The 20 Best Magento Extensions for 2020

January 8, 2020
Derek Cromwell

The 20 Best Magento Extensions for 2020

January 8, 2020
Derek Cromwell
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One of the most attractive aspects of Magento is the open source nature of the platform. This has allowed developers to create a wealth of Magento extensions that expand on the platform’s native functionality.

The Magento Marketplace offers thousands of extensions that add small, subtle features for everything from usability or simple promotions to complex Magento extensions that add robust marketing or warehouse management.

In this article, we’ll look at 20 of the best and most highly rated Magento expansions you should consider using in your online store.

Magento Extensions for Customization

Whether it’s a simple visual tweak or the ability to cleanly overhaul the visual elements of any page, these three extensions will give you more control over developing a cleaner user experience for your customers.

1. Shogun Page Builder

Shogun Page Builder

With the Shogun Page Builder, you can make visual edits and adjustments to any page through a simple drag-and-drop editor. You can edit existing pages and launch beautiful custom landing pages without ever touching a line of code.

You can build from scratch or choose from a library of existing templates to get a jump start on your next project. Best of all, once you’ve settled on a design, you’ll be able to publish and even split test your new pages directly through Shogun’s integration with Magento.

2. Smart One Step Checkout

Smart One Step Checkout

The checkout process can sometimes create friction with customers. Even if they’re ready to make a purchase, filling out additional fields and completing multiple steps can turn off a prospective customer and result in an abandoned cart.

The Smart One Step Checkout Magento extension gives you the tools to customize a streamlined checkout that minimizes friction. Get your customers into the cart, get the minimum information needed to complete the transaction on a single screen and get them to commit without extra clicks.

3. SimiCart Mobile App Builder

SimiCart Mobile App Builder

Today, most themes include support for mobile shopping, providing mobile users with a responsive and functional experience. Still, a portion of your audience — often the most loyal customers — may prefer an app for shopping with you.

SimiCart Mobile App Builder is a popular extension for developing your own branded iOS and Android mobile app. Your app will integrate seamlessly with your store to automatically sync products, feeds, order details and more.

Magento Extensions for Customer Support

One of the best ways to convert more visitors into customers is to provide them with a customer service experience that blows them away. 

These Magento extensions help you build a robust experience, demonstrating your support from the moment visitors enter your online store.

4. FAQ by Prince Patel

FAQ by Prince Patel

Most customers aren’t ready to make a purchase when they land on your site. In fact, around 96% of customers aren’t ready to make a purchase the first time they visit an online retailer. Consumers are busy gathering information and doing research in order to make an informed purchase decision at the best price.

With the FAQ extension, you can create an engaging Frequently Asked Questions page that gives your customers answers to all their questions. Answer them before they have a chance to look elsewhere and you’ll be more likely to get the sale over a competitor.

5. Magento 2 Live Chat by LandofCoder

Magento 2 Live Chat by LandofCoder

Customers are demanding a more personalized shopping experience, and online retailers that make the effort to provide this service are consistently winning against the competition. Seventy-nine percent of brands that use live chat have seen a lift in sales, revenue and customer loyalty, according to Kayako. In addition, 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company offering live chat support.

The Magento 2 Live Chat Extension by LandofCoder providers an easy to configure live chat option to your site with a super clean interface. This ensures it won’t distract customers from the shopping experience while remaining clearly visible for those who need assistance.

The settings of this app allows you to customize when and where the live chat window appears, while also tracking and logging all conversions so you have a historic record of customer interactions.

Magento Extensions for Marketing & Traffic Generation

Ecommerce platforms typically include features for managing SEO. Unfortunately, basic native features tend to leave many retailers wanting.

These extensions give you more ways to improve the organic visibility of your store and better manage your paid and organic marketing campaigns.

6. MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate

MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate

With MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate, you get an all-in-one solution to help you tackle numerous on-page SEO elements to improve your store’s visibility. This includes features like cross linking, SEO redirects, advanced control of rich snippets, singling out duplicate content and more.

7. Adaplo


A lot of marketers spend a large share of their budgets on customer acquisition despite the fact that first time customers rarely make a purchase on their first visit. Those customers who wander away aren’t lost forever, thankfully.

With retargeting, you can get your brand and products in front of those people who previously visited your site. And it’s highly effective. Online retailer Tirendo used remarketing to increase conversions by 161% while reducing cost per order by 43%.

Adaplo is an extension to help automate retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Google Display Network, showing off dynamic product history in ads that match the interest and behavior of your site visitors. It’s a great way to draw those customers back into the funnel.

8. Wyomind Simple Google Shopping

Wyomind Simple Google Shopping

If your store isn’t setup to feed data into Google Shopping then you’re missing out on a substantial amount of traffic and revenue. There are more than 3.5 billion Google searches every day, according to data shared by WordStream. Of those searched, 35% are product-specific queries.

That’s over 1 billion product searches each day.

With Wyomind Simple Google Shopping, you can sync your store’s product feed with Google Shopping to deliver a stream of product data through the Google search platform. When customers go looking, you’re more likely to grab that traffic — especially with properly optimized products. The Magento extension also lets you schedule update tasks, map product categories and verify that data is being fed error-free.

9. Omnisend

Omnisend extension

People spread their attention across multiple devices throughout the day, and that includes while they’re actively shopping. In fact, data from Google Research shows that 98% of Americans switch between devices every day. Today, consumers average as many as six touch points when making a purchase.

Adopting an omnichannel approach to ecommerce ensures you can engage and follow up with consumers no matter how they choose to interact with you. Businesses who adopt this omnichannel approach achieve an average of 91% greater year-over-year customer retention.

The Omnisend Magento extension provides everything you need to engage with customers via email, SMS, Facebook and through push notifications. The extensions includes automated workflows, enhanced reporting, advanced customer segmentation and more.

10. Abandoned Cart Email

One thing will never change about ecommerce: Some customers will make it all the way to checkout and suddenly change their mind. Over the years, the average cart abandonment rate has consistently remained at roughly 70%. And while it’s virtually impossible to know why so many customers leave without making a purchase, there are low-cost ways to bring those customers back to finish the purchase.

The Amasty Abandoned Cart Email extension adds robust abandoned cart email campaigns to your Magento store, augmenting your sales revenue by increasing the number of completed orders. The extension is designed to automate the process, giving you a low-cost way to recapture that lost revenue. Features include discount options for returning customers, one-step cart recovery, customizable templates, personalization for individual customers, reports to analyze campaign performance and more.

11. Magmodules Product Review Reminder

Magmodules Product Review Reminder

Product reviews have a huge impact on customer conversions. In fact, 90% of consumers read as many as five to 10 reviews before making a purchase decision. Likewise, nearly 40% of consumers rely on reviews to make the right purchase decision. Those reviews a key part of developing trust with customers who have never done business with your brand.

With the Product Review Reminder from Magmodules, you can schedule automated emails to be sent to customers X number of days after a purchase has been completed. This simple, effective method brings more customers back to your site for a review, contributing to increased conversions from future prospects.

The extension also features the ability to provide customers with a reward incentive via discount coupons to encourage reviews while improving customer loyalty and repeat business.

Magento Extensions to Improve Conversions

Friction throughout the shopping experience, even in small amounts, can negatively impact conversions. From extra form fields to clunky navigation and search, friction adds up — and it’s why the average abandoned cart rate is around 69%

These Magento extensions help you create a shopping experience more likely to improve conversions by appealing to your target audience.

12. Smart Search Autocomplete

Smart Search Autocomplete

While a portion of your audience will browse through your store with a general idea of what they’re looking for, some customers have a solid idea of what they want. When you offer a quality site search, customers can quickly find what they’re looking for. Data shows customers who search for specific types of products have a much higher purchase intent because they’ve already gone through the comparison and info gathering phase — they know what they want.

The Smart Search Autocomplete extension takes product search to the next level with an AI-driven tool designed to improve query results. Rather than just provide simple keyword matching, this extension has powerful autocomplete capabilities to reduce the number of clicks and taps it takes a customer to find the product they want.

In addition, you can use the reporting and data tools of the extension to improve product recommendations using customer behavior in order to create more personalized recommendations that lead to higher conversions.

‍13. Pixlee

Pixlee social media extension

Product reviews can do wonders for conversions because it shows visitors that other people purchase and approve of the product. Still, some visitors are skeptical of reviews since they can easily be falsified or written with bias.

To support the power of reviews, consider adding social integration for user-generated content. When you incorporate social posts and images showing customers using your product, you greatly increase the trust level with prospective customers.

Pixlee’s social media extension lets you integrate social content from users to create visually stunning galleries throughout your site. The images shared by your fans can even be turned into shoppable links, so the products featured in those images can easily be purchased with just a few clicks.

Other features include social promotions, visual reviews, personalized emails leveraging social proof and advanced reporting to track performance.

14. A/B Testing

A/B tests are a vital part of growth in ecommerce. Testing content and page variations is the fastest and most effective way to find out which visual elements, layout and copy will have the greatest impact on customer conversions.

While A/B experiments can be complex, there are numerous third party services that help automate the process, freeing up time for you to focus on running your store.

The Amasty A/B Testing extension is a robust tool for running A/B and multivariate tests, allowing you to focus on individual or product groups right from within the Magento admin panel. You’ll have full control on customizing tests, including setting different goal metrics and criteria to determine the winning variation of each test.

15. Custom Stock Status

Amasty Custom Stock Status extension

For decades businesses have used a sense of urgency to spur prospective customers to take action. Creating a sense of urgency forces customers to act fast and make emotional decisions on the fly. This is most effective for customers who are interested in a product but are likely to hold on a purchase in order to think about it.

Amazon leverages this tactic on product pages, showing customers messages like “Only three left in stock,” which prompts customers to order now to avoid missing out.

The Amasty Custom Stock Status extension gives you the freedom to provide precise info about stock availability for each product. With the extension you can create a variety of messages applied automatically to specific products with support for special icon use and an array of options for how out-of-stock items are handled.

16. Special Promotions Pro

Amasty Special Promotions Pro extension

Customers love a good deal, and discounts are a great way to nudge a new customer over the edge or make loyal customers feel special with an exclusive offer.

With the Amasty Special Promotions Pro extension, you can shape your discounts with clever conditions. Create promotions based on customers' info and purchase history. Use 20 actions to be sure that your promotions are unique and relevant. With an array of rules, you can manage a variety of promotions, with or without restrictions, to make each campaign a successful one. You can even use customer attributes as rule conditions to ensure loyalty rewards only work for specific customers or customer groups.

Magento Extensions for Administration and Performance

Get more control over how your store operates with these trusted administrative Magento extensions.

‍17. Magento 2 Advanced Reports

Magento 2 Advanced Reports extension

Every decision you make should be data-driven to alleviate guesswork and ensure growth from updates and campaigns.

With the Magento 2 Advanced Reports extension, you’ll have a crystal-clear view of how your store is performing. The advanced reporting functionality gives you a deep dive into product, order, and customer reports to help you better manage your store and make more profitable decisions.

18. Full Page Cache Warmer

Full Page Cache Warmer extension

The load speed of your store can have a significant impact on conversions as well as the visibility of your store. Not only is load speed a ranking factor for organic search, a slow loading site can send customers straight to the competition. In fact, a one-second delay in load speed can reduce conversions by as much as 7%.

The Full Page Cache Warmer extension ensures every page of your store loads as fast as possible, no matter the traffic or the time of day. While the extension is active it ensures the full page cache solution of your store is always cached, you won’t have to worry about every clearing your cache.

‍19. Page Speed by Templates Master

The speed at which your site loads should be a top priority. The BBC discovered they lost an extra 10% of visitors for each extra second it took their site to load — the faster your site loads, the fewer customers you'll lose and the more revenue you generate.

The Page Speed Magento extension provides a number of settings to help your store load faster, focusing on JavaScript and CSS minification techniques along with expansive image optimization to reduce lag when customers visit the pages of your store.

20. Order Manager by IWD Agency

Order Manager extension by IWD Agency

As your store grows, you’ll need to be able to maintain fulfillment times. One of the most common mishaps for retailers is when fulfillment lags due to spikes in sales around holidays. Sometimes business grows faster than anticipated and brands struggle to keep up.

Order Manager is a powerful extension for quickly handling orders as they come in. In addition, Order Manager provides customers with a sleek interface for managing orders and updating info like billing and shipping addresses. You’ll also have access to a variety of tools for managing orders and keeping customer information up to date.

Find The Best Magento Extensions For Your Store

The Magento Marketplace currently has over 3,000 extensions. There are a variety of resources to help you improve inventory management, product and order control, customer management, customer service, marketing, optimization and more. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or one of the extensions we listed is no longer being updated, you can always go the custom route. There’s no shortage of skilled Magento developers who can help you build a custom extension to add the exact functionality you need for your online store.

Derek Cromwell

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