A Very Shogun Holiday Gift Guide: Something Nice For Everyone On Your List

November 18, 2022

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Finding the perfect gift for the favorite people in your life isn’t easy.

You have to assess what they already have, what they need, what they’d hate to get, what would seem a bit basic, and what would surprise them in the very best way.

Plus, there are so many incredible things that you can buy! Just thinking about the possibilities is a little exhausting.

Which is why you just want someone to curate an extensive list of really cool products for you to click on and buy. Well, you are in luck.

So many incredible brands use Shogun to create unrivaled shopping experiences, so we come into contact with some of the most impressive products on the market.

Instead of keeping them to ourselves, we created a holiday gift guide to help you navigate the tricky process of holiday shopping for the best people in your life.

If you are looking for something particular, just click the category to fly straight there:

Otherwise, you can leisurely scroll through until you find the perfect thing.

Gifts for looking lovely: Bath & beauty

One of the greatest joys in life is soaking your weary body in hot, fragrant, bubbly water. Follow that up with all the various beauty routines that glow you up and prepare you for the world.

Here are some great gift options to help your loved ones groom themselves better.

For making someone’s face look radiant: Grown Alchemist Face Trio Gift Set

Grown Alchemist Holiday Trio Set holiday gift guide
Source: Grown Alchemist

Keeping your face bright and healthy goes beyond simply cleaning off the day’s dirt.

Grown Alchemist makes skincare products that clean, tone, and hydrate skin with the help of natural bioactive ingredients.

Their Shogun Frontend website is speedy to click through, vibrant with visual merchandising, and easy to navigate.

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For keeping those locks super healthy: Sugarbear Hair Vitamins

SugarBear Hear Vitamin Gummies Homepage holiday gift guide
Source: Sugarbear

We take vitamins to keep our bodies in good shape, so why don’t we do the same for our hair?

Sugarbear has developed vegan gummy vitamins specifically for supporting hair health and growth.

The reviews are full of magical hair growth success stories, with before and after images to prove it.

For the man who likes to stay finely groomed: ManCave Gift Sets

ManCave Holiday Gift Sets holiday gift guide
Source: ManCave

Note: Before you read too far, this gift idea is limited only to those residing in the United Kingdom at the moment.

Too few brands focus on the male beauty routine. They have skin like everybody else, and it needs to be pampered, too.

ManCave understands this. With their Gift Sets, you can set the men in your life up with all the necessary scrubs, gels, and moisturizers to keep their skin happy and their aroma delightful.

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For the beardy buds amongst you: Beardbrand’s “Build a Custom Beard Kit”

Beardbrand Build a Custom Beard Kit holiday gift guide
Source: Beardbrand

Then there are the proudly bearded. To keep their beards from overtaking small towns, they must groom them into submission.

Beardbrand has just the idea to help in that endeavor—Custom Beard Kits.

You are free to shop around for this or that, but if you want to curate your gift recipient’s beard grooming experience, a custom bundle will do just fine.

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For the guys that keep it close instead: OneBlade Hybrid Razor

OneBlade Shave Hybrid Razor holiday gift guide
Source: OneBlade

While the other razor brands of the world have been fighting it out for how many extra blades they can add, OneBlade keeps it simple. A single super sharp blade at the perfect angle is all one needs for the best shave.

When the blade has reached the end of its life, easily replace just the blade.

Their gorgeous storefront, built with Shogun Frontend, showcases the elegant beauty of the simple shaver with quickly loading imagery that shows every angle.

For a more personalized skincare regimen: TULA Holiday Gift Kits

TULA Skincare Holiday Gift Set holiday gift guide
Source: TULA Skincare

Skin comes in many forms, and TULA knows this. That’s why they provide a quiz to help shoppers find just the right products for their unique epidermis.

When shopping for someone else, though, you might do well to peruse TULA’s gift kits so you can get more for less.

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Wearable gifts: Apparel & accessories

Everyone needs clothes. If you are lucky, you could gift somebody what will become their favorite shirt/hoodie/pants/socks/whatever.

We’ve got a few amazing merchants that sell soon-to-be-favorites apparel.

For getting comfy while staying sustainable: PANGAIA Gift Guide

PANGAIA Gift Guide holiday gift guide

These days, we’re all looking to stay comfy. Comfy is in. And it’s super stylish.

PANGAIA takes comfy even further and adds sustainability to the mix. Comfort, style, and sustainability? Sign me up.

Get someone the head-to-toe PANGAIA treatment with something from their gift guide.

For fans of Drake and cozy style: OVO Essentials Hoodie

OVO Essentials Hoodie holiday gift guide
Source: OVO

The Drake-owned, Toronto-based apparel brand October’s Very Own (OVO) sells high-quality everyday clothing and winter coats emblazoned with their iconic owl logo.

If you know someone that can’t stop humming Hotline Bling, an OVO hoodie could be the perfect gift to make them gush. Their speedy and sharply designed store was built with Shogun Frontend for a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

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For napping whenever she wants: The Hill House Nap Dress Shop

Hill House Nap Dress Shop holiday gift guide
Source: Hill House

Speaking of being comfortable and stylish, The Ellie Nap Dress keeps you fashionable for Zoom calls while being comfy enough to just fall right to sleep in.

Popularized during our extended WFH experience, a nap dress is soft and loose-fitting with a design that makes it wearable just about anywhere.

For wearing your personality on your feet: Hippy Feet Sock of the Month Club

Hippy Feet Sock of The Month Club holiday gift guide
Source: Hippy Feet

Hippy Feet is your go-to store for eco-friendly socks that stand out. Certain people dress rather conservatively, yet when they lift those plain slacks to reveal wacky patterned socks, their wild side comes out to play.

If you know someone who might fit this profile, you’ve found your gift. Make sure their footsies are always encased in fun patterns with a subscription.

#cta-paragraph-pb#Hippy Feet not only carries great socks in their Shogun-built ecommerce store, but they also donate 50% of profits to support homeless youth and provide them with employment.

For simplifying someone’s everyday carry: The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet Forged Carbon holiday gift guide
Source: The Ridge

Wallets are great. They hold our cards, our cash, our “very important” scraps of paper—but at a certain point, you are just left with a massive lump of leather that doesn’t allow for sitting normally.

The Ridge’s simplified wallet solution cuts out the unnecessary while still packing in all the essential stuff.

This classic and sturdy wallet will accommodate cards and cash while fitting slimly into a front pocket.

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Gifts for getting out: Outdoor gear & activewear

Getting outside to enjoy the fresh air, flora, and fauna of nature is a gift unto itself. Some gifts enable you to better enjoy the pleasures of being in green spaces or on the road, so find something great here.

For keeping warm wherever you are: Rumpl Puffy Blanket

Rumpl Puffy Blanket holiday gift guide
Source: Rumpl

Rumpl isn’t the first company to take on the problem of staying cozy outdoors, but they are the first to come up with a “sleeping bag blanket.” That’s quite the innovation.

Built not only for function but also for style, the NanoLoft insulation keeps hikers warm at the mountain top while the Patch Fade Cool design signals coolness to other passing hikers.

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For the serious cyclist: Felt Bike Jersey

Felt Short Sleeve Jersey Slate holiday gift guide
Source: Felt

Felt is a huge name in the cycling world, so you’re already to a good start for figuring out a gift for the cyclist in your life.

Real cyclists don’t go out without donning their favorite jersey, which will catch their sweat while keeping them aerodynamic enough to speed through the streets.

With three back pockets and a handy credit card pocket, they’ll have what they need for the long rides. They have great jerseys for both men and women, so it’ll be simple to find the right one.

For staying uber-organized on the go: The Brevitē Backpack

Brevite Backpack holiday gift guide
Source: Brevitē

Backpacks are one of the single most essential accessories in many people’s lives. They fit all your important stuff in a nice little package that sits perfectly balanced right over your shoulder blades.

The best thing that a backpack can do for you is to keep your stuff organized. Enter Brevitē, purveyors of everyday backpacks (like this one above) and more specialized camera backpacks.

With a ton of individualized pockets for maximal organization, whoever gets this gift will be super pleased.

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Munchable/quaffable gifts: Snacks & beverages

Finding amazing stuff to put into our mouths is what humans excel at—salty, sweet, boozy, whatever. It can be for nostalgia or novelty, but it must be good. So, you can’t fail at gifting when you give the right tasty treat.

For when local snacks aren’t enough: Bokksu Classic Gift Box

Bokksu Classic Gift holiday gift guide
Source: Bokksu

Unless you live in Japan, you are unlikely to get to nibble on the unique snacks they take for granted. While not everyone desires a shake-up in their snack routine, you probably know someone ready for something different.

Bokksu supplies monthly boxes of delicious Japanese snacks with literature included that explains everything inside.

The monthly surprise factor is enough to excite the lucky recipient.

For a fresh way to brew coffee: Copper Cow Coffee Subscription

Copper Cow Coffee Subscription holiday gift guide
Source: Copper Cow Coffee

Coffee never gets boring for those of us who imbibe it daily, but finding a fun new way to brew is always a welcome gift.

Copper Cow’s Vietnamese pour-over lattes come in single-serve packets of varying flavor profiles—vanilla, salted caramel, cinnamon, lavender, black. Whatever their flavor, this is an excellent gift for the morning ritual.

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For not feeling guilty about drinking soda: OLIPOP Sampler Subscription

OLIPOP Sampler Subscription holiday gift guide
Source: OLIPOP

You certainly know someone who loves soda but knows it isn’t great for them.

Imagine being the bearer of the great news that they can keep drinking it without feeling the guilt.

OLIPOP is just the thing—a low-sugar soda that’s actually good for your gut. Full of botanical ingredients and prebiotics, OLIPOP feeds your gut what it likes.

This sampler pack is perfect for figuring out someone’s most favorite flavors.

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For giving in to their sweet tooth in style: Cocoa Dolce Boxed Collections

Coco Dolce Boxed Collections holiday gift guide
Source: Coco Dolce

Chocolate is a time-honored way to tell someone you love them. Variety ensures that they will continue to be delighted from first to last.

These boxed collections from Cocoa Dolce is a decidedly decadent gift that I very much want right now. So will that special someone you choose to gift it to (me?).

For cheese lovers in the UK: The Cheese Geek Christmas Hamper

The Cheese Geek Christmas Hamper holiday gift guide
Source: The Cheese Geek

Note: Before you read too far into this alluring option, it is limited only to those residing in the United Kingdom.

You speak to a computer nerd about your IT woes and a cheese geek about the best brie to pair with a Chardonnay. Obviously.

Luckily for our UK readers, The Cheese Geek is here to guide you.

Their Christmas Hamper is the perfect gift for those that love cheese, crackers, nuts, pickles, and more.

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Unwinding gifts: Self-care

Taking care of oneself is essential to a life well-lived. Finding the tools to enable this self-care can help your loved ones (or yourself) find some space for themselves.

For destressing with relaxing aromas: NEOM Wellbeing Pod Luxe

NEOM Wellbeing Pod holiday gift guide
Source: NEOM

Self-care has many dimensions, but one undeniable piece is good smells. Who feels great when it smells bad?

Give someone the gift of good smells with NEOM’s essential oil mister. They can fill their homes with relaxing scents and gentle light all at the same time.

For sharing the self-care message with the world: Self-Care Is For Everyone

Self Care Is For Everyone holiday gift guide
Source: Self Care is For Everyone

Another dimension of self-care is about the messaging people surround themselves with.

Doomscrolling Twitter isn’t doing anyone any good—especially these days.

Self-Care Is For Everyone understands the power of good messaging. With one of their cozy sweaters, the wearer can remind themselves and tell the world that “You Are Enough.”

Gift someone some self-care messaging. Or just get it for yourself.

Gifts for the little ones: Baby & children

Arguably the most fun group to shop for, children are also the most fun to watch opening their gifts. Some of these gifts are to make their parents’ lives easier, some to increase the joy (and noise) in the house.

For when it’s time to play: Mastermind Toys Gift Finder

Mastermind Toys Gift Finder holiday gift guide
Source: Mastermind Toys

Children are by far the ones most excited about the prospect of getting gifts. It makes sense—toys and games are so much more fun than socks.

Instead of choosing a single toy from Mastermind, we’re linking to their helpful gift finder. From there, you can narrow it down by age, type of toy, gender, and budget.

Whoever the lucky (and super ecstatic) recipient of your gift is will be happily surprised when they tear off all the wrapping paper.

For dads that are ready for anything: Tactical Baby Gear Carrier Bundle

Tactical Baby Gear holiday gift guide
Source: Tactical Baby Gear

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences, but it comes with its share of difficulties, many rather messy. That’s why being prepared for whatever is a critical parental trait.

Tactical Baby Gear is all about being ready for any messy situation so that you can approach them like a pro.

This baby carrier and fanny pack bundle keeps everything in its right place—baby on the chest, all the essentials at the belly, hands completely free for managing everything else.

For stylishly protecting those little footsies: BirdRock Baby

BirdRock Baby Waves Bundle holiday gift guide
Source: BirdRock Baby

Teeny tiny, soft, and chubby, a baby’s foot is constantly at risk of being eaten up by zealous aunts, uncles, grandparents, and family friends. So, you need to keep them protected.

BirdRock Baby’s Waves Bundle is the perfect gift to encase those delicate footsies stylishly. You can choose sizing for each, so as they grow, they’ll always have ocean-themed footwear.

Gifts that’ll have them howling: Petcare

Pets are the best—cuddly mobile afghans that need your care to survive. And they need gifts like anyone else (even if they have no idea what day of the year it is). Here are some pet gifts that’ll have them wagging.

For treating your furry friend to something special: Charmy Customization Box

Charmy Customization holiday gift guide
Source: Charmy

You could also gift your favorite canine a monthly subscription of yummy treats that keep them healthy and well-trained.

Charmy has treat boxes for all types of dogs. If your pup isn’t “small but mighty,” they also have boxes for large and medium-sized dogs, as well as for your feline friends.

Gifts that defy categorization: Fun stuff

Some gifts don’t fit nicely into one pat category, as you will see below. If you got this far without finding something fitting, you might find it here.

For printing a face on a potato? Potato Pal Gift Bundle