How to Write the Best Abandoned Cart Emails to Convert More (Examples & Template)

October 14, 2021


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Contrary to what it may seem, abandoned carts make for good revenue sources. Not all that is abandoned is lost, it seems.

In fact, Klaviyo found that 9.5% of customers in their study clicked through abandoned cart emails, directly earning businesses over $60 million in revenue.

An abandoned cart email is a marketing tactic used to re-engage these customers who never completed their purchase—whether they never made it to the checkout screen or entered all their info but never hit send.

One important note: You can only contact customers who made it far enough through the process to add their email or already had an account.

Understand the different strategies behind the best abandoned cart emails and implement one of your own to re-engage customers and increase revenue.

Why do customers abandon their carts?

According to Statista, over 69% of customers will abandon their cart during the checkout process. Just under 75% of these customers abandon their cart for two main reasons:

  1. the extra costs (shipping) were too high, or
  2. account creation was required at checkout.

Other reasons for abandoned carts include site errors, loading too slowly, complicated checkout process, or consumers not feeling safe giving the business their credit card information.

One thing we find interesting is that the shopping cart abandonment rate on mobile is more than 14% higher than those who shop on desktop computers.

The fact is that smaller screens present shoppers with a different shopping experience, one which often doesn’t end with a sale.

They may just be researching before finishing up their purchase on their home computer. Or, their mobile experience didn’t make them want to take that final step.

Whatever it is, creating the best possible mobile experience for your store is vital.

One quick fix we recommend to lower abandoned carts right away is increasing website speed and improving mobile optimization.

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Tips for writing the best abandoned cart emails (with examples) 

Abandoned cart emails work, but some strategies work better than others.

Here are some top-notch ideas to supercharge your recapture of those abandoned carts.

1. Offer free shipping

Though free shipping strategies tend to see slightly lower open rates, the click-through rate is higher than average.

This tactic is successful because 49% of people abandon their cart due to extra costs like shipping and taxes.

You can re-engage these consumers by offering a discount like Specialized does here.

specialized free shipping email abandoned cart
Notice how Specialized offered free shipping and showed the consumer what it was they left in their cart; Image: Really Good Emails

One potential downside of this strategy is that offering a discount can incentivize people to wait every time they buy something to see if they get the discount.

Additionally, if your brand is aiming for a luxury vibe, offering discounts could be potentially damaging to your sales strategy and something to be mindful of.

#cta-paragraph-pb#If your brand isn’t comfy offering free shipping, no sweat, try out bundling instead. Beardbrand is an excellent example of successful bundling—without turning to discounts, they re-engaged customers to achieve a 40.1% increase in conversions!

2. Be personal, but get straight to the point

Over half of abandoned cart emails never get opened.

Yet, according to Klaviyo, one type of abandoned cart email has an open rate of over 45% and offers nothing—reminder emails.

Reminder emails inform the consumer that they left something in their cart, nothing more.

We like this email strategy because it gets straight to the point, making the content simple and the subject line obvious.

According to Klaviyo, the most popular subject line is,

“It looks like you left something behind…”

Take a look at this example by Ugmonk and note the simplicity of the design.

ugmonk reminder email abandoned cart
We love how this email reminds the consumer that they left something while inviting them to ask the owner any questions they may have before purchasing; Image: Really Good Emails

When replicating this type of abandoned cart email, you don’t need to offer any incentive to purchase.

Instead, list out the items they left in their cart as a reminder of what they are missing out on.

Also, make sure the subject line is straight to the point and include a link to a customized Shopify landing page.

Create this custom landing page with a focus on including answers to all common FAQs and a way for them to check out once they’ve got their answers.

You can use a drag-and-drop builder like Shogun’s Page Builder to include what you need rather than just what your template contains.

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3. Build trust with user-generated content

Think about adding user-generated content (UGC)—especially testimonials—within your emails for maximum effect.

The fact is that 40% of people always read reviews first.

So, adding reviews to your abandoned cart emails may increase conversions by giving the reader an even higher trusted source of info.

Over 75% of people said they trust online reviews, with 25% saying they only trust them if multiple reviews are present.

And, 79% of consumers say UGC has a high impact on their decision to purchase.

Use this info to your advantage by asking customers for reviews or product photos they take at home.

Incentivize customers to provide content by telling them they could be featured on emails in the same way as this abandoned cart email by Adidas.

adidas abandoned cart email user generated content
Shoppers trust other shoppers the most, so Adidas uses this UGC to build customer trust; Image: Really Good Emails

When looking to add UGC into an abandoned cart email, strive for authenticity. Say who created the content, where, and even link to it if possible.

For example, if it came from a branded hashtag, add that information so that potential consumers know where it came from and how they could create their own UGC if they want.

Use this abandoned cart sequence template to re-engage shoppers

Shoppers who received more than one abandoned shopping cart email were 2.4 times more likely to purchase. Shopify recommends three emails to push shoppers over the line.

Also, it’s recommended that the first email go out within 60 minutes of your store visitor abandoning their cart.

You can try out this three-email series to re-engage customers and earn more conversions.

Email 1: Reminder email

Subject line:

“It looks like you forgot something…”


“Hey [customer name],

it looks like you left a few items in your cart. We’ve saved them for you! Take a look below to see what you left.

<Optional: image of product left behind dynamically pulled into email>

If you have any questions about our products, reply to this email, and I’ll personally get back to you. Or, click the big button below to read our most common FAQs and check out.”

<Big button at the bottom: “check out now”>

<A signature [photo, social links, etc]>

Email 2: Reminder with UGC, showing what they left, a button, and UGC reviews

Subject line:

“Hey [customer name], it’s us again! You still have items in your cart”


“Hey [customer name], there are a few items in your cart that are about to expire. If you’re ready to check out, click the bottom below.”

<Images from Instagram of the product and 5-star reviews of the products they were thinking about buying>

<Maybe a “Want to be featured on our emails? Use #brandedhashtag”>

<Button at the bottom that takes them to the cart>

Email 3: A discount, letting them know their cart is about to expire and offering free shipping

Subject line:

“Free shipping on your next order + two more days before your cart expires”


<A big graphic of a coupon for free shipping that’s a button that takes them to their cart + coupon code>


Showcase their cart one more time, just as with the first email. We recommend very little text in this one 🙂

Help take those carts back with a great customer experience

Based on the Statista research mentioned previously, over 10% of people that don’t finish the checkout process do so because the website crashed or had errors.

Also, in 2019, over 30% of consumers ranked a “user-friendly online experience” as the most important factor for an online shop.

So, creating a responsive and custom shopping experience is vital for keeping customers on your site until the order confirmation page.

For SMBs, you can build a powerful, fast, and responsive store with Shogun Page Builder. For bigger businesses with more complex product offerings, headless commerce and progressive web apps might be the way to go (for that, check out Shogun Frontend).

Either way, you can easily create a store with stellar navigation, fast loading speeds, and a totally unique on-brand customer experience that drives conversions.

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