Imitate These 20 Awesome Instagram Ad Examples To Grow Conversions

August 2, 2022

20 Creative Instagram Ad Examples That Showcase Brand Personality instagram ad examples

Today, five billion people globally are online, chatting with friends, shopping for goods, browsing social media, and participating in other online activities.Incredibly, Instagram ads reach 30% of those digital nomads.

For brands, that means effective Instagram advertising has the potential to reach billions of consumers.

However, to maximize conversions, you need impeccable ads that not only resonate with your audience but also convince them to give your brand a chance.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to key elements of a well-crafted Instagram ad, then walk you through some Instagram ad examples to illustrate how these elements come together in a final product that converts.

By the end of this piece, you’ll have a clear idea of what constitutes a great ad.

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6 Key components of a great Instagram ad

Every great Instagram ad has elements that work together to make it stand out.

Besides following the design specs and technical requirements in Facebook’s Ads Guide, here are a few aspects to focus on when crafting your campaign creatives.

1. Branded design

If you plan to employ static images with text, will you use the same color schemes as your landing pages? Will the fonts match your brand?

Implementing elements that draw attention can prevent audiences from scrolling past your advertisement. This is how you get brand awareness.

Additionally, using palettes or fonts they associate with your brand will help viewers recognize the ad as yours right away.

2. High-quality media

If you create Instagram ads with photos or videos, invest in high-quality resolution and crystal clear media.

However, there are specific instances where quality can vary for good reason.

For example, a fashion brand may find that professionally taken photos and videos perform best in their Instagram ads.

Yet, for brands leveraging user-generated content (UGC) in their ads, consumers understand that authentic buyers don’t always have a studio set up at home to record video testimonials.

Lastly, if your ad media includes music, ensure clear sound resolution that isn’t too soft or excessively loud (no one likes sudden booming music as they scroll through their feeds).

3. Clear focus

Your ad’s focal point should clearly show your selling point.

If your ad lacks focus, your viewers won’t understand what exactly they are being pushed to do. This results in ads that are easier to ignore and less memorable.

For example, if you want to showcase a new product, you could have a GIF of the product in action. To showcase a sale, you may utilize bold fonts and colors to highlight your discounts.

If you want to drive visitors to a particular landing page, every element of the ad should focus on generating enough interest for a clickthrough.

4. Concise copy

Keep your ad copy concise. This goes for text added to your image, as well as your caption.

Any copy featured on your ad graphic itself should be skimmable at a glance.

Make your copy too long and incomprehensible, and no one will take the time out of their day to figure out what you’re trying to say.

You can add more context in your caption, but it should still be quick and easy to read and digest, with a CTA that leads to more information about your product or service.

5. Audience-relevant messaging

Your messaging (what your copy actually says) should fit your target audience.

It needs to be relevant to their interests or resonate with their experiences. That way, when it hits their Instagram feeds, they’ll connect with the ad.

Thankfully, Meta has one of the most comprehensive audience data engines available.

That means advertisers are able to refine and target ads based on specific buyer personas, from life stage to preference.

By keeping your messaging audience-focused, you stand a better chance of convincing viewers that your product or offer is relevant enough for them to click through and convert.

6. A converting landing page

Your ad’s clickthrough rate is meaningless if those leads fail to convert.

Every successful Instagram ad needs a well-designed landing page to bring those conversions home. Great landing pages are vital to every digital marketing strategy that drives traffic.

Your landing page should match your ad, have a clear call to action, and stay on-brand.

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20 Instagram ad examples and why they work so well

With the above in mind, let’s look at some real ads that concretely demonstrate the elements we mentioned.

The great thing about ads in the Facebook realm is that they can be used in several formats—video and photo ads can easily turn into Instagram story ads and carousels.

Use these Instagram ad examples to guide your own campaigns and get inspired.

Note: Images were taken from the Meta Ad Library. Attribution links will go to the brand ad library page.

1. Spikeball

spikeball video instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library

Spikeball describes themselves as a sport that would result “if volleyball and foursquare had a baby.”

In their Instagram video ad, they effectively use the following elements:

  • Video: An interactive video element displays a group of friends playing the sport while effectively portraying how fun Spikeball is.
  • Music: The music doesn’t overshadow the video’s aim of showcasing the sport.
  • Caption: To highlight how long the rally lasted, the ad playfully references “Grey’s Anatomy,” a popular TV series that normally has over 20 episodes per season.

2. Ariel Rider E-Bikes

ariel rider ebikes instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library
Ariel Rider E-Bikes emphasizes style, performance, and technology.In this video ad, they make use of the following tactics:

  • Messaging: Short, punchy copy gets the readers excited for the weekend—specifically, a weekend riding their e-bikes on the beach. In an effort to attract UGC, it also compels viewers to share how they spend their weekends.
  • Video: Aa rider demonstrates how well an Ariel Rider e-bike can move on a sandy area like the beach, showcasing its performance.
  • Music: The background music matches the video’s theme.

Additionally, Ariel Rider E-Bikes used relevant hashtags for their Instagram ad, making it visible to the appropriate audiences.

3. Aspiga

aspiga apparel instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library
Aspiga is a London-based ethical and sustainable fashion brand.Their video ad has Lucy Macnamara, the brand’s founder and director, and her team walk the viewer through their personal choice of outfits meant to be worn during special occasions.Here are some elements Aspiga employs well in this Instagram ad:

  • Messaging: The outfits they spotlighted were appropriate for wedding season.
  • Caption: The short, skimmable caption describes the offer quickly and concisely, prompting wedding shoppers to click.
  • Focus: The video showcases the products and features Aspiga’s founder introducing them, which adds credibility and a sense of exclusivity.

4. New Society Publishers

new society publishers instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library
New Society Publishers’ ethos is firmly planted in activism, and the brand is a long-time leader in the field of sustainability.Three points stand out in its Instagram image ad:

  • Photo: The promoted book’s cover is front and center, showing visitors the product New Society is pushing.
  • Caption: First, it highlights the brand’s relevant offer for the book, a 25% discount, then summarizes the subject matter.
  • Messaging: The messaging is targeted clearly toward those interested in forestry with just a few sentences.

Landing page that the ad links to: The product page

5. Rachel Comey

rachel comey instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library

Rachel Comey is a New York-based designer whose namesake brand offers women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. (They offer men’s shoes and accessories as well.)

Like other fashion brands, Rachel Comey’s Instagram ad is straightforward:

  • Caption: Its caption delivers a short introduction and a CTA to compel readers to purchase the brand’s new arrivals.
  • Media: High-quality photos showcase professional models wearing Rachel Comey’s Pre-Fall collection. The ad also has different versions that put multiple products on full display.

Landing page that the ad links to: New arrivals section

6. Japanime Games

japanime banyana instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library

Japanime produces English-language editions of Japanese games for North American audiences.

Their Instagram ad promotes a Kickstarter campaign for the new Bananya card game and makes use of the following elements:

  • Image: The photo showcases a cute sample card from the game, while the fonts and colors all match Bananya’s overall look and feel.
  • Caption and Messaging: It also highlights the various packages and items one can receive by pre-ordering the game through Kickstarter. Then, it includes a linked CTA that redirects the visitor to Japanime’s campaign.


tkees mix and match instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library

TKEES specializes in responsibly produced footwear but has expanded its product line to include clothing as well.

The brand’s Instagram ad features a quick tutorial on how to style using two TKEES items, The Hoodie and The Jogger:

  • Music: The music perfectly matches the video of a model showing off different pieces that complement the two items.
  • Video: The video is simple and easy for viewers to follow.
  • Caption: TKEES cuts straight to the point when describing exactly what buyers will get. Short, punchy copy paints a picture of exactly what their hoodies bring, even if those features aren’t immediately clear at a glance from the media.

8. The Ridge

the ridge wallet instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library

The Ridge, a minimalist wallet brand, effectively uses the following elements in their Instagram ad:

  • Copy: It highlights the wallet’s unique selling points and a few relevant offers, all in a few sentences and bullet points.
  • Video: The accompanying video does the same, demonstrating five reasons why The Ridge’s wallet would be a superb purchase for viewers.
  • Messaging: The contents of the video showcase everyday use cases that easily resonate with the audience.

Landing page that the ad links to: The product page

9. Naked Armor

naked armor instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library
Naked Armor is a straight razor brand that emphasizes precision, workmanship, and quality. With their ad, you can readily tell that what you see is what you get:

  • Media: It uses high-quality photos of Naked Armor’s various products.
  • Caption: The caption concisely explains the relevant offer (a freebie).
  • Messaging: The ad also caters to deal shoppers and creates urgency by compelling viewers to spend a certain amount in the next 24 hours to obtain a free shave scuttle.

Landing page that the ad links to: Product kit page

10. Olipop

olipop instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library
Olipop, a brand specializing in healthy probiotic soda, creatively mixes the below components to make a pleasing and eye-catching Instagram ad:

  • Video: It’s a simple video of someone grabbing a can of Olipop from the fridge and pouring it into a glass, but it’s complemented by catchy copy and benefits that pop up throughout.
  • Music: It gives off a vibe similar to old TV commercials and works perfectly with the video.
  • Caption: It asks a playful yet straightforward question, then answers it by highlighting Olipop’s benefits.

Landing page that the ad links to: Vintage cola page

11. Copper Cow Coffee

copper cow coffee instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library
The coffee subscription box Copper Cow Coffee has added tea lattes to their offerings.To show them off, they created an Instagram video ad that teaches viewers how to create slushies using Copper Cow’s Thai Iced Tea Drops:

  • Video: The video tutorial is straightforward, and viewers can follow it without issue. The finished product also looks delicious, adding to the product’s appeal.
  • Messaging: Using only five words, Copper Cow’s message deeply resonates with tea lovers.

Landing page that the ad links to: Shop all page


pangaia apparel instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library.

PANGAIA is a materials science company whose ethos revolves around environmental sustainability.

The company promotes its Summer Collection using tested elements typically seen in Instagram clothing ads:

  • Images: Professional-quality photographs of models showcase PANGAIA’s clothes set against beautiful backdrops.
  • Copy: Concise caption and copy embody the brand’s strong focus on sustainability and compel Instagram users to “join the movement” by purchasing PANGAIA’s items.

Landing page that the ad links to: Summer collection page

13. Sandler

sandler boots sale instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library
Sandler, an Australia-based brand of women’s leather shoes, doesn’t waste time with their Instagram ad.

  • Copy: The ad caption and copy on photos come together to form a singular focus, the promotion of Sandler’s sitewide sale and the savings shoppers can enjoy.
  • Images: With a white background highlighting the product, the ad makes it crystal clear what they are selling. Thanks to that, the shoppers’ focus jumps straight to the product among busy news feeds.

14. Surfboard Empire

surfboard empire instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library
Surfboard Empire is an Australia-based retailer of surfboards and surfing apparel.To promote their selection of wetsuits, the brand’s Instagram ad takes advantage of these components:

  • Caption and Messaging: They clearly capture the characteristics surfers look for in high-quality wetsuits.
  • Video: The ad showcases a surfer in action, wearing one of Surfboard Empire’s wetsuits. It also displays a selection of brands the retailer sells.
  • Copy: Simple copy pops up throughout the video, framing Surfboard Empire as a knowledgeable authority when it comes to wetsuits.

15. Astrid & Miyu

astrid and miyu instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library
Founded by Connie Nam in 2012, Astrid & Miyu is a jewelry brand with a strong focus on sentiment, innovative design, and providing a personal experience.To showcase their earrings, the company’s ad features the Instagram fashion influencer @karo.couture in a carousel ad.

  • Caption: It involves a short but alluring caption to resonate with the audience’s lifestyle.
  • Images: They use high-quality photographs of Karo wearing the earrings, set against a visually pleasing beach backdrop.
  • CTA: This ad utilizes a carousel of different items, each leading to their own landing page featuring that product.

Landing page that the ad links to: Product landing page

16. BlanQuil

blanquil instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library

BlanQuil offers premium weighted blankets to promote relaxation and better sleep.

  • Messaging: For their Instagram ad, they leveraged UGC in the form of a glowing 5-star review.
  • Copy: The caption then highlights use cases for the product, followed by a link to its webpage.
  • Image: The accompanying image is a simple photo of a rolled BlanQuil topped with three key benefits that shoppers would enjoy.

Landing page that the ad links to: Product landing page

17. Springbar

springbar tents instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library

Springbar produces hand-cut and hand-sewn canvas tents produced by their skilled craftspersons and inspected to meet high-quality standards.

Their advertisement is an example of effectively implementing simplicity to promote a product:

  • Caption: Its caption asks the visitor why they should use Springbar’s canvas tents. It then highlights five key benefits that imply what customers receive maximizes their investment.
  • Image: The accompanying photograph showcases the tent in use while camping in a beautiful patch of woods.

Landing page that the ad links to: Homepage

18. Designer Eyes

designer eyes instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library

Designer Eyes is a luxury eyewear retailer with a vast selection of exclusive styles. In their selection, you’ll find sought-after brands such as Cartier, DIOR, Chanel, and more.

To promote their massive sale on Cartier frames, Designer Eyes presents an ad with a caption, image, and copy that make the most of their limited space:

  • Caption: The caption introduces the relevant offer: a chance to save up to 50% off. The remaining copy further emphasizes the main benefit, namely, big savings.
  • Image: The image also places the promo front and center while setting a shopper’s expectation that it’s only for select frames.

19. Alchemy Fine Home

alchemy fine home instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library
Alchemy Fine Home is a home decor brand that was born out of a passion for design and living in style.They offer pieces from luxury brands and designers, all meant to enhance your home. Alchemy Fine Home’s ad works well thanks to these factors:

  • Caption: It encapsulates what one would look for in a future home in the form of glamorous pieces created by the famous designer Eichholtz.
  • Photos and Video: The four-second video functions more like a slideshow, displaying how gorgeous a home decorated with Eichholtz pieces is.
  • Messaging: It’s obviously directed at those looking to redecorate their homes but can also resonate with people who want a stylish residence.

Landing page that the ad links to: Collection page

20. Marshalls Garden

marshalls garden instagram ad examples
Image: Instagram / Meta Ad Library
Marshalls Garden supplies seeds, plants, trees, and more to grow-your-own gardeners. In recent years, they’ve expanded their range of ornamental plants.For their Instagram ad, Marshalls Garden uses simple components:

  • Caption: A caption that summarizes their quality of service and plants while showing off an award to further legitimize their credentials
  • Image: A short, high-quality video displaying how their flowers look when fully grown.

Overall, the ad’s message focuses on customer service and satisfaction, then boasts about the quality of the company’s plants.

Landing page that the ad links to: Homepage

Let these Instagram ad examples inspire your own

By understanding the elements of a well-made Instagram ad, you can more easily create your own.

Through the examples we’ve shared in this article, you should (hopefully) start to generate ideas naturally.

Remember to implement what we’ve discussed to produce stronger Instagram ads that yield more conversions.

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