20 Awesome Examples of BigCommerce Websites To Inspire Your Ecommerce Store

November 10, 2022

BigCommerce Websites To Inspire Your Ecommerce Store bigcommerce websites

BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform trusted by tens of thousands of merchants and operating in more than 150 countries.

It offers lots of customizability and dedicated support, making it a superb option for building your store.

However, creating your BigCommerce online store can be difficult if you don’t know where to start.

In this article, we’ll discuss some key characteristics that make excellent BigCommerce sites and share some examples so you can see for yourself.

Read on to see:

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What makes a BigCommerce website really great?

Let’s kick off by reviewing some design and functionality aspects that take a BigCommerce website from good to great.

Here’s what you should try to incorporate into your website.

1. Highlight your CTAs

Making a purchase is likely the primary action you want visitors to take.

An obvious call-to-action (CTA) or promotional offer pushes them towards that and minimizing distractions helps.

Open Mile increased conversions by 232% by making their CTA more prominent and reducing distractions around it.

2. A search bar

The ability to search for specific products makes browsing your site easier for your consumers.

It also helps shoppers find the products they are looking for and quickly complete their purchase.

Take Aquila as an example. If I need “brown leather shoes,” I can find my options by simply typing my query.

shoe site search bigcommerce websites
Image: Aquila

And shoppers are happy to use them—43% of retail website users directly go to an on-site search bar, and searchers are 1.8 times more likely to convert.

3. High-quality images

Since customers can’t physically inspect your products, they rely on visual content.

Images influence 75% of shoppers’ purchase decisions, so use high-quality photos that display your products in their best light.

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4. Engaging content

Content that matches consumer interests drives up to 7.8x more organic traffic and engages visitors.

It even guides them further along their journey and compels them to purchase.

kings hawaiian recipes bigcommerce websites
Image: King’s Hawaiian

King’s Hawaiian applies this strategy on its homepage by presenting visitors with delicious recipes using sweet bread.

Right underneath, it lets shoppers add the ingredients to their carts.

5. Abundant product information

Comprehensive details about your offering influence the buyer’s decision. 98% of shoppers will not complete their purchase if your product information is incomplete or incorrect.

Avoid abandoned carts by carefully crafting individual item descriptions and:

  • Keeping them concise yet informative
  • Highlighting their features and benefits
  • Improving readability by using bullet points
  • Avoiding large chunks of text

6. User-generated content (UGC)

UGC, like reviews and testimonials, acts as endorsements from users who’ve had superb experiences with your brand.

Showcase them on your website to nurture trust. ICE Cobotics, for example, displays testimonials.

ice cobotics social proof bigcommerce websites
Image: ICE Cobotics

According to Salesforce, 92% of shoppers trust recommendations from other people more than other sources.

79% of consumers, meanwhile, say it impacts their purchase decisions.

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7. Easy checkout

Consumers will more likely opt out of a lengthy and complex checkout process.

The Baymard Institute found that 17% of US online shoppers have abandoned their carts because of it, while 24% did the same because account creation was required.

Let visitors complete purchases quickly and easily.

Gather only necessary information like their name, shipping address, and billing details. Also, don’t force them to create a store profile.

Homedic, for instance, lets visitors complete purchases as guests.

homedics checkout bigcommerce websites
Image: Homedics

8. Multiple payment methods and free shipping

Additionally, stay within your shoppers’ means. Accommodate as many payment options as possible and offer free shipping.

Baymard Institute’s previously mentioned study on online consumers and cart abandonment found that 48% of consumers abandoned their carts because extra costs, such as shipping, were too high, and 9% saw a lack of payment options.

9. Accessible customer support

Customers will always have questions and issues—like defective products and troubleshooting—that need addressing.

You should be able to assist wherever, whenever.

Provide customers with a help desk or knowledge base via support pages. Also, make yourself reachable through various modes of communication like:

  • Email
  • On-site live chat
  • Phone
  • Social media
contact methods bigcommerce websites
Image: Dinovite

Dinovite, for example, is available across these key channels.

It also dedicates pages for shipping information and its privacy policy. Lastly, train your staff to resolve any concerns quickly.

10. Fast loading speeds

Portent found that loading times affect the customer experience and your conversion rates.

It states that up to four-second load speeds maximize conversions, and websites that load in one second have 2.5 times more conversions than those that load in five seconds and five times more than those that load in 10 seconds.

So, to optimize your BigCommerce store, only use essential scripts, code, and third-party apps.

Beyond that, be sure to compress your images and enable Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

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11. Mobile responsiveness

Mobile commerce presents a huge opportunity for BigCommerce merchants.

More than 230 million US consumers own smartphones, and 79% have made online purchases in the last six months.

It’s also predicted to account for 44.2% of US retail ecommerce sales by 2025.

Tailor your store for mobile commerce experiences and make it accessible to a multitude of shoppers.

12. Appropriate tools

Invest in the right tools for your BigCommerce website.

Individual pieces of your tech stack should be designed for specific purposes, such as website optimization, advertising, and the like.

See what others use to find what may work for building your store. Tools like BuiltWith and Wappalyzer can help.

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20 Awesome BigCommerce websites to check out today

Now that we’ve covered some of the critical elements of a BigCommerce website, let’s take a look at a few examples we love of companies that use BigCommerce.

ICE Cobotics

ice cobotics bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

ICE Cobotics designs and manufactures autonomous and non-autonomous floor cleaning equipment made available through affordable monthly subscriptions.

The company’s homepage—powered by Shogun Frontend—loads in a whopping 0.6 seconds, according to Lighthouse. Rich merchandising gives the website a luxurious undertone as the page introduces visitors to ICE Cobotics’ technology and what they do.

In the meantime, clear CTAs point visitors toward a path to conversion, and they even have an equipment quiz to help find the right solution.

Website tools:

  • Shogun Frontend (Headless storefront design)
  • HubSpot (Marketing and analytics)
  • Amazon S3 (Content delivery network)
  • Facebook Custom Audiences (Targeted advertising)
  • Varnish (Web accelerator)
  • Viewport Meta Tag (Mobile optimization)

What makes it good:

  • Informative website design with helpful visuals
  • Seamless journey—from clicking CTAs to checkout
  • Support pages contain lots of information

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Quizzes let you gather information and offer appropriate solutions
  • Educational content can make lasting impressions


aquila bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Aquila offers premium men’s shoes and accessories.

The brand’s homepage greets you with a CTA and relevant offer, has a search bar, and lets you browse its catalog once you arrive. Its menus are also easy to navigate.

Product recommendations are also presented before checkout, and the process only requires necessary information while offering multiple payment options.

Website tech:

  • Shogun Page Builder (Customizable page builder)
  • Cloudflare (Content delivery network)
  • Pinterest (Social image sharing widget)
  • Yotpo (Reviews widget)
  • Afterpay, PayPal, Visa, and more (Payment gateways)
  • Zendesk (Customer support)

What makes it good:

  • Loads in under five seconds
  • Intuitive product browsing
  • Checkout is simple

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • An accessible catalog upon arrival streamlines the purchase experience
  • Offer a straightforward and convenient shopping process


archilight bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Archilight provides various LED lighting products for architectural projects. It collaborates with architects and installers to provide end-to-end support.

The website has a dedicated project gallery showcasing Archilight’s end results, and well-categorized menus ease browsing.

A seamless shopping process ends with a requested quote, and each product has accessible specification sheets.

Website tech:

  • Shogun Page Builder (Customizable page builder)
  • Hotjar (Audience measurement)
  • Elfsight (Social website widget provider)
  • ArchiPro (Architectural product finder)
  • YouTube (Embedded YouTube videos)
  • American Express, MasterCard, and more (Payment gateways)

What makes it good:

  • Sleek website design
  • Straightforward visitor journey
  • Plentiful visuals and product information

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Entice visitors through imagery
  • Provide as many item details as possible

Carpe Diem Beds

carpe diem beds bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Carpe Diem Beds offers handmade Scandinavian beds designed for quality, comfort, and sustainability.

Its website menu categories are straightforward and let you customize your bed.

You can find the most convenient store through its locator—whether it’s physical or online.

Its other sites, meanwhile, let you book appointments for personal shopping with a Carpe Diem Beds specialist.

Website tech:

  • Shogun Page Builder (Customizable page builder)
  • Google Analytics (Application performance, audience measurement, and more)
  • Google Maps API (Embedded mapping functionality)
  • YouTube Privacy Enhanced (YouTube content without cookies)
  • Mobile-compatible code (Viewport Meta and Apple devices)
  • Amazon API Gateway (Create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs)

What makes it good:

  • You can preview your customized product
  • Locates the nearest store
  • It lets you book a luxurious shopping experience

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Offer shoppers a tailored, personal journey
  • Provide mapping functionality to deliver more convenience


dinovite bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Dinovite is a pet nutrition brand. Its homepage clearly communicates its products’ benefits, offers various forms of content, and lets you browse its bestsellers upon arrival.

It even shows off customer testimonials and how many news sites have featured the brand.

Website tech:

  • Klaviyo (Customer lifecycle management)
  • Shogun Page Builder (Customizable page builder)
  • Freshchat and Freshdesk Chat (Live chat widget)
  • Yotpo and Pinterest (Reviews and image-sharing widgets)
  • Facebook Domain Verification (For Facebook Business Manager)
  • Mobile-compatible code (Viewport Meta and Apple devices)

What makes it good:

  • Informative content with high-quality visuals
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Many customer support options
  • Painless purchase process with recommendations and various payment options

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Maximize UGC widgets to nurture trust
  • Having a popup for product recommendations encourages purchases


homedics bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Homedics offers various wellness appliances.

Its homepage loads in three seconds or less and greets you with the brand’s promotional offers and guarantees. As you scroll down, you can:

  • Skim through bestsellers
  • Find appliances for specific purposes
  • View customer testimonials
  • See Homedics’ partnership with a mental health organization

You can also finish your purchase, without an account, in just a few clicks.

Website tech:

  • Shogun Page Builder (Customizable page builder)
  • Bazaarvoice (Community building)
  • Salesforce Interaction Studio (Conversion optimization)
  • Cloudflare (Content delivery network)
  • Amazon Payments, Klarna, and more (Payment gateways)
  • TikTok Embed and Vimeo (Video embedding tools)

What makes it good:

  • The homepage shares almost all the info you need
  • Seamless path to purchase

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Make the visitor’s journey as short as possible
  • Align with organizations possessing similar causes for better credibility

King’s Hawaiian

kings hawaiian bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

King’s Hawaiian is the creator of the original Hawaiian sweet bread.

On its homepage, you’re shown tasty recipes built around specific products, and once you’re compelled to buy, adding the featured item to your cart is easy.

You can then checkout in just a few clicks.

Website tech:

  • Shogun Page Builder (Customizable page builder)
  • Bronto (Marketing)
  • Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok Conversion Tracking (Conversion optimization)
  • Hawk Search (Ecommerce site search widget)
  • Apple Whitelist (For appearing in Apple’s autocomplete when looking up URLs)
  • WebCollage (Product description and product tour publisher)

What makes it good:

  • Eye-catching color scheme and design
  • Highly-engaging content relevant to its audience

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Create content centered around the possibilities your products offer

RC Pets

rcpets bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

RC Pets produces high-quality outdoor apparel and accessories for pets.

On its homepage, products are categorized into easy-to-navigate menus. You can subscribe to its newsletter and access various support pages.

It also provides complete product information and points you toward the nearest specialty pet retailer.

Adventures pages also feature UGC showing the items in use.

Website tech:

  • Klaviyo (Customer lifecycle management)
  • Shogun Page Builder (Customizable page builder)
  • Zendesk (Customer support)
  • POWr (Feedback and social sharing widget)
  • Google Maps API (Embedded mapping functionality)
  • Braintree, PayPal, and more (Payment gateways)

What makes it good:

  • Delivers the basics needed from an ecommerce site
  • UGC resonates with fellow pet-lovers

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Maximize highly-relatable UGC to engage audiences

Shirts from Fargo

shirts from fargo bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Shirts from Fargo is a print-on-demand service that offers artists, businesses, and nonprofits opportunities to sell their custom apparel and accessories.

Its website is pretty straightforward.

Menus are categorized according to Fargo’s original designs, its clientele’s storefronts, and everything else.

You can browse items directly on the homepage, and checkout only takes a few clicks. If you’re interested in Fargo’s services, you can create a storefront or ask for a quote.

Website tech:

  • Zakeke (Design and 3D preview plugin)
  • LiveChat (Live chat widget)
  • MiniBC (BigCommerce payment app builder)
  • Mobile-compatible code (Viewport Meta and Apple devices)
  • Bolt (Checkout solution)
  • Shogun Page Builder (Customizable page builder)

What makes it good:

  • Intuitive shopping experience
  • Focuses on simplicity and minimizes friction for the end user

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Depending on your business, reducing the bells and whistles helps


slumberjack bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Slumberjack provides high-quality camping furniture and equipment designed to deliver outdoor comfort.

Its website highlights its free shipping offer at the top and focuses on providing an easy user experience through well-sorted menus.

Widgets also let you view accessibility options and reach live chat support. Product pages, meanwhile, let you see the item’s images from different angles and zoom in.

Website tech:

  • Shogun Page Builder (Customizable page builder)
  • AvantMetrics (Advertiser tracking)
  • Freshdesk (Customer support)
  • Pace (Theme and progress indicator widget)
  • MasterCard, Klarna, Visa, and more (Payment gateways)
  • USPS, FedEx, and DHL (Shipping integrations)

What makes it good:

  • You can zoom in on product images
  • Free shipping offers are a huge plus

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Adding a zoom functionality helps shoppers get a better look at your products


vivo bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Vivo is a hair salon and skin clinic brand that makes its products and services available through BigCommerce.

You can even purchase vouchers and book salon appointments. The homepage:

  • Web pages load in four seconds or less
  • Highlights promotional offers and guarantees
  • Lets you browse through its catalog

The purchasing process is quick, from item selection to checkout. There are multiple customer service pages and channels too.

Website tech:

  • Drift (Website messaging app)
  • JustUno (Social marketing tech)
  • Instant Search Plus (Ecommerce site search widget)
  • Gorgias (Ticketing system)
  • DHL and TNT (Shipping integrations)

What makes it good:

  • Quick load speeds
  • Online booking for personal appointments
  • Multiple customer service options

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Deliver extra convenience through an online appointment booking feature

Leica Camera

leica bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Leica is a high-end camera brand. You can search for specific cameras, lenses, and accessories through its site.

You can even skim through pre-owned ones.

It has dedicated Offers and Leica Akademie pages for various promotional offers and booking workshops for Leica camera owners.

The site also showcases UGC captured by professional photographers.

Website tech:

  • ThreatMetrix and Signifyd (Fraud and chargeback prevention)
  • Algolia (Ecommerce site search widget)
  • MailChimp (Mailing list delivery and support)
  • Braintree, MasterCard, and more (Payment gateways)
  • UPS (Shipping integration)

What makes it good:

  • Dedicated pages for promotional offers and learning opportunities
  • Added benefits for camera owners can entice shoppers
  • Offers more affordable pre-owned cameras

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Create pages for any value-adding offerings for owners of your high-end product

Black Diamond

black diamond bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Black Diamond offers equipment for skiers, climbers, hikers, and more.

Its website is aptly designed to display its products in use and is optimized for online shopping.

CTAs and clickable images take you directly to specific categories, and you can quickly complete a purchase.

A Today’s Offers widget on its homepage, meanwhile, takes you to products that are on sale.

Website tech:

  • Google Tag Manager (For managing tags without altering critical website code)
  • Mobile-compatible code (Viewport Meta and Apple devices)
  • Prismic (Content management system)
  • HREF Lang (For pages in different languages)
  • Google Webmaster (Tools for more Google-friendly sites)

What makes it good:

  • Streamlined shopping experience
  • Image and information-filled product pages
  • Widget for discounted products

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • A widget redirecting shoppers to limited-time offers can drive purchases


gen3 bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

GEN3 produces high-quality and reasonably-priced electric bikes, which is what its website is built around It highlights three things:

  • GEN3’s products
  • Video reviews from users
  • Its customer service and support

Its homepage features its benefits and GEN3’s support pages, but the overall site is straight to the point.

Video content, meanwhile, supplements individual product pages.

Website tech:

  • Klaviyo (Customer lifecycle management)
  • Mixpanel (Funnel and workflow optimization)
  • HappyFox (Customer support)
  • AddShoppers (Reward sharing and ROI measurement widget)
  • Yotpo (Reviews widget)

What makes it good:

  • Minimalistic approach delivers every necessity
  • Educational video content
  • Streamlined purchasing process

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Sticking to essential website features can go a long way

Beyond Health

beyond health bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Beyond Health provides natural vitamins and supplements that are all tested by their expert team.

Upon entering, a popup will offer you an attractive opportunity to get a discount—so long as you provide your email.

Its homepage features the brand’s guarantees, benefits, and catalog. It also offers health and wellness content.

Website tech:

  • Google Optimize 360 (A/B testing and website optimization)
  • Trustpilot (Community-based product recommendation)
  • AddThis (Bookmarking and social sharing widget)
  • BootstrapCDN (Content delivery network)
  • FedEx and USPS (Shipping integrations)

What makes it good:

  • You’re greeted by an attractive savings opportunity
  • Homepage provides a sufficient introduction to the brand and its offering

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Drive purchases by kicking off user visits with a popup offering discounts

Ted Baker

ted baker bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Ted Baker is a fashion and lifestyle brand offering menswear, womenswear, accessories, and more.

We jumped into their website right in time for their Autumn event, highlighted by a huge 30% discount banner.

Professionally-taken photos highlight their clothing, and curated picks are visible right underneath. Then, as you scroll down, clickable images redirect you to your selected category.

Website tech:

  • Cloudflare (Threat, audience, and app performance monitoring)
  • Tealium (Management system for web analytics and digital marketing tags)
  • Hippo (Content management system)
  • Amazon CloudFront (Content delivery network)
  • Mobile-compatible code (Viewport Meta and Apple devices)

What makes it good:

  • Massive promotional event upon arrival
  • Curated picks
  • Seamless purchase process offers many payment options

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Highlight your significant promotion with high-quality images
  • Let your event welcome your visitors, and curate items for them

Cocktail Courier

cocktail courier bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Cocktail Courier delivers kits and subscription boxes, all of which are made with the brand’s original recipes.

You’ll be greeted by a discount popup upon arrival and be shown its trending creations. Beautiful photos show off concoctions, and displayed awards boost its credibility.

Cocktails are sorted by type and spirits, and it takes little time to complete a purchase. And for subscriptions, simply sign up and select your package to begin.

Website tech:

  • Salesforce (CRM)
  • Zendesk (Customer support)
  • Pinterest (Social image sharing widget)
  • Stripe, PayPal, and Visa (Payment gateways)
  • Vimeo (Embeds Vimeo videos)

What makes it good:

  • Beautifully designed homepage with a short video introduction
  • Popup discount can be availed in exchange for your email

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Use discount popups to grow your mailing list and gather leads


careerstep bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

CareerStep offers flexible and affordable career training for various industries.

Its homepage lets you explore vocational programs for various skill levels and showcases its network of trusted employers.

Besides highlighting CareerStep’s benefits, the website also connects you to a career advisor. A live chat widget is also available.

Website tech:

  • Rapleaf (Marketing automation)
  • Optimizely (A/B testing and website personalization)
  • Adobe Connect (Online web conferencing software)
  • ShareThis (Social sharing widget)
  • Yoast Plugins (SEO plugins)

What makes it good:

  • Courses are sorted according to industry and skill level
  • Talking to a career advisor will help people proceed with the buyer’s journey

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Allowing visitors to easily connect with experts can convert them into paying customers

Auvere True Gold

auvere bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

Auvere True Gold is a jewelry brand that prides itself on its designs and responsibly-sourced materials.

Their homepage is filled with high-quality photos, an abundance of content that tells the brand’s story, and images of well-known personalities wearing Auvere’s pieces.

Their purchasing process can be finished in no time, and they also offer free shipping, returns, and customer support.

Website tech:

  • Riskified (Fraud and chargeback prevention)
  • Klevu (Ecommerce site search widget)
  • Gorgias (Content management system)
  • Zendesk (Customer support)
  • MiniBC (BigCommerce payment app builder)

What makes it good:

  • Content is used to form a connection with the audience
  • Streamlined purchasing experience

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Your brand’s story can engage and resonate with the right people

One Kings Lane

one kings lane bigcommerce example bigcommerce websites

One Kings Lane offers vintage and designer home furnishings and decor.

It also provides interior design services. It welcomes you with promotional offers and photos of curated spaces.

Clickable images redirect you and let you browse collections.

Its interior design service, meanwhile, has a dedicated page that introduces its packages—which can also entice you to buy from One Kings Lane’s selection of furnishings.

Website tech:

  • ThreatMetrix (Fraud prevention)
  • Narvar (Shipping tracking widget)
  • TikTok Embed (Embedded TikTok content)
  • Contentful (Content management system)
  • FedEx (Shipping integration)

What makes it good:

  • Abundance of visuals
  • Easy browsing and search functionality
  • Avail of packages with access to an interior designer

Key takeaways you can apply:

  • Tailored services that complement your products can encourage purchases

Build the best BigCommerce website by emulating these examples

Some brands take a minimalistic approach, while others go all-out for luxury vibes.

What works for your brand may not work for another because each brand is unique—it’s how your audience remembers you.

Although not every website displays every characteristic we mentioned, many of them use similar tools and features. Many of the websites above use tools such as Shogun, Klaviyo, Yotpo, Gorgias, and the Google suite of tools for analytics and optimization.

The websites above also have usability in common, with easy navigation, clear CTAs, and stunning graphics.

Ultimately, the goal of every great BigCommerce website is to make the visitor’s experience seamless.

Aim for something similar, and remember the key factors we’ve discussed. Test different store variations, and make adjustments based on your results.


Create customized pages in BigCommerce with ShogunBuild dynamic pages that convert shoppers into customers. Get started now

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