The 23 Best Shopify Themes For Whatever You Want to Sell Online

October 19, 2021

Michelle Deery

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With ecommerce sales continuously growing year over year—reaching a stunning $792 billion in 2020—it’s no surprise that more retailers are moving online.

In addition, new ecommerce stores are being built every day by both beginners just starting out and experienced entrepreneurs. This creates competition and the need to stand out from your competitors is more important than ever before.

So, how can you stand out from your competition?

One easy way to start is by choosing the best Shopify theme for your online store.

The word “best” might generally be considered a subjective thing, especially when talking about the best Shopify themes.

What’s visually stunning to one ecommerce store owner might be unattractive to another.

So, when it comes to deciding which Shopify theme is best—it’s necessary to take other factors into consideration before making your final decision.

Most importantly, you should understand what features are essential to your ecommerce business before you begin your search.

In this post we’ll explore:

Let’s dive in.

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How to find the best Shopify theme for your store

Answer the questions below and make a list of the features you want in an ecommerce theme.

By default, you’ll create natural filters that make the selection process a lot easier. It will turn the search for the best Shopify themes into something less visually focused and more feature-driven.

  • What kind of customer experience are you trying to create?
  • Will you be selling a lot of products or will you have a small inventory?
  • How do you want to present products to customers—what does your ideal product page look like?
  • Who are the successful ecommerce stores in your niche and can you replicate what they do while making sure your brand is unique? Tip: Find out what Shopify theme they are using for their store here.
  • Are you looking for the best free Shopify themes, or do you have the budget for the best premium Shopify themes?

Next, you should look out for certain features that will benefit your store. These will ultimately lead you to the best performing Shopify themes.

Features can include:

  • Product page functionality
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Customization options
  • Scalability
  • Affordability
  • Product quick view
  • Multi-column drop-down menus
  • Page builder integration
  • Speed optimization
  • Look and feel
  • SEO-friendliness
  • Positive reception

Now you’re ready to begin searching for the best converting Shopify themes for your ecommerce store.

So, let’s jump in.

23 of the best Shopify themes that create incredible customer experiences

Below are 23 of the top Shopify paid themes and free themes for you to choose from.

While you are perusing the themes for how they look, also think about the features you need in your store.

These are broken down into product verticals, but you can make any theme your own with enough tweaking (Page Builder can help you there).

We’ll cover the best Shopify themes for:

The best Shopify themes for clothing brands

If you want a glamorous online store that’s image-focused for your large inventory of products—or a minimalist design that shines the spotlight on your single product—you’ll find a theme that offers these features.

Indeed, there are many Shopify themes designed with shoe and clothing brands in mind that help you create stunning websites.

1. Showcase

showcase shopify theme clothing brands
Image: Shopify

A visually interesting theme that doesn’t sacrifice function, Showcase displays fullscreen product images along with streamlined multi-level menus.

It is one of the best Shopify themes for clothing brands that have a large inventory of products—since it features advanced product filtering and sorting.

It’s also possible to add testimonials, discounts, and more into the flexible sections to market your best-selling products.

Showcase comes in the styles Native, Betty, Luna, and Beard.

Price: $250

Reviews: 100 reviews with a 97% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Sell a large number of products
  • Sell products internationally
  • Integrate visual storytelling to sell products

2. Fastest

fastest shopify theme clothing brands
Image: ThemeForest

The Fastest Shopify theme not only includes a fast-loading mobile-optimized design but also features upsell capabilities to ensure customers see relevant and related products that can be quickly added to their cart—an essential element for fashion stores looking to boost sales on Shopify.

The Fastest theme also helps improve conversions with one-click checkout buttons and a sticky cart feature that helps customers keep tabs on what they’ve added to their cart.

Price: $56

Reviews: 76 reviews with a 4.87 rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Optimizing speed is a top priority
  • Want to boost sales

The best Shopify themes for food brands

The Shopify theme you choose for your food brand should be designed specifically for the food industry.

The images should evoke that sweet smell of fresh produce that makes your website visitors want to throw on an apron and start cooking (and entice them to purchase your food products).

3. Foodly

foodly shopify theme food brands
Image: Envato Elements

Foodly is a highly adaptive Shopify theme. Its feature set includes an instant-loading Ajax blog and a responsive, retina-ready layout.

It has scored 100% on Google developer tests and a 95% on Mobile UX.

Foodly is a great theme for an ecommerce site that is starting out small with the intention to scale, as it will remain a fast-loading theme no matter how large the store expands.

It’s ideal for food brands with special features like recipe articles that also come along with a nutrition value section.

Price: $59

Reviews: 18 reviews with a 3.44 positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Sell food and other related products
  • Plan on expanding their store in the future

The best Shopify themes for boutique brands

A boutique usually refers to a small business that sells a limited number of products.

The theme used for a boutique website should be stylish and contain all of the essential elements that will make the products pop, have well-organized product pages and sections, and a layout that will attract the business’s ideal audience.

4. Reach

reach shopify theme boutiques
Image: Shopify

The premium Shopify theme Reach can bring your products to life in a variety of different ways.

It allows your store to connect with its customers with social selling features by encouraging seamless sharing.

The theme also contains customizable visual embellishments that emphasize product photos, descriptions, and testimonials.

Reach comes in the styles Plush, Natural, and Solid

Price: $180

Reviews: 5 reviews with an 80% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Display customer testimonials
  • Utilize social media
  • Have customers that browse their store on mobile devices

The best Shopify themes for skincare products

There is a sea of stylishly presented skincare brands online—and your business needs to get noticed among them.

The first step in ensuring your skincare products stand out and gain some popularity is by choosing a Shopify theme that resonates with your brand’s vision—and visually expresses the unique philosophy behind your products.

You also need a theme that is suited to your business’s operations.

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5. Startup

startup shopify theme skincare brands
Image: Shopify

The Startup theme is one of the best Shopify themes for focusing on a small number of products, which is the case for many skincare brands.

Additionally, it has the ability to scale if your store grows in the future.

Startup has an enhanced testimonial section that showcases your best customer reviews and displays products with high-resolution product imagery.

The Startup theme is very practical for Direct-to-Consumer merchants and so are the styles it comes in: Home (homeware products), Tech (technology gadgets), Travel (travel accessories and services), and Cloth (apparel products).

Price: $180

Reviews: 82 reviews with an 85% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Sell a small number of products
  • Display a video on their homepage
  • Display FAQS, blog posts, or a promotional banner on their homepage

6. Retina

retina shopify theme skincare brands
Image: Shopify 

Retina is a great example of one of the best Shopify themes for skincare products.

It simplifies navigation with its easy-to-navigate multi-level menus—removing a lot of friction that prevents shoppers from converting.

Retina showcases products with its natural color palette, refined styling, and bold imagery.  It also comes with special page templates, a versatile sidebar, product zoom, and a dismissable promo banner.

Retina comes in the styles Austin, Amsterdam, Montreal, and Melbourne.

Price: $240

Reviews: 267 reviews with a 97% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Display multiple videos on their homepage
  • Uses bold imagery to display products

The best Shopify themes for jewelry brands

To optimize sales, your jewelry collection needs a professional-looking online shop that adds sparkle and glamour.

The best Shopify Plus themes already have the foundations of a stunning jewelry store laid, and all you need to do is add your products, texts, and images.

7. Parallax

parallax shopify themes jewelry
Image: Shopify

Shopify’s theme Parallax is an attractive design that makes it easier to convert shoppers with its set of features.

This is important, as jewelry is both financially and sentimentally precious and people purchase it with care.

Parallax’s most popular and well-known feature is its scroll effects—they make the website’s background image appear to move at a different speed than the other elements on the page as users scroll.

It is a fully responsive theme and comes with multiple homepage layouts. It also allows products to be purchased directly from the homepage with its slide-out cart.

Parallax comes in the styles Aspen, Vienna, Madrid, and Los Angeles.

Price: $180

Reviews: 225 reviews with a 97% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Prefer a unique scrolling experience
  • Prefer a multipurpose Shopify theme

The best Shopify themes for restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes need a Shopify theme that has additional features that the typical ecommerce store theme may not have.

For instance, they need to display their menu, location, business hours, and an online reservation option as they are likely operating both online and offline.

Without these, your business will have a hard time achieving online success.

8. Alchemy

alchemy shopify themes restaurants cafes
Image: Shopify

Alchemy is designed to showcase a variety of products and services across the homepage in an elegant and clear way—allowing you to give a clear image of what your cafe or restaurant looks like along with displaying the products you sell.

The theme is extremely SEO-friendly and it comes along with speed and performance tools.

Alchemy also comes with in-menu promos, full-width header images, block style product layout, and a home page gallery.

Alchemy comes in the styles Seasons, Driftwood, CloudBreak, and SwimClub.

Price: $240

Reviews: 41 reviews with a 100% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Require their website to be set up quickly
  • Use visual storytelling

9. Story

story shopify themes restaurants
Image: Shopify

Story has been built with a clean and unique design that has interactive layouts and multilevel dropdown menus.

Its lookbook feature allows stores to publish their products in an editorial-style spread layout to emphasize elegance.

Story also has a built-in timeline tool that helps build relationships with customers by building a connection through telling your brand’s story.

Story comes in the styles Heritage, Quest, and Chronicle.

Price: $189

Reviews: 16 reviews with a 100% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Connects with their customers through story-telling
  • Customize their own forms to suit their business

The best Shopify themes for health and beauty brands

The health and beauty industry is largely based on trust and reputation—33% of American and 29% of British consumers state they are more cautious about the products they purchase because of online misinformation relating to health and beauty products.

It’s essential that your website isn’t outdated, has poor screen navigation, or displays poor quality product images.

By the same token, this is where a one-stop solution Shopify theme comes in handy—and it should contain features like customizable theme options, having the option to scale if needed, and more.

In addition, it should also be the best Shopify theme for mobile responsiveness since a lot of shoppers will likely be shopping on the go.

10. Foodie

foodie shopify themes beauty
Image: Shopify

Foodie supports full-width homepage video and zoom-ready high-resolution images so you can showcase your brand and products with slick styling and smooth integration of visual content.

It makes it easy for you to highlight key products to your website visitors. It features the ability to arrange in-store pickups and to age-restrict certain products—extremely useful for brands who sell health products.

Foodie comes in the styles Grind, Slice, and Grow.

Price: $250

Reviews: No reviews yet

Designed for stores that:

  • Sell age-restricted products
  • Own physical stores
  • Use visual storytelling

11. District

district shopify themes grooming beauty
Image: Shopify

District is a responsive Shopify theme that allows ecommerce stores to showcase their products and collections to shoppers.

The theme features built-in color swatches, size chart popups, and an instant dynamic checkout button. It also lets you integrate your Instagram with your Shopify store.

This will help promote your skincare products and content, build your social following as well as your engagement, and add that much-needed social proof to your online store.

District comes in the styles Coast, Energy, and District.

Price: $180

Reviews: 656 reviews with a 100% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Need to show customers where products are available for pick-up
  • Showcase featured products and collections

The best Shopify themes for artists

It can be challenging to find the perfect theme to display your creativity and artwork to the world.

Luckily, Shopify offers plenty of high-quality themes for dancers, designers, gallery owners, photographers, and more.

These themes will make your art the focus and not the elements surrounding it. In the list below, you will find some of the best paid themes for Shopify.

12. Atlantic

atlantic shopify themes artists
Image: Shopify

The Atlantic is a classic Shopify theme that has stood the test of time.

Perfect for artists,  the theme is highly user-friendly, has versatile typography, and a spectacular hero image. It also gives shoppers the option to look closely at product details by zooming in.

The Atlantic theme also offers brands the option to allow their customers to quickly add items to their cart without navigating deep into product pages.

Atlantic comes in the styles Chic, Light, Modern, and Organic.

Price: $180

Reviews: 200 reviews with a 96% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Prefer a minimalist look
  • Require shoppers to zoom into products

13. Kingdom

kingdom shopify themes artists
Image: Shopify

Kingdom is an image-focused theme with a silky smooth sidebar navigation area that comes with customizable options.

The theme also has a minimalist look. It puts the spotlight on your products with the ability to emphasize featured products by placing them front and center.

It has a truly responsive design that allows your customers to browse your pieces of art on the go on any device without sacrificing quality.

Kingdom comes in the styles Prince, King, and Queen.

Price: $250

Reviews: 169 reviews with a 96% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Sell internationally
  • Require an image-focused theme
  • Prefer sidebar navigation

The best Shopify themes for pet brands

Pets owners want the best for their furry friends and will only shop from an online store that looks experienced and knowledgeable.

A high-quality Shopify theme can help you show your website visitors that they can trust you, with the help of features like customer reviews, user-generated content, multiple layouts, and powerful filtering and sorting tools.

14. Bowie

bowie shopify themes pet brands
Image: Envato Elements

Bowie theme is perfect for store owners that sell products for a variety of different pets, from cats, puppies, kittens, birds, to fish.

It’s a responsive theme that includes multiple currencies, mega menu options, product grid, and list view options for your customers to choose from.

Bowie features a bold slideshow that can include both images and videos to showcase your top products or sale items.

Price: $55

Reviews: 4 ratings with a 100% rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Have a large inventory
  • Sell their products in multiple currencies

15. Chewy

chewy shopify themes pet brands
Image: Envato Elements

If you’re selling pet food and searching for the best Shopify pet theme, Chewy is your answer.

This versatile and user-friendly theme makes it easy to build an online pet store with its stylish sections and page layouts.

Chewy’s features include size chart integration, ajax sidebar cart, advanced product filtering, wishlist, countdown timer, and the ability to zoom into products.

You will need to purchase the images you see in the demo separately.

Price: $58

Reviews: 1 review with a 100% rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Sell pet food
  • Compare sizes of products

The best Shopify themes for kid’s brands

Online stores for kids are undeniably cute—and yours should be no different.

It’s important to select a Shopify theme that reflects the joy of childhood with colorful text styles, fonts, and other beautiful elements—all while displaying the details of products.

16. Boost

boost shopify theme kids childrens brands
Image: Shopify

Shopify’s theme Boost offers you the ability to compete with big retailers with its selection of available tools for SEO, performance, promotions, and advanced product filters.

This theme also allows you to add different sections and blocks that can be customized so they complement each other while matching your brand’s image.

You can add a FAQ section to your pages, too.

Boost comes in the styles Spark, Inspire, Flourish.

Price: $240

Reviews: 50 reviews with a 90% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Compete with big retailers
  • Prefer to have support available from the developers

17. Galleria

galleria shopify themes children kids brands
Image: Shopify

The Galleria theme takes visual storytelling to the next level.

It allows both brands and customers to tell their stories by featuring full video heroes on the homepage and product galleries—a huge win since shoppers like to see customers enjoy the products that they are thinking about purchasing.

Shopify’s Galleria theme also features a newsletter bar, social media integration, and product swatches.

Galleria comes in the styles Empire, Boutique, and Showroom.

Price: $180

Reviews: 102 reviews with a 100% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Sell a high volume of products
  • Display product swatches

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The best Shopify themes for housewares brands

When customers browse a housewares brand’s online store, they want to see that it demonstrates a strong eye for style and design.

Indeed, having an elegant website is a selling point for every home goods brand and it can be effortless to create with the help of the best Shopify themes.

18. Flow

flow shopify themes housewares
Image: Shopify

The Flow theme offers a minimalist design that places wide-scale images and big product slides that aid in visual storytelling.

Since the theme is naturally tidy and modern, it works great for showcasing home goods.

Shopify’s Flow theme features customizable product grids, displaying content from your Instagram feed, and offers you the ability to advertise your promotions in the optional fixed header.

Flow comes in the styles Byron, Queenstown, and Cannes.

Price: $350

Reviews: 178 reviews with a 90% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Hold flash sales
  • Integrates social media into its website

The best Shopify themes for sports brands

Humans have a strong emotional connection to sports—and that includes the type of products they purchase from sports brands.

Consequently, sports brands’ online stores should contain certain features—like a specific design and color, product reviews, excellent product photography to show products in action, and even a section for news and results for sports fans.

Thankfully, Shopify themes have got you covered.

19. Mr Parker

mr parker shopify themes sports brands
Image: Shopify

Mr Parker theme is one of the best for deep customization and scalability.

A small business can start with this feature-packed theme and introduce new products during expansion—removing the need to find a new theme while the store is growing.

An overall powerful theme, Mr Parker offers different layouts for product pages, predictive search so users can see suggested results as they search for a product, and the ability to enlarge product galleries.

Mr Parker comes in the styles Sunset, Wardrobe, Apothecary, and Desk.

Price: $220

Reviews: 155 reviews with a 94% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Plan on scaling their store
  • Require predictive search

The best free Shopify themes

There are many free Shopify themes available for your ecommerce store—the tricky part is choosing the one that’s the best fit for your brand.

You will come across themes that have different styles and feature sets from various layouts, shopping cart integration, customizations, and more.

Let’s have a look at two below—and you can browse more free Shopify themes here.‍

20. Narrative theme

narrative shopify theme free themes
Image: Shopify

For those brands who are set on telling an in-depth story, the Narrative theme offers ideal functionality.

You’ll benefit from hero videos, vertical slideshows, highly customizable image blocks as well as slides. Each of these features can make your brand and products stand out over competitors.

Narrative comes in the styles Warm, Earthy, Light, and Cold.

Price: Free

Reviews: 52 reviews with a 56% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Have small catalogs or a single product
  • Prefer fixed navigation

21. Supply

supply shopify free themes
Image: Shopify

Supply is another standout Shopify theme with highly flexible product filtering and personalization options.

This theme is ideal (and very popular) among stores with larger inventories, making it easy for customers to browse through all categories and products in a store.

It also offers brands the option to place multiple collections on their store’s homepage.

Supply comes in the styles Blue and Light.

Price: Free

Reviews: 57 reviews with a 60% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Advanced filter for larger inventories
  • Have multiple collections of products

The best Shopify themes for dropshipping

You’ve spent a long time choosing your product catalog, ecommerce platform, and your fulfillment method.

After all of your hard work, the last thing you want for your dropshipping store is a slow and unappealing website.

Instead, with the help of the best Shopify theme for dropshipping—your audience will be greeted with an ecommerce store that has a  web design that’s both eye-catching and feature-rich.

22. Icon

icon shopify theme dropshipping
Image: Shopify

Icon is another top theme for brands that offers full-width layouts that can be incorporated into your Shopify store in various sections.

Icon’s feature list includes smooth parallax scrolling galleries, a range of product and collection options, Google Web Fonts, multi-lingual capabilities, and more—all with a high-end sleek design and luxury feel.

Icon comes in the styles Dolce, Yves, Vera, and Christian.

Price: $240

Reviews: 266 reviews with a 92% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Dropship
  • Have a large inventory of products
  • Prefer an easy and quick setup

23. ShowTime

showtime shopify theme dropshipping
Image: Shopify

ShowTime is one of the best Shopify themes that takes customization to the next level.

Beyond its page templates, the theme also includes a substantial set of product filters and sorting options so customers can personalize their experience around options like size, color, price availability, brand, and more—removing the need to purchase expensive Shopify apps and plugins.

The theme also offers product quick view, product video support, and three unique header styles.

ShowTime comes in the styles CookTime, FashionTime, and FurnishTime.

Price: $180

Reviews: 229 reviews with a 98% positive rating

Designed for stores that:

  • Dropship
  • Have large product catalogs
  • Require a multi-column menu

Create your own design with Shogun Page Builder

If the best themes that Shopify has to offer don’t provide enough customization options to reflect your unique brand, you don’t need to start searching through the Shopify theme store again.

Instead, you can edit your existing theme so that it matches your brand and store’s needs with the help of Shogun.

With Shogun, you don’t need to know a single line of code in order to create sleek, feature-rich custom pages for your store.

You just need to drag and drop the elements you want onto the pages and edit them according to your needs. Just like below.

shogun page builder drag and drop elements

Below you can see a custom slideshow being built onto an ecommerce website’s homepage within the Shogun app.

It’s fast, easy, and provides stunning results that your shoppers will love.

shogun page builder drag and drop slider element pre-built

Often the best themes will limit you to certain Shopify templates and customization options.

Shogun is the solution—allowing you to create whatever kind of pages you want for your ecommerce store.

Ultimately, this will help create one of the best Shopify themes for conversions that’s perfect for your store. Exactly what you have been searching for.

Find your perfect theme and make it uniquely yours with Shogun

When searching for the best Shopify theme for your ecommerce store, look for the theme that best caters to how your business operates.

When you know what features are important, you’ll be able to find the best-fitting theme to help your store grow.

Finally, provide an outstanding shopping experience for your shoppers by taking your website design to the next level with the help of Shogun.

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