How to Find Out Which Shopify Theme a Store is Using

For e-commerce stores looking to use Shopify “out of the box,” there are over 100 Shopify Themes (free and paid) that you can install in your admin and get started selling. With so many themes to choose from, you may run across a Shopify-powered store with a design you would love to emulate, but can’t quite pick out the theme in use.

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Luckily, there’s a fairly easy way to find out which Shopify theme a store is using. All you need to do is inspect the HTML code of the e-commerce store in question with the browser of your choice.

How to Tell What Shopify Theme is Being Used in Chrome

In Chrome, head to the Shopify-powered store in question and view page source (Ctrl + u). In the tab of code that appears, find (Ctrl + f) “shopify.theme” to find the piece of code that lists the theme’s name. You’ll jump to a snippet that may look something like this:

Theme name snippet

As you can see, in line 117, the name of the Shopify theme in use is “Minimal”. Of course, often times the theme you like may not be a Shopify standard theme at all. In the case of a unique, custom theme, you’ll see something like this:

Unique theme

In this case, the name is ostensibly called “BLENDZ LIVE” but this theme doesn’t exist in the Shopify Theme store. So it’s most likely that the theme in use is custom and not available for download on your store.

Another way to check is to find the Shopify theme by id in the page source. If the theme the store is using is created by Shopify, you’ll see a number. For example: "theme_store_id": 775 (if instead of a number you see “null,” then it’s not a theme created by Shopify).

Googling the number you see along with “shopify theme” will usually lead you to the page for the Shopify theme itself. In this case, Googling “shopify theme 775” showed that the theme is called “District,” available for sale on the Theme Store.

To see the page source in other browsers:

  • How to find out the Shopify Theme in Firefox: Ctrl + u
  • How to find out the Shopify Theme in Edge: Ctrl + u
  • How to find out the Shopify Theme in Safari: Cmd + Opt + u

Once you’ve opened up the source code page in these other browsers, take the same steps as listed under Chrome to find the Shopify Theme a store is using.

Finally, if you’re a fan of Chrome extensions to do your dirty work (as many of us are), you can install the aptly-named Shopify Theme Detector Chrome extension.

Shopify Detector

Not only will this extension tell you which theme a Shopify-run store is using, if the theme exists in the Theme Store, it will provide you a handy link to the theme so you can check it out for yourself.

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