May 8, 2023

8 Awesome Ecommerce Video Ads That Help Boost The Bottom Line

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In today’s landscape, effectively allocating marketing resources is vital to consistently engage your target audience. Customers are now more informed than ever, and competing for their attention isn’t easy. Luckily, that’s where ecommerce video ads come in. They allow you to create compelling content that stands out, makes an impression on viewers, and, most importantly, […]

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Kaitlyn Ambrose

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In today’s landscape, effectively allocating marketing resources is vital to consistently engage your target audience.

Customers are now more informed than ever, and competing for their attention isn’t easy. Luckily, that’s where ecommerce video ads come in.

They allow you to create compelling content that stands out, makes an impression on viewers, and, most importantly, drives traffic and conversions to your online stores.

But just as with any type of media advertisement, there’s a fine line between making something that captures your audience’s attention and gets the results you’re after and something that comes across as unnecessary or even bothersome in most viewers’ eyes.

To keep your content firmly in the first camp, we’ll be taking a closer look at how experienced video agencies handle ecommerce video ads and breaking down some top-notch examples to see what lessons we can glean from each.

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4 Core benefits of using video for paid ads

Beyond their ability to just help you reach a certain audience, there are four core marketing areas where ecommerce video ads excel.

Before we start breaking down examples, it pays to understand some of these areas to better understand why these videos work the way they do.

Image: IconScout

Garnering trust from your target audience

Nowadays, you must work hard to get people to trust your brand—especially when targeting younger audiences.

After all, when a plethora of products can substitute yours with just a click’s distance, it’s more difficult than ever to win over loyal customers.

To avoid that, you need to build a connection with your audience, and ecommerce videos can help with that in a way that other types of content can’t.

Instead of reading about your products or scrolling through photos, video ads allow viewers to engage with your brand and products in creative and interesting ways.

From simulating a store-like experience to showing the human side behind your brand, these videos make it easier for customers to trust you.

Once you’ve achieved that, gaining their loyalty will come naturally .

Encouraging engagement

Nowadays, writing long product descriptions is no longer effective.

Due to the constant stimuli of information users are bombarded with, the average online user’s attention span has been increasingly shortened.

And getting users to interact with certain content has become harder, too.

In this environment, video content stands out as one of the most reliable ways to get people to pay attention and follow through after watching.

A study that analyzed 777 million posts on Facebook found that videos managed 59% more engagement than other types of posts. Social media ads that use video obviously drive significant engagement.

Great video ads are better at capturing the audience’s attention and piquing their interest than any other form of content, making them a powerful and effective marketing tool.

Generating conversions

Ecommerce ads are also a powerful conversion tool, thanks to how they’re built. These ads are faster to address a viewer’s pain points than other types of content.

Moreover, since video ads start playing automatically on most social media platforms, they give you an ideal medium to prompt viewers into action.

Viewers already know they are watching an ad.

Still, by using storytelling and creative visuals, ecommerce video ads continue to engage viewers after they watch—unlike other content types.

Making the most out of limited resources

Most platforms we use for advertising, like Google or Meta, charge you for ads based on the reception and effectiveness of your content.

If it isn’t interesting to viewers, chances are it’ll cost you more—not to mention that the platform will display your ads to fewer people, dramatically reducing your reach.

Luckily for you, audiences favor video content across the board.

This fact can ultimately improve the ROI of your ecommerce video ads vs other forms of content like infographics and flow charts.

Video ads also tend to have bigger impression shares and, therefore, a cheaper CPC.

So even if it takes a bit more of your budget to create an effective video, the return on investment can often make it worth your while.

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8 Fantastic ecommerce video ads to learn from

Ecommerce ads can be a great marketing tool, but not all videos are created equal.

If you want a piece of content that delivers results, you need something that attracts, entertains, and informs viewers to be truly effective—a combination that’s not always easy!

So, let’s break down a few high-quality ecommerce video ads that get that formula just right and see what key insights and takeaways we can learn to improve your content moving forward.

The White Company: Leverage emotions

The secret to creating irresistible video ads is to do more than deliver information effectively: you have to incite the viewer’s emotions.

Customers are rarely all about rational thinking—before making a purchase, emotion heavily influences their decision-making, and effective ecommerce ads leverage that fact.

Take this The White Company ad as an example.

It’s a seasonal video that follows a family around the holidays. The scenes have been taken with a shaky camera effect, which gives the ad a “homemade” vibe.

Without the need for a voiceover laying it all out for the viewer, the ad showcases a typical day in the life of any family around Christmas time, using characters that evoke the emotion of the season—and incidentally, portray the company’s core target audience.

Notice how the ad isn’t promoting a specific product or event but focuses on striking an emotional cord with the audience by showcasing a lifestyle and shared experiences that just happen to involve many of their products in use or in the background.

By appealing to emotions in the forefront and subtly marketing in the background in your ecommerce video ads, you can leave a positive, lasting impression on your viewers while still influencing their buying decisions in the future.

Etsy: Let people know what you have in store

Puns aside, your business can work nonstop to help customers, offering unique benefits, timed discounts, and improving your overall purchasing experience.

But all this work is lost if potential customers never hear about it.

Luckily, ecommerce video ads can be an ideal vehicle to communicate your brand’s efforts to customers and let them know how they can benefit from time-sensitive offers and promotions that spring people into action.

For example, this Etsy video for Cyber Week shows how to promote your discounts.

They start by giving the viewer a “sampler plate” of the many types of ecommerce products they can find in their store—using a dynamic camera that lets viewers know there’s a family gathering happening but keeping the focus on the many lovely products being used.

However, that’s just a means to an end—the real cap of the ad is when they announce the timed discount for all those lovely products at the end of the short piece.

Ecommerce video ads excel at getting people interested in checking out your online store and driving traffic to your website.

Done right, you can use platforms like Shogun Page Builder to create powerful synergies between your ads and the landing pages (or product pages) for your campaigns, leading viewers to take actions that overhaul your conversion rates.

Sainsbury’s: Show your personality

Customers today interact with numerous brands and online stores every day, so your ecommerce video ads have to stand out among the herd to even have a chance.

To achieve that, you must make sure every piece of content you share is crafted to be memorable and infused with your brand’s identity.

Just like in this Sainsbury’s ecommerce video ad.

Upbeat music, striking fonts, happy people, and the style of the clothes and accessories on display all work together to convey the cheerful and energetic image the company wants people to associate with its brand.

Every element plays a part in communicating this feel and each has been carefully selected to appeal to the company’s ideal buyer personas, following the company’s core mantra: colorful and stylish clothes for everyone.

In broader terms, notice how ecommerce video ads can double as perfect digital catalogs of what you offer.

When handled properly—keeping it short, showcasing key products without feeling overbearing, using the right CTAs—you can give viewers a quick-yet-memorable taste of what you can offer and invite them to learn more about what you have available after they are done watching.

Dollar Shave Club: Educate your audiences, but make it fun!

Despite what you might think, video ads aren’t just about promoting something specific.

You can use videos to renew your brand image, share information with your customers, or explain how to use a certain product.

Sometimes, you can just use them to make your audience smile

Never underestimate the power of using humor to have potential customers associate positive feelings with your brand.

Take this Dollar Shave Club ad “instructing” viewers on using one of their products—with a healthy dose of humor, of course.

By deciding to add background music to the video evoking a relaxing atmosphere, (synergizing heavily with the soft, funny, and intentionally sarcastic voiceover), the piece ends up feeling like a parody of similar video ads that take themselves too seriously.

To educate your audiences, you must find a way to entertain them while you’re at it.

Humor can be a great way to keep your viewer’s attention as you convey crucial information, but being open to approaching your audience in a positive, even self-aware tone can help give viewers a more human, relatable image of your brand.

Samsung: Focus on your product features

As much as we like to illustrate how effective video content isn’t always just about promoting something, bringing attention to your products remains a crucial part of effectively advertising your business and ultimately generating conversions.

Needless to say, ecommerce video ads can also excel at helping you garner interest in what you’re selling and promote interest and action.

This Samsung YouTube ad example revolves around one of their product’s key value propositions: how the phone can take photos effectively, no matter the time of the day or the lighting.

Taking a page from effective product videos, this ad quickly highlights a specific feature that sets this mobile device apart.

But, most importantly, it reinforces the positive impact that feature will have on their potential customers’ lives—which has more benefits than the immediately obvious ones.

Nowadays, most customers research a product online, comparing prices and features, and searching for offers.

By synergizing your ecommerce video ads with your product videos and other elements of your overall marketing strategy, you can create a content weave that makes your offerings irresistible to potential buyers.

DICK’S Sporting Goods: Convey your mission

Another effective way to ensure your ecommerce ads connect with your target audience is by associating your brand with a mission or objective you are collectively trying to achieve.

Do it right, and you’ll demonstrate that your company cares about important aspects of society and that there’s a bigger meaning behind your products—all of which can have a powerful, engaging effect on your potential customers.

Just like Dick’s Sporting Goods does with this ad.

The video follows several young athletes using the company’s sporting goods, with voiceovers of them and their family members recalling how sports changed their lives and helped them become better people.

Just like Samsung’s ad drew some cues from product videos, this one does the same from testimonial videos, which revolve around current or former customers talking about how they used your product and the benefits they received from it.

What makes testimonials effective is that they provide social proof around how your business delivers on its promises, and it is a principle you can leverage in your ads as well, to great effect.

You can use it in your ecommerce ads to show how your brand is committed to a certain movement or group and how it contributes to nurturing them.

When done well, not only are you making it easier for your target audience to connect with you and what you have to offer, but you’re also shining a spotlight on important topics that both you and your customers are interested in.

Pinduoduo: Interactive online shopping

Sometimes, you need an ad that conveys a lot of vital information to your viewers.

In those cases, you’ll usually have to contend with two primary challenges: keeping your ad short so it works as an effective video marketing piece and making it compelling enough to keep viewers engaged all the way through.

These are precisely the two challenges the explainer video style has been designed to address.

In this example from the massive online retailer Pinduoduo, we see them use the power of an animated video explainer to weave a narrative that gets their message across and speaks to their target audience’s needs and wants.

Beyond that, it also presents the unique value propositions of their platform in record time.

It is an excellent example of how you can leverage the power of animated storytelling to use transitions and narrative in a way that helps your audience visualize and understand even the most complex topics.

You can highlight what your solution can do while inviting them to explore it further once they are done watching your ad.

And all of it in under a couple of minutes, ensuring your ad remains relevant and compelling to most people across it.

Book Depository: Take advantage of UGC

User-generated content (or UGC) refers to any piece created by customers about a brand or its products and shared on the internet.

They’re usually related to reviews or opinion pieces from people who purchase and approve of a product or service.

Here, Book Depository uses UGC to craft a short video ad.

These videos are called “unboxings” and showcase a customer opening the packaging of a product they purchased.

Viewers enjoy these videos because they convey the feel of opening a present and provide a close and unfiltered look at what they can get when purchasing your product.

Using UGC in your ecommerce video ads gives you a compelling avenue to show viewers an appealing, real-life take on your products and often showcases the satisfaction of other people who have already bought from you.

Most creators also tend to make extensive reviews of your store, mentioning the service quality, how the shipping was, if the product arrived safely, etc, which you can work into your ads as brand advocates and social proof statements.

For example, the creator here mentions that the books arrived in perfect condition just eight days later.

Ecommerce sites have always struggled to gain new customers’ trust due to a lack of a physical storefront.

And as viewers become more skeptical of ads, using UGC in your content can be a great strategy to allow viewers to verify your product’s quality, helping your brand come across as more trustworthy and authentic.

Leverage video ads to drive results for your campaigns

We’ve gone over what video advertising is and some of the best video ad examples for ecommerce.

Be it using UGC to appeal to viewers or showcasing your brand’s personality to stand out among competitors, you can easily adapt them to your business needs.

And by following these lessons, you can create effective pieces that entertain and appeal to your target audiences.

Ecommerce video ads could be the help your brand was looking for to get a solid footing in the overly competitive and always-changing environment that online stores face every day.

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