How to Remove ‘Powered by Shopify’ From Your Store (& Why You Should)

January 24, 2023

Sean Flannigan

How to Remove Powered by Shopify to Keep Your Store On Brand how to remove 'powered by shopify'

Many merchants are proud to use Shopify to power their ecommerce stores. It’s a robust platform with features that enable brands large and small to create stunning stores.

But, while they are proud to use the platform, they don’t necessarily want to include Shopify branding on their store.

Yet, for many stores, there it is in the footer—‘Powered by Shopify.’

In this post, we’ll cover:

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What does ‘Powered by Shopify’ mean?

Simply, it means what it says. Brands that include this in their footer use Shopify to power their ecommerce stores.

Do all Shopify stores say ‘Powered by Shopify’?

No, but new ones have it added by default. Shopify, like all brands, uses marketing to expand their footprint.

Including this branding (and link) in the footers of all new stores (or stores that have changed their theme) shows anyone who looks that Shopify is a great platform for new ecommerce brands.

Brands that know about this update their footer early on as they are working to customize their store with their brand identity.

Why remove ‘Powered by Shopify’?

Instead of using your footer to provide free marketing for Shopify, you could instead use it to further market your own brand. Or just include some of your own personality.

powered by shopify in footer how to remove 'powered by shopify'
Default footer text with Shopify link
powered by shopify removed how to remove 'powered by shopify'
After deleting ‘Powered by Shopify’

By removing this text, you can get rid of unnecessary clutter to keep focus on your own conversion goals. You can even replace this text and link with your own, which we’ll cover later on.

What should you replace ‘Powered by Shopify’ with?

It’s totally up to you what you replace the default link with if anything at all.

As you’ll see below, you can easily just remove it. But, many brands choose to add a little something extra here.

Here are a few quick examples that may give you some ideas.

The Ridge patents footer how to remove 'powered by shopify'
Image: The Ridge

Minimal wallet brand The Ridge uses this final footer text to call out their specific patent. Others add a link to their terms and conditions in this spot.

You can also be playful if you like.

Chubbies weekend footer how to remove 'powered by shopify'
Image: Chubbies Shorts

For instance, Chubbies extends their relaxed vibe to their footer by replacing ‘Powered by Shopify’ with ‘The Weekend Has Arrived – All Rights Reserved’.

Who doesn’t love the weekend?

pangaia designing a better future footer how to remove 'powered by shopify'

Finally, we’ve got PANGAIA. Their sustainability shines through even in the small text of their footer with the simple tagline, ‘Designing a better future’.

As you can see, it’s your choice what you add, be it snoozy legal details or your marketing taglines.

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How to remove ‘Powered by Shopify’ from your store footer

Now that you know what this phrase means, why it’s there, and what you can replace it with, I’ll show you how to get rid of it or replace it with something more fitting for your brand.

Method 1: Removing ‘Powered by Shopify’ without code

From your Shopify admin, navigate to Online Store > Themes and click the three-dot icon on your current theme.

In the menu that appears, click Edit default theme content.

shopify theme edit options how to remove 'powered by shopify' shopify theme edit default content how to remove 'powered by shopify'

You’ll be taken to a menu that includes a massive amount of options for editing your theme. For our purposes, we just want to find the fields for the ‘Powered by Shopify’ instances.

Luckily, you can just type “powered” in the search bar, and your options will simplified.

For stores that aren’t yet launched, the password page needs to be edited as well, as you can see from the screenshot below.

search powered to edit shopify how to remove 'powered by shopify'

To remove these from your store, simply click into the fields and press the space bar. This will remove the grayed-out suggested text.

Save your changes, and ‘Powered by Shopify’ will no longer appear on your main site or password page.

powered by shopify fields how to remove 'powered by shopify' save to remove powered by shopify how to remove 'powered by shopify'

Method 2: How to get rid of ‘Powered by Shopify’ by editing code

If you’d rather do it the more complicated way, you can do that.

Select Edit code after clicking the three-button icon on your current theme to be taken to the code editor.

shopify theme edit code how to remove 'powered by shopify'

In the code editor, go to the Sections folder and click into the footer.liquid file. Use Control+F (on PC) or Command+F (on Mac) to open search in the HTML file.

Type “powered_by_link” in the search box and click Next to find the code snippet.

sections footer liquid code how to remove 'powered by shopify' shopify code powered by link search how to remove 'powered by shopify'

Highlight the code and delete. The code should look like this:

<small class=“copyright__content”>{{ powered_by_link }}</small>

Click Save when you’ve deleted the code. Now, it’s gone!

code to delete powered by link how to remove 'powered by shopify'

code deleted save changes how to remove 'powered by shopify'

As we’ve discussed, you can also replace this text with your own, even including a link to whatever you like.

For the password page, the field in the Edit default theme content settings is an HTML field. So you can use that field to change the text and include a link in HTML.

Below, I’ve decided to change it to say, ‘This shop will be powered by Earth, Wind, and Fire’ with a link to the video for the band’s hit song, September.

As you can see from the site preview, it worked great.

edit password page link html how to remove 'powered by shopify'
Write out your new footer text in HTML and click Save
password page updated footer link how to remove 'powered by shopify'
The new footer is now live

For the main site footer, you’ll need to edit the code instead.

Just head into the code editor like before, search for ‘powered_by_link’, and replace that code snippet with the following (updating URL and TEXT to fit your needs):

<small class="copyright__content"><a href="URL">TEXT</a></small>

For mine, I again added the Earth, Wind, and Fire video link with the text, ‘Let’s Dance.’ Now anyone that finds themselves at the very end of my store will be served a funky Easter egg.

update main powered by shopify link how to remove 'powered by shopify'
Replace the existing line of code to include your unique text and link

new footer link shopify how to remove 'powered by shopify'

Control the branding of your Shopify store

It’s easy to customize this particular element of your Shopify store, however small it is.

Your branding matters enough that you should be able to control and customize it across every facet of your ecommerce store.

Once you’ve got your headers and footers firmly established, customizing the rest of your store can get so much easier with an intuitive and powerful page builder.

Just as you don’t have to be locked into the ‘Powered by Shopify’ footer text, you don’t need to be limited by what your Shopify theme can do.

Shogun Page Builder makes it easy to customize your store exactly how you want it.


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