How to Find Out Which Shopify Theme a Store is Using

February 18, 2021

For merchants looking to use Shopify out of the box, there are over 100 Shopify Themes you can install to get started selling. And with so many themes to choose from, you may run across a Shopify-powered store with a design you would love to emulate — but you can’t quite pick out the theme they're using.

Luckily, there’s a fairly easy way to find out which Shopify theme a store is using. All you need to do is inspect the HTML code of the ecommerce store in question with the browser of your choice.

How to Tell Which Shopify Theme is Being Used

For this example, we'll use the Chrome browser. Let's walk through how you can identify a Shopify theme in a few steps.

In Chrome, head to the Shopify-powered store in question and view page source (Ctrl + u). In the tab of code that appears, find (Ctrl + f) “shopify.theme” to identify the piece of code that lists the theme’s name. You’ll jump to a snippet that may look something like this:

Shopify theme name snippet

As you can see, in line 117, the name of the Shopify theme in use is “Minimal.”

Of course, often, the theme you like may not be a Shopify standard theme at all. In the case of a custom theme, you’ll see something like this:

Unique theme

In this case, the name is “BLENDZ LIVE.” But, this theme doesn’t exist in the Shopify Theme store. So it’s likely that the theme in use is custom and not available for download on your store.

Another way to find the Shopify theme is to look for its ID in the page source.

If Shopify created the theme, you’ll see a number next to "theme_store_id" (for example, "theme_store_id: 775"). If instead of a number you see “null,” then it’s not a theme created by Shopify.

Googling the number you see along with “shopify theme” will usually lead you to the page for the Shopify theme itself. In this situation, Googling “shopify theme 775” returned results for a theme called “District."

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How to Find a Shopify Theme in Other Browsers

Beyond Chrome, you can identify a Shopify theme in the page source for other browsers, too.

Here's a quick list:

  • How to find out the Shopify Theme in Firefox: Ctrl + u
  • How to find out the Shopify Theme in Edge: Ctrl + u
  • How to find out the Shopify Theme in Safari: Cmd + Opt + u

Once you’ve opened up the source code page in these browsers, follow the same steps as in the above example.

Use a Chrome Extension to Identify Shopify Themes

If you’re a fan of Chrome extensions, you can install Shopify App/Theme Detector by

Shopify App/Theme Detector by
Image source: Chrome Web Store

This extension will identify which theme a Shopify-run store is using. Plus, if the theme exists in the Shopify Theme Store, it will provide you with a handy link to the theme so you can check it out for yourself. (This extension will show you which Shopify plugins the store is using as well.)

Create Your Own Design with Shogun

If you're not happy with any of the Shopify themes you've seen, you can always create your own design with the Shogun Page Builder.

With Shogun, you have numerous options for homepages, product pages, collection pages, landing pages, and blog posts. You can also choose a blank layout for complete control. From there, the elements on the page (headings, text, images, add to cart buttons, and more) can be arranged however you want.

Each element is completely customizable. You can change everything from the font to the background color of each element. You can adjust the margins and add box shadows, as well — it's up to you.

Best of luck choosing, designing, or customizing the theme and look of your online store.

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