The 19 Best BigCommerce Themes For 2023 (And How to Pick Yours)

June 1, 2023

bigcommerce theme bigcommerce themes

Whether you’re ready to take your BigCommerce store design to the next level, are just getting started, or your current theme just isn’t cutting it for your scaling brand anymore, there are plenty of awesome BigCommerce themes to choose from.

The question is, which is the right theme for you?

In this post, we cover 19 of the best BigCommerce themes available today, along with other important details you need to know when choosing your next BigCommerce theme.

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How many BigCommerce themes are there?

Did you know BigCommerce has 170 themes available in the BigCommerce theme store? That’s right—even more than Shopify (93), WooCommerce (53), and Adobe Commerce (5) combined.

BigCommerce theme store bigcommerce themes
Credit: BigCommerce Theme Store

BigCommerce currently offers 12 free themes and ~158 paid themes, which fall between $150 – $300 each.

However, there are hundreds of other themes listed on sites like Theme Forest and Template Monster to choose from that aren’t affiliated with BigCommerce or other ecommerce platforms if you wish.

Why choosing the right BigCommerce theme is so important

Selecting a new theme for your BigCommerce store is no small task because choosing incorrectly can have significant long-term implications for your scaling ecommerce brand. It’s worth taking the time upfront to choose carefully.

Let’s look at why.

❌ The wrong theme can lead to poor customer experiences

Themes can be customized to fit your brand and vibe, but only to an extent. Some aspects of themes are built-in, and you have to take the good with the imperfect.

For example, if your BigCommerce theme has limits on how you can customize your cart or product collections (to reduce friction and optimize over time), it will be difficult to craft the shopping experience you envision 1:1. Shoppers (with high expectations!) will bear the brunt of what you can’t change easily, and you’ll limit your conversion potential.

When considering themes, be mindful of customization options—and whether the theme you like has everything you need.

Consider what custom code (and the associated developer resources) will be needed to make your vision happen and satisfy shoppers.

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❌ A complex/overly-customized theme can cause site performance issues

We’ve all experienced a finicky online shopping experience.

Whether that’s images or text that don’t render correctly on mobile, a non-responsive cart button, a payment window that keeps freezing, or a site that’s just too slow page-to-page.

BigCommerce site speed bigcommerce themes

Every second delay on a mobile page load can negatively impact conversions by up to 20%.

What’s more, shoppers who have a poor experience on a mobile site are 62% less likely to make a purchase in the future—no matter how striking your site design.

Overall, it’s critical that the BigCommerce theme you choose doesn’t require so much customization that you introduce code bloat to achieve expected functionality.

This negatively impacts potential conversions with poor site performance.

❌ The wrong BigCommerce theme can impact your search rankings

While Google doesn’t care if you use Millennial Yellow or Gen Z Pink colors across your site, it does care about whether your theme’s content elements are equipped for search.

According to Google’s John Mueller, choosing a theme that doesn’t consider how content elements like headings, text, images, structured data, and more are positioned on the site could have repercussions:

“It’s easy to consider website themes as just a splash of color on top of a finished structure. But there’s so much more involved.” — John Mueller

A “good” BigCommerce theme will help search engines crawl your content and understand what’s on your site.

And changing your theme too often can impact your SEO. In other words, it’s imperative to choose a theme that will grow with your brand as you go.

The 19 best BigCommerce themes for 2023

There are hundreds of BigCommerce themes to choose from, and as an ecommerce operator, your time is precious.


1. Cornerstone

Cornerstone is a popular BigCommerce theme for its flexibility, responsiveness, and clean design. This theme is available in three varieties: Warm, Bold, and Light.

Key features:

  • Cart suggested products
  • Complex search filtering
  • Customizable BigCommerce checkout
  • Quick add-to-cart

Ideal for: Beauty, wellness and nutrition, food and beverage

Price: Free

BigCommerce theme Cornerstone Light bigcommerce themes
Cornerstone Light
BigCommerce theme Cornerstone Warm bigcommerce themes
Cornerstone Warm
BigCommerce theme Cornerstone Bold bigcommerce themes
Cornerstone Bold

2. Vogue Fashion

Vogue Fashion is—as the name suggests—a tried-and-true theme perfect for apparel and fashion brands. This theme makes it easy to highlight product swatches, product collections, and more.

Key features:

  • One-page checkout
  • Product comparison table
  • Product filtering
  • Saved payment methods (PayPal)

Ideal for: Apparel, beauty

Price: $279

BigCommerce theme Vogie Fashion bigcommerce themes
Vogue Fashion

3. Polaris

Polaris is a simple yet fully responsive theme great for brands looking to balance the structure of grid-like design with responsive design effects—like a mouse-over product zoom and a minimalist product carousel.

Polaris is available in four style options: Hemp, Beauty, Home, and Fashion.

Key features:

  • Cart suggested products
  • Multi-tiered sidebar menu
  • Switchable grid/list view

Ideal for: Any brand

Price: $300

BigCommerce Theme Polaris Fashion bigcommerce themes
Polaris Fashion
BigCommerce theme Polaris Home bigcommerce themes
Polaris Home
BigCommerce theme Polaris Hemp bigcommerce themes
Polaris Hemp
BigCommerce theme Polaris Beauty bigcommerce themes
Polaris Beauty

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4. Bespoke

Bespoke is a great theme for brands with customizable products due to its customizable product selector and opportunities for big, bold imagery.

Bespoke comes in four varieties: Warm, Classic, Cool, and Neon.

Key features:

  • Homepage slideshow
  • One page checkout
  • Product showcase and videos

Ideal for: Brands with customizable products

Price: $175

BigCommerce theme Bespoke Cool bigcommerce themes
Bespoke Cool
BigCommerce theme Bespoke Warm bigcommerce themes
Bespoke Warm
BigCommerce theme Bespoke Neon bigcommerce themes
Bespoke Neon
BigCommerce theme Bespoke Classic bigcommerce themes
Bespoke Classic

5. Clariss Fashion

The Clariss Fashion theme is an excellent choice for brands looking to highlight products in big, bold imagery—from the homepage slider to the blog.

Clariss Fashion is easily customizable with BigCommerce’s native page builder (and ours, too 😉).

Key features:

  • Customized checkout
  • Product comparison table
  • Homepage slideshow

Ideal for: Apparel, beauty, jewelry, and lifestyle brands

Price: $299

BigCommerce theme Clariss Fashion bigcommerce themes
Clariss Fashion

6. Artisan Original

Artisan Original is a great BigCommerce theme for brands with varying-sized catalogs.

The search bar at the top of the homepage (which can be toggled on or off) makes it easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for from the start.

Key features:

  • Complex search filtering
  • Customized checkout
  • Quick add-to-cart

Ideal for: Apparel, beauty, jewelry, food and beverage, wellness, and lifestyle brands

Price: $245

BigCommerce theme Artisan Original bigcommerce themes
Artisan Original

7. Pinnacle

If your brand sells products that fall within multiple categories—like a home decor or beauty brand—you’ll want to consider Pinnacle.

The standard navigation bar makes it easy for customers to browse different types of products. Pinnacle comes in four styles: Tech, Euro, Impact, and Sport.

Key features:

  • Free customer support
  • Fully responsive
  • Product videos and showcase

Ideal for: Brands with multi-category products

Price: $225

BigCommerce theme Pinnacle Impact bigcommerce themes
Pinnacle Impact
BigCommerce theme Pinnacle Sport bigcommerce themes
Pinnacle Sport
BigCommerce theme Pinnacle Euro bigcommerce themes
Pinnacle Euro
BigCommerce theme Pinnacle Tech bigcommerce themes
Pinnacle Tech

8. Fortune

Want to make an impact quickly with visuals? Fortune is definitely a BigCommerce theme to consider, then!

This theme stands out for its large header image, simple navigation, and eye-catching product grid. This theme is best for brands with small or medium-sized catalogs.

Fortune is available in four versions; Highlight, Minimal, Bright, and Contrast.

Key features:

  • Persistent cart
  • Product filtering
  • Saved payment methods
  • Toggle grid/list product view

Ideal for: Apparel, lifestyle, food and beverage, and beauty brands

Price: Free

BigCommerce theme Fortune Bright bigcommerce themes
Fortune Bright
BigCommerce theme Fortune Contrast bigcommerce themes
Fortune Contrast
BigCommerce theme Fortune Minimal bigcommerce themes
Fortune Minimal
BigCommerce theme Fortune Highlight bigcommerce themes
Fortune Highlight

9. Vault

If you’re looking for a theme with a sleek design, Vault is one to consider.

This classic, balanced theme allows you to highlight new products while weaving in branded imagery. Vault is available in three versions: Cool, Bright, and Natural.

Key features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Grid-like layout for highlighting products
  • Large navigation bar

Ideal for: Food and beverage, wellness, and lifestyle brands

Price: Free

BigCommerce theme Vault Cool bigcommerce themes
Vault Cool
BigCommerce theme Vault Natural bigcommerce themes
Vault Natural
BigCommerce theme Vault Bright bigcommerce themes
Vault Bright

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10. Scales

Scales is another excellent BigCommerce theme for brands looking to make a bold statement with large imagery throughout the site.

This theme’s grid and color-block foundation are great for brands looking to pack a punch with product visuals. Scales is available in four styles: Minimal, Chic, Modern, and Pop.

Key features:

  • Product filtering
  • One page checkout
  • Quick add-to-cart

Ideal for: Apparel, food and beverage, and lifestyle brands

Price: $175

BigCommerce theme Scales Chic bigcommerce themes
Scales Chic
BigCommerce theme Scales Minimal bigcommerce themes
Scales Minimal
BigCommerce theme Scales Pop bigcommerce themes
Scales Pop
BigCommerce theme Scales Modern bigcommerce themes
Scales Modern

11. Parts Warehouse

Parts Warehouse is a classic-looking theme (it has a standard navigation menu at the top of the page along with a categorized menu on the left-hand side).

This theme is ideal for brands with large product catalogs. Parts Warehouse is available in four styles: Champion, Classic, Light, and Dark.

Key features:

  • Customizable product selector
  • Product filtering and showcase
  • Saved payment methods

Ideal for: Beauty, lifestyle, and apparel brands

Price: $195

BigCommerce theme Parts Warehouse Classic bigcommerce themes
Parts Warehouse Classic
BigCommerce theme Parts Warehouse Dark bigcommerce themes
Parts Warehouse Dark
BigCommerce theme Parts Warehouse Light bigcommerce themes
Parts Warehouse Light
BigCommerce theme Parts Warehouse Champion bigcommerce themes
Parts Warehouse Champion

12. Geneva

For brands looking for a modern theme, Geneva is a great consideration.

Minimal text coupled with varying-sized images and a condensed menu give this theme a modern vibe. Geneva is available in four styles: Grey, Bold, Pastel, and Colorful.

Key features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Persistent cart

Ideal for: Apparel, lifestyle, beauty, and jewelry brands

Price: $175

BigCommerce theme Geneva Bold bigcommerce themes
Geneva Bold
BigCommerce theme Geneva Grey bigcommerce themes
Geneva Grey
BigCommerce theme Geneva Pastel bigcommerce themes
Geneva Pastel
BigCommerce theme Geneva Colorful bigcommerce themes
Geneva Colorful

13. Runway

Runway is another excellent BigCommerce theme option for brands looking to incorporate more imagery to their shopping experience.

This theme’s gallery-like flow is equal parts eye-catching and easy to navigate—the perfect blend for an engaging ecommerce site.

Runway is available in four styles: Bright, Minimal, Bold, and Warm.

Key features:

  • Free customer support
  • Multi-tiered sidebar
  • Product comparison table

Ideal for: Brands looking to make a statement with visuals

Price: $150

BigCommerce theme Runway Bold bigcommerce themes
Runway Bold
BigCommerce theme Runway Bright bigcommerce themes
Runway Bright
BigCommerce theme Runway Minimal bigcommerce themes
Runway Minimal
BigCommerce theme Runway Warm bigcommerce themes
Runway Warm

14. Capacity

Capacity is a versatile theme that can accommodate large product catalogs.

The color-blocked, crisp layouts on each version and mega navigation strike a balance between design and functionality. Capacity is available in four versions: Warm, Bright, Clean, and Cool.

Key features:

  • Storefront CSRF protection
  • Homepage slideshow
  • Saved payment methods

Ideal for: Lifestyle, wellness, and apparel brands

Price: $225

BigCommerce theme Capacity Cool bigcommerce themes
Capacity Cool
BigCommerce theme Capacity Clean bigcommerce themes
Capacity Clean
BigCommerce theme Capacity Warm bigcommerce themes
Capacity Warm
BigCommerce theme Capacity Bold bigcommerce themes
Capacity Bold

15. Atelier

For ecommerce brands looking for a BigCommerce theme with show-stopping design and functionality needn’t look further than Atelier.

The responsive scroll-over menu, collage-like collection pages, and unique navigation make for an elegant shopping experience.

Atelier comes in four styles: Minimal, Modern, Bright, and Classic.

Key features:

  • Responsive mouse-over merchandising
  • Product showcase
  • One page checkout

Ideal for: Apparel, lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and jewelry brands

Price: $225

BigCommerce theme Atelier Minimal bigcommerce themes
Atelier Minimal
BigCommerce theme Atelier Bright bigcommerce themes
Atelier Bright
BigCommerce theme Atelier Modern bigcommerce themes
Atelier Modern
BigCommerce theme Atelier Classic bigcommerce themes
Atelier Classic

16. Beautica

The Beautica theme pairs modular elements with bold headers—allowing brands to pack a lot into a page without overwhelming shoppers.

This theme integrates with Google Fonts and features a mega menu for easy shopping.

Key features:

  • Advanced mega menu
  • Lookbook page
  • Product image swap

Ideal for: Beauty, apparel, home decor, and lifestyle brands

Price: $139

BigCommerce theme Beautica bigcommerce themes

17. Brooklynk

Brooklynk is a dynamic theme built for apparel brands (but is a great option for brands in other niches, too).

One particular feature that stands out about this Theme Forest theme is the mega menu, which allows brands to add images and even videos to different menus.

Key features:

  • Mega menu
  • Popup size chart
  • Dropdown shipping cart
  • Product hover

Ideal for: Apparel brands

Price: $159