June 7, 2023

15 Awesome PPC Landing Pages That Drive Conversions For Top Brands

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A poorly designed landing page wastes valuable pay-per-click (PPC) ad spend. Getting potential shoppers to click your ads isn’t enough—you need a PPC landing page to drive that conversion home. On average, landing pages across various industries convert at 2.35%, with the top quarter reaching 5.31% and the top 10% hitting conversion rates of 11.45% […]

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A poorly designed landing page wastes valuable pay-per-click (PPC) ad spend.

Getting potential shoppers to click your ads isn’t enough—you need a PPC landing page to drive that conversion home.

On average, landing pages across various industries convert at 2.35%, with the top quarter reaching 5.31% and the top 10% hitting conversion rates of 11.45% or higher.

In general, though, a “good” conversion rate is‌ around 10%.

With that standard in mind, let’s say you pay $100 in PPC and receive 80 clicks for your landing page. If you convert only one of those, you just paid $100 for a single lead.

However, if your landing page converts 10% (eight in total), you now pay only $12.50 per lead.

As you can see, the higher your landing page conversion rates, the more you gain from your PPC advertising budget.

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What is a PPC landing page?

A PPC landing page is a dedicated webpage designed to receive traffic from your PPC campaigns. They can involve various types of ads, including:

  • Search engine ads
  • Social media ads
  • Display ads

You can tailor these types of landing pages for various campaign purposes. We’ve broken down the most common forms they take below.

Lead capture landing page

Image: Shogun

Let’s say you run a campaign to capture leads.

Your landing page contains messaging and resources about your relevant offer—such as white papers, guides—but visitors must provide their email address to receive them.

Product landing page

Image: Dropbox

If your campaign promotes a specific product, you may find the best conversions with a product landing page that breaks down your offering in detail, from how it works to the problem it solves.

It differs from a typical product page, however, in that it guides those who click your ad toward a complete purchase.

In the example above, the product landing page is completely focused on one of their software offerings, sharing an example of how the feature works and different pricing plans.

Click-through landing page

Image: SparkToro

More commonly found in SaaS to promote free trials and giveaways, a click-through landing page delivers comprehensive information without pushing a “buy now” CTA.

It aims to convince those who engaged with your ad to click through to a desired action by offering a smooth conversion path.

These pages usually familiarize visitors with your brand while avoiding a push for an immediate purchase. Free trials or vouchers are typically included to entice people to move to the next stage of their journey.

Sales page

Image: Paula’s Choice

You can compare a sales page to a television infomercial: As you scroll through it, you slowly consider making a purchase.

It’s typically employed in the later stages of your marketing funnel, where you ask for payment rather than a shopper’s email.

Unlike a product landing page, which focuses on a single SKU, a sales page might showcase your entire company, collections of products, or brand ethos.

Here, testimonials or quotes that demonstrate customer success, along with action-oriented CTAs, are usually featured to convince visitors to buy.

Why are landing pages so important for PPC campaigns?

Brands create landing pages for PPC campaigns rather than simply directing users to their product pages, collection pages, or homepages for several reasons.

Greater relevance

It’s common to test different offers and designs to find out which stand out and get clicks. Often, copy and graphics performance differs between platforms.

Your Facebook ads may do better with longer ad copy, whereas Instagram ads shine with more image assets.

Landing pages are tailored to your PPC ads’ messaging and intent.

This ensures instant recognition and a clear connection to why the customer clicked your ad in the first place, no matter where they come from.

Higher conversion rates

By focusing on a single goal and removing distractions like navigation, PPC landing pages guide users toward your desired action, be it making a purchase or filling out a form with their information.

This optimization results in higher conversion rates for you and your brand.

They may be the least popular type of sign-up form, but landing pages nevertheless secure conversion rates of 23%—the highest among all the types.

Tailored messaging

PPC landing pages also allow for personalized content so you can speak directly to your audience’s pain points, needs, and desires.

This degree of customization lets you create a stronger emotional connection, and with 72% of consumers saying they only engage with personalized messaging, this element is a must.

Rich data and insights

You can use tools like Google Analytics to monitor specific landing page performance to extract valuable insights to guide your future strategies.

You can track user behavior on the page, where they come from, which elements they engage with the most, and what converts.

This data can identify your best marketing channels, points of improvement for future pages, in addition to overall campaign and website updates for better results.

Key elements of successful PPC landing pages

To craft a top-notch successful PPC landing page that guides paid traffic through your funnel and converts visitors into customers, you need to incorporate certain crucial elements.

The following are a few landing page best practices to help you get started.

Clever and engaging headlines

Although an average of eight out of 10 people will read your headlines, only two out of 10 will continue reading. This highlights the importance of an attention-grabbing landing page headline.

Craft compelling titles that not only align with the content and intent of your ads but also address pain points and benefits straight away.

These elements will quickly attract your customer’s interest.

A clear unique selling proposition (USP)

Explain the unique value your product or service delivers and what differentiates you from competitors using clear and simple language.

Show people what problems your offering solves and how it’s better than the rest.

Attractive imagery and design

Visuals play a key role in how customers interact with your PPC landing page. Further, Google found images influenced 50% of online consumers’ purchase decisions.

So, feature high-quality photos and supplement them with a clean landing page design that makes your other page elements pop.

This produces an appealing yet professional appearance that entices visitors to jump on your offer.

Persuasive copy

Convincing people to take your desired action is the main goal of your PPC landing page, and to do that, you need to write persuasive and concise copy that smoothly walks visitors through your offering.

Compelling call to action (CTA)

After the customer reads through your copy, your CTA should be the final push that converts them.

It should include action-oriented language and trigger a sense of urgency, prompting visitors to act quickly.

Align your message with your audience’s interests as well since, according to HubSpot, personalized CTAs convert 202% better than generic ones.

Visibility is also important, so place it in a prominent position on the page. Use a contrasting color scheme and strategically position your CTA so it stands out from your other elements.

Social proof and trust signals

A landing page template from Shogun Page Builder; Image: Shogun

Leverage customer reviews, testimonials, trust badges, and success stories to build credibility.

An overwhelming 93% of consumers rely on social proof, saying it influences their purchase decisions. Given their importance, first-hand accounts of experiences with your brand are critical to encourage shoppers to convert.

Personalized and relevant content

As previously mentioned, PPC landing pages are the perfect venue for customized messaging.

Make sure its content is personalized to your target segment and matches their unique needs and interests.

Mobile-friendly design

By 2024, mobile commerce revenue is projected to hit $620.97 billion, which indicates that 42.9% of ecommerce purchases will be made through a mobile device.

With such a huge chunk of online shopping expected to occur via mobile, optimizing landing pages for these users and ensuring a seamless experience across all devices will let you tap into a massive market.

Fast loading speeds

Your page loading speed is a small but important part of the user experience and can heavily influence conversions.

According to Portent, websites that load in one second secure 2.5 times more conversions than those that load in five and 1.5 times more than those that load in 10.

So, compress images and use only essential scripts and third-party apps to boost your page’s speed.

A/B testing

Regularly A/B test your PPC landing pages to build optimal sites.

Experiment with variations in content, headlines and copy, visuals, and other on-page elements to learn what resonates best with your audience and compels them to take action.

This lets you identify areas that need improvement so you can maximize your campaign’s performance.

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15 PPC landing pages that nailed it

Now that you have a good overview of PPC landing pages and the critical elements to include, here are some example pages from real brands to inspire your own.

1. Jot

Image: Google

The sustainable coffee brand Jot starts the shopper’s journey with an ad that highlights how their offering is both flavorful and less wasteful.

The brand then directs people to a landing page that emphasizes their many upsides by displaying various benefits and celebrity customers.

Then, Jot ties their content back to the ad by showing how their coffee is more sustainable.

They also place action-oriented CTAs throughout the page and include a relevant offer with a free welcome gift.

2. The Ridge

Image: Meta Ad Library

The Ridge, a producer of minimalist wallets, presents an ad that showcases key benefits, a review, and a special holiday offer (Father’s Day, in this case).

Image: The Ridge

The linked landing page then grabs visitors’ attention instantly with a captivating headline about why people switch to their brand.

They break down each reason and include high-quality images to drive home the points. The page incorporates testimonials as well to boost The Ridge’s credibility.

3. Tidy Havens

Tidy Havens’ Google ad pops up when people search for the “best cleaning companies,” and they market themselves as such.

The ad briefly outlines what the company does, then takes visitors to a landing page that delves into further detail.

Tidy Havens takes a direct approach, using action-oriented headlines and CTAs with supporting before and after images.

They concisely describe each of their services as well, then showcase accompanying videos as people scroll down.

It employs minimal elements and takes advantage of the white background, so crucial features stand out, such as the Google reviews from Tidy Havens’ many customers.

4. Olipop

Olipop, a probiotic soda brand, runs their campaign with the help of singer Camila Cabello.

It forms an emotional connection with the audience, highlighting the importance of little moments shared with loved ones.

Image: Olipop

The landing page does the same, taking the usual approach of promoting product features and benefits, then using compelling headlines and visuals to show how these events shape Cabello’s life and, in turn, ours.

After this display, the page allows visitors to purchase some of Cabello’s favorites, while emphasizing Olipop’s messaging—that they’re a brand also meant to be shared.

5. Pedialyte

Pedialyte is a rehydration brand that’s won the trust of pharmacists and pediatricians nationwide, which is the main reason they appear when looking for a “healthy hydration drink.”

The ad highlights Pedialyte’s proposition—fast and effective hydration—and the landing page explores the brand in greater depth.

Image: Pedialyte

The headline reiterates the ad’s statement and supports it with a short, funny video.

Further down, it displays statistics comparing Pedialyte to other leading sports drinks, as well as a short quote from a satisfied customer.

Afterward, visitors can learn about the brand’s various hydration products and find a retailer that sells it.

6. SBLA Beauty

SBLA Beauty’s PPC ad shows a short video of their Eye Lift Wand in use, then follows it with the tool’s results.

Image: SBLA Beauty

The landing page copy further stresses these effects and its at-home convenience. A before-and-after image provides additional support.

As viewers navigate down the page, SBLA Beauty proudly displays reviews from both beauty authorities and satisfied customers to cement the Eye Lift Wand’s reliability.

7. Mohd

The luxury furniture and design company Mohd pops up when searching “interior design services.”

They introduce themselves through a minimally worded ad, which immediately addresses the buyer’s search intent.

Image: Mohd

Meanwhile, the landing page’s headline and CTA concisely explain the company’s furniture design process, as well as the short time commitment needed to complete Mohd’s desired action: scheduling a meeting.

Afterward, visitors answer a short quiz to inform Mohd of the level of service they need. The brand excels at giving the experience a fun yet minimal design and interface.

At the end, they schedule a meeting, and Mohd has the necessary information.

8. Beardbrand

Beardbrand employs this ad to promote their Tree Ranger scent, which transports people to a landing page that breaks down their various fragrances.

Image: Beardbrand

The headline engages shoppers immediately by addressing the primary reason for clicking on the ad (facial hair care).

It then quickly walks through Tree Ranger’s various characteristics using descriptive, emotion-filled language.

Shoppers who aren’t ready to commit are enticed to purchase a sampler, as well as offered an opportunity to save by purchasing a bundle.

9. Beer Drop

Beer Drop provides the opportunity to purchase a gift card for a beer subscription box for yourself or a recipient.

The ad breezes through everything you need to know about the offering, then directs you to a landing page.

Image: Beer Drop

There, you see a colorful, minimalist design that abounds with images.

You can take advantage of Beer Drop’s offer as soon as you arrive, then choose the subscription’s duration and have the gift card personalized, if desired.

The page also features the box’s many benefits, along with reviews that compel you to buy.

10. Waggly Club

Waggly Club’s subscription boxes contain all-natural snacks and high-quality toys for pet lovers and their furry companions.

Their ad highlights a special offer that not only guarantees a happy dog but a safe one as well thanks to a free smart camera.

Image: Waggly Club

The landing page’s theme is mostly purple, but it features many cute images of dogs and Waggly Club treats.

The promotion is presented at the top, and the included CTA directs visitors to a quiz where they can customize their subscription.

Waggly Club cements their value by showcasing photos of pets enjoying their boxes with supporting testimonials from satisfied owners.

11. HelloFresh

Typing “healthy food delivery” into a Google search instantly returns HelloFresh’s offer of a food kit subscription that includes 16 free meals.

Image: HelloFresh

The ad’s vibrant design, with only essential elements, is captivating, as is the headline showcasing the relevant offer.

The CTA above (CLAIM YOUR OFFER), meanwhile, creates a sense of urgency, informing people the offer will expire soon, so they should order soon.

As visitors read on, HelloFresh builds their brand value, stating three key reasons they’ll love the subscription. Then, they drive home their credibility by showcasing their awards and reviews.

12. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare’s Filmora pops up when searching for the “best video editor for PC,” and their ad encapsulates what the tool does in a single sentence.

Image: Wondershare Filmora

The linked landing page then conveys why Filmora is the best, employing crisp visuals and a strong headline.

Animated images and GIFs show the software in action, demonstrating how it effectively makes video editing incredibly easy.

Throughout the page, visitors see multiple opportunities to download the software. Wondershare also incorporates trust indicators in the form of their awards and user reviews.

13. Edelman Financial Engines

Edelman Financial Engines takes a straightforward approach: When looking for “financial services,” their ad explicitly outlines what the company does.

Image: Edelman Financial Engines

This messaging and intent perfectly match the quick-loading landing page, which contains minimal elements.

It simply highlights what Edelman does and the relevant offer—a free guide in exchange for the information needed to connect with a planner.

Below, Edelman highlights their selling points, then provides a form containing multiple checkboxes about client goals, all of which are key to helping people get started.

14. NetSuite

Searching for “accounting software” yields NetSuite’s Accounting Software ad, which outlines their capabilities and points potential buyers toward a product tour.

Image: NetSuite

Their landing page is as direct as it gets, asking people to fill in their information so they can begin the tour. Its elements are barebones as well, ensuring fast loading speeds.

Beneath, it quickly outlines NetSuite’s features, showing the industry leaders who use it, followed by another CTA.

Although simplistic, the page’s color scheme helps each element stand out.

15. Cariuma

Cariuma’s Google ad appears after inputting “sustainable footwear” in the search box, and its headline entices people to click by promising they’ll receive something educational.

Image: Cariuma

Once on the landing page, shoppers are introduced to the concept of sustainable shoes and shown the various aspects that go into their production.

From fair labor to environmental initiatives, Cariuma discusses what the company encompasses so shoppers feel confident their purchase will make a positive contribution.

Afterwards, they can start browsing the brand’s catalog.

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PPC landing page FAQs

Although we’ve provided a thorough explanation of PPC landing pages, below are the answers to some common questions to help round out the lesson.

What is a PPC versus an SEO landing page?

The key differences between the two types lie in their purpose and approach:

1. A PPC landing page is specifically made for paid advertising campaigns and is tailored to match your ad’s messaging and intent.
2. Meanwhile, an SEO landing page focuses on ranking high in search engine result pages (SERPs), then attracting organic search traffic through optimized content.

How do you write copy for a PPC landing page?

Here are a few tips for producing effective PPC landing page copy:

1. Keep your copy clear and concise: Tell visitors about your offering in a manner that avoids confusion.
2. Align your messaging: Your landing page’s content should match your ad’s messaging to deliver a consistent experience.
3. Emphasize your benefits: People should know the value of your offering and what pain points they address.
4. Use action-oriented language: Your goal is to develop a sense of urgency that prompts viewers to take your desired action.

How can I optimize my ecommerce PPC landing pages for more conversions?

To optimize your landing page for conversions, employ tactics such as:

1. Creating strong headlines and copy that instantly grab customer interest
2. Incorporating high-quality images and videos to showcase your offerings
3. Including trust indicators to build trust and credibility
4. Using a simple design and layout that guides visitors toward elements like your CTA or images
5. Compressing images and implementing only essential scripts and third-party apps for fast load speeds
6. Regularly testing and refining your landing page to see what converts the most

What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating ecommerce PPC landing pages?

1. Misaligned content: Mismatching ad and landing page messaging and intent produce an inconsistent experience.
2. Cluttered design: Too many elements can overwhelm your audience. Minimize them to keep your landing page clean and easy to navigate.
3. Unclear CTA: Use a contrasting color and strategic placement to make it more visible, then clearly communicate the action you want people to take.
4. Ignoring mobile commerce: You’ll miss out on a gigantic pool of online shoppers if you neglect this aspect.
5. Insufficient social proof: This impedes trust-building with your visitors.

How do you accommodate mobile optimization with ecommerce PPC landing pages?

To cater to mobile users, provide a user-friendly landing page experience—no matter what device visitors use. It should load quickly, be responsive, and display properly, even on various screen sizes.

Optimize your PPC landing pages to boost your ad spend’s ROI

In PPC advertising, a well-made landing page will drive conversions home and maximize the return on your campaign investment.

Build your landing pages according to the best practices outlined in this article and continuously monitor and optimize them.

Even incremental improvements have the potential to compound returns as you scale.


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