foodbomb uses clear messaging that highlights an immediate benefit to the user.

At the very start of the user journey, instead of focusing on the features of their smart ordering software service—like ‘detailed reporting insights’ or ‘accounting integrations’—they get straight down to what value their customer will receive.

  • Ordering without the admin
  • Ordering without the paperwork
  • Ordering without the confusion
  • Ordering without the headaches

foodbomb b2b ecommerce websites

Foodbomb also uses first-person voice to anticipate their users’ needs and second-person voice, creating a more personal rapport.

This combination of perspectives raises the approachability of their business.

food bomb support b2b ecommerce websites

Most businesses are well-versed in tooting their own horn.

But this method of selling is weak and antiquated in an age of developing brands that are putting their customers first.

According to Managing Director and Head of Conversion, Raoul Doraiswany from Conversionry:

“This user-centric shift from me-too to putting customers first is one of the most important in a website optimized to convert.”

Customers don’t care about the features of your product as much as understanding how it will benefit their life positively.

Remember, when a client is on your website, it’s usually because they have a problem and are looking for a solution.

When B2B companies rethink their copy and speak to their customers’ pain points and frustrations, their message will hit home much stronger.

Copy can highlight what solution a product or service can offer and what value the client will receive.

The takeaway: Put your customers’ needs first. What difference can you make?

5. VistaPrint

We love how VistaPrint highlights the value in their stubby holders with the message “For hot summer days and chilly winter nights.”

vistaprint drink cozy b2b ecommerce websites

The focus on selling the experience rather than features such as “thick high-quality materials” sets VistaPrint apart from other feature-focused promotional websites.

Coupled with high-end studio photography and a particularly artistic design, VistaPrint have elevated the perceived value of their product offering.

The takeaway: Focus on sharing your benefits instead of just your features. Or, as the old advertising adage goes—sell the sizzle, not the sausage!

6. SquareUp

SquareUp also mixes features and benefits in their copy throughout their website on service and product pages.

Potential clients can immediately understand their value, with “a worry-free experience” and the key aspects of their service that benefit the customer.

  • No surprise fees
  • Warranty included
  • Free returns

vistaprint features b2b ecommerce websites

On their product pages, they break down the value of their product into digestible bite-sized pieces of information.

Paired with cut-out imagery shot in an artistic birds-eye view angle, customers might feel more encouraged to continue scrolling than a lengthy article.

Check out their benefit-driven copy:

  • “Two displays, with twice the versatility; one screen for your customers and one screen for you”
  • “Easy to get started and easy to use”
  • “No hidden fees and no long-term commitments”

squareup two displays b2b ecommerce websites squareup pos features b2b ecommerce websites

The takeaway: use feature imagery to highlight key selling points.

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7. Decor Systems

Decor Systems uses elegant and uplifting copy across their website, which alludes to the high-end caliber of their service.

Short and sweet, with a little bit of wit—a winning combination.

Here are a few headline highlights:

  • We Help Architects Sculpt Sound Out Of Space
  • Specialist Advice At Speed
  • Inspiration Lives Here

decor systems b2b ecommerce websites decor systems inspiration b2b ecommerce websites

When it comes to web conversion statistics, the power of copy is undeniably impactful. So think about what copy enhancements could do for your website.

The takeaway: Spark interest with copy and write more personally.

8. Corto

corto home b2b ecommerce websites

Along with personal copy, Corto adds a stand-out touch with their cut-out imagery.

The use of high-end cut-out product shots, along with the shots of their real team on their olive farm, elevates the appeal of their brand more.

It gives it a story and pairs well with the personal copy to raise the value of the Corto product.

Here are a few headline highlights:

  • Say hello to fresh extra virgin olive oil
  • 70% of extra virgin olive oils on the market today are actually rancid or defective*
  • Bringing freshness back into the olive oil industry
  • For recipes and tips from top chefs, visit our blog

corto olive oil quality b2b ecommerce websites

Putting a face to your brand will help strengthen your message. A friendly smile helps instill trust—but remember—make sure you use your real team.

Stock imagery can often work against your conversion efforts.

9. Faucet Strommen

Faucet Strommen takes it one step further in connecting with their audiences by considering different user journeys from various user intents.

They achieve this simple wayfinding through their primary navigation, which allows professional consumers to shop their products in one of three ways:

  • The more traditional route—Products
  • Finishes
  • Projects (past clients and case studies)
  • Rooms (bathroom, kitchen, laundry)

faucet strommen b2b ecommerce websites faucet strommen rooms b2b ecommerce websites

Like any typical journey for B2C customers, the sales funnel for B2B buyers is no different.

This diagram shows the natural journey, which starts with awareness, discovery, evaluation, intent, and hopefully ends with purchase.

web growth digital diagram b2b ecommerce websites
Image: Web Growth Digital

Marketing professionals, business owners, and operations managers still follow the typical human processes of research and seeking information to make an informed decision.

Education and showing credibility to persuade is arguably even more important with corporate deals because B2B financial decisions carry a lot more weight.

Cater to this with a variety of content that will meet users at different stages of the funnel.

According to Managing Director Chris Cox from Lead Lists, nurturing leads is as important as getting leads, especially in ecommerce.

“A variety of content helps users continue to move the right direction through the funnel, through awareness, discovery, and evaluation, all the way to having more intent to purchase.”

Like any good ecommerce website, a conversion-focused B2B site should also feature a range of call-to-actions (CTAs) for different needs and users.

This selling technique will feel much more natural for the user.

10. Rylock

Rylock sells windows and doors to real estate development companies. They feature multiple kinds of call-to-actions on their website.

  • About Us
  • Request A Quote
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Inspiration
  • See All Locations

rylock b2b ecommerce websites rylock images b2b ecommerce websites

This content caters to different customers:

  • Those who are new to Rylock
  • Those browsing for a specific product
  • Those looking for inspiration for a new project
  • Those looking for a quote
  • Those looking for resources or wanting to visit their warehouse.

The takeaway: Have a variety of CTAs for different user intent

11. Uniform Safety Signs

Uniform Safety Signs has considered that their clients consist of multiple groups:

  • New clients who know what they are looking for specifically
  • Clients who are unsure and need some guidance
  • Past or existing clients looking for some accompanying resources

uniform safety signs home b2b ecommerce websites

Within their mega menu, they use multiple CTAs for these different needs to save users from scrolling through a long page or jumping from page to page.

uniform safety signs navigation b2b ecommerce websites

The takeaway: Ecommerce navigation is essential. Simplify the user journey by anticipating users’ needs and meeting them earlier in the user journey (e.g., through the menu).

12. Jono Pandolfi

Jono Pandolfi is another excellent example of a B2B ecommerce business that considers their audience with different user intents.

The user journey directs customers quickly into one of two categories:

  • Shop For Your Home
  • Shop For Your Restaurant

jono pandolfi home restaurant b2b ecommerce websites

Following this, they catch any shoppers who might be more interested in shopping via a need or specific item.

They achieve this with an interactive “What Are You Looking For” with helpful illustrations of the different kinds of plates and bowls.

jono pandolfi ctas b2b ecommerce websites

13. Lease Loop

Lease Loop, a company that leases Apple products to businesses, shares their case studies and client testimonials in a powerful segment on their website.

The faces, positions, brand names, and glowing testimonials add persuasive pillars of credibility.

Seeing which businesses have also chosen your company and succeeded because of you is social proof that is more effective than most B2B marketing campaigns.

lease loop case studies b2b ecommerce websites

Client confidentiality is usually an undisputed condition of many deals and partnerships in the B2B space.

Therefore, highlighting user testimonials on your website is truly an ability that will set a B2B business apart.

Third-party customer reviews build trust and credibility significantly faster and easier than most traditional marketing strategies.

But remember—not all reviews have the same impact, so put some thought into the questions you ask to ensure you get good answers.

The takeaway: Use third-party reviews to boost confidence and credibility—but make sure you ask the right questions.

14. TransTank International

Having customer testimonials on a B2B website is already strong. TransTank International takes this to the next level with their video testimonial.

transtank home b2b ecommerce websites

Compare the impact of words alone, “the OnDeck is just perfect,” which can seem a little vague, versus seeing the actual customer, Joel, on his expansive farm in Murrindindi and being shown how he can use the tank in a multitude of ways.

transtank customer testimonial b2b ecommerce websites

The video testimonial gives irrefutable credibility.

This clarity further helps TransTank International attract more of the right kind of clients and potentially even weed out those less suited. No pun intended. 🌱

According to Amelia de Rauch, Head of Videography at Flipswitch Media,

“Video content has convincingly become the preferred method for most online consumers to digest content, making up for about 80% of internet traffic. It’s a no-brainer really to include it as part of your B2B website strategy.”

15. Baswa Acoustic

baswa b2b ecommerce websites

Baswa Acoustic’s B2B ecommerce website ticks so many of our recommended boxes—it’s no wonder they’re a success.

They feature:

  • Case studies
  • Well-considered navigation
  • Multiple CTAs for different user intent
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Succinct and moving headlines and copy
  • Target audience specification

baswa acoustics features b2b ecommerce websites

By creating custom user journeys for their architects, acoustical consultants, and contractors, these groups will more likely have rewarding experiences as they find content and solutions more tailored to their needs.

Find inspiration in these top B2B stores to grow your brand

Recent business statistics show that ecommerce sales are higher than ever before after the pandemic accelerated the transition to online shopping.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever to ensure your website is up to scratch. Users are expecting more, so it’s vital you provide better ecommerce experiences to stay afloat.

The bottom line?

An optimized B2B website will help your company thrive and stay competitive within your industry.

As your website is an evergreen evolving work in progress, you can continue doing more even after you’ve ticked off the checklist from this article.

Plenty of well-crafted apps and platforms like Shogun Page Builder and Shogun Frontend can add technical features to your B2B website that will take your ecommerce experience to the next level.


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Irwin Hau

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