Q&A with Good Tee Co.: #STAYHOME Campaign for a Worthy Cause

April 7, 2020

Good Tee Co. is a sustainable fashion line founded in 2019. The U.K.-based retailer released its #STAYHOME t-shirt last month to encourage people to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak and raise money for healthcare workers on the frontlines.

We interviewed Anna Brading, founder of Good Tee Co, and Matt Giles, creative director at Swanky Agency to learn more about the project and how they built the campaign.

Question: Can you share some background on Good Tee Co.?

Answer: [Anna] Good Tee Co. started when I was looking to buy sustainable clothing but couldn’t find the items I wanted to wear. Also, I noticed that moving toward sustainable options can be overwhelming and a little intimidating at times.

I wanted to make that step easier, so I began creating minimal pieces that are made ethically and sustainably, but are also on trend and affordable. 

Q: Good Tee Co. recently launched its #STAYHOME t-shirt, which was created to support the efforts of the NHS (National Health Service, the publicly funded healthcare system of the U.K.). How did this idea come about?

A: [Anna] For us, like many small brands, business cannot continue as usual during this pandemic. However, I was inspired by other businesses and individuals using their platforms and resources to try and do something to help in the efforts to fight coronavirus. I wanted to do the same. 

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is a doctor in London. I began to hear stories of what it’s actually like for NHS workers on the frontline right now. She explained, from the point of view of a doctor, why the #STAYHOME message is so important. 

I asked her and other NHS workers if it would help if we could design and sell a t-shirt to try to raise some money (even a small amount) and to spread the #STAYHOME message.

The resounding answer was, “Yes, please!”

So, we got to work. I knew we couldn’t pull it off alone, so I reached out to other businesses and individuals who have kindly come on board to help create this together. 

The end result was #STAYHOME - Support Our NHS T-Shirt.

Image source: Good Tee Co.

Q: What’s the goal of the campaign?

A: [Anna] We have two objectives:

First, to encourage people to stay home as much as possible to support our NHS. This is likely to get more challenging as the weeks go on, so we felt that wearing a #STAYHOME tee could boost morale and remind us we’re in this together. 

Second, to raise as much money as we can to support the overstretched ICUs in the NHS. We will make regular donations during this campaign to the hardest hit ICUs. This may go toward buying equipment, treating the staff or whatever they feel would help.

Q: How did Page Builder by Shogun help you with your t-shirt campaign?

A: [Matt] Page Builder by Shogun has been so useful in allowing us to put together a great overview of the ethos of both the company and the campaign in a really short turnaround time. Timing is obviously essential —  the #STAYHOME message needs to be constantly communicated and refreshed in public awareness so we can relieve pressure on the NHS and ultimately save lives. 

Page Builder by Shogun has saved us a considerable amount of custom development time in delivering on key components of the project in a very timely manner. Plus, it’s so user-friendly!

Good Tee Co. hasn’t been around for a long time as a company. With the increased exposure to new customers, this needed to be an exercise in building public trust in the brand and campaign. 

What we’ve been able to do with Shogun is distinguish the product from others on the site — bring it some uniqueness and weight, build in content that should engender trust in the brand behind the product and, most importantly, provide transparency on the campaign itself. Namely, that 100% of profits are going to support the NHS ICU teams. 

Our intent is to build user-generated content (UGC) into the page to increase the trust further and to report on the impact the project has had on the frontline efforts of staff. Shogun will enable us to do this in a very efficient way. 

Image source: Good Tee Co. Instagram

We’re really excited to dig into the analysis on the page and discover what we’re doing well and what we could be doing better. The more we learn and know about user interactions, the more we can adapt — and have an even more positive effect on the morale of NHS frontline staff. 

Q: Overall, how would you describe the response of the NHS and public to the shirt?

A: [Anna] To be honest, it’s been quite moving. We’ve had a lot of relatives of NHS workers send messages to say thanks and share their stories of how things have been for them.

The first batch of deliveries has just gone out, so I’m looking forward to seeing people start to post pictures of themselves at home in their #STAYHOME t-shirts. 

In the first week, we are approaching the £1,500 ($1,858 U.S.) mark in profits to donate, which has come mainly from the regular customer base of the businesses involved. A number of influencers have agreed to back this in the coming weeks, and we’re hoping that the reach will go beyond us as people post their own photos.

A huge thank you to Shogun for your generosity in helping make this happen.


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Kathleen Garvin

Kathleen Garvin is managing editor at Shogun. She’s worked for back-to-back (to-back) startups and lives in St. Petersburg, FL, via Philadelphia. You can reach her on Twitter.