December 14, 2019

20+ Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integrations

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SCC) is an ecommerce platform with a host of advanced features. Apart from its built-in capabilities, the platform also offers a large number of integrations that can be used to enrich the platform with additional functionality. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integrations These integrations span a number of categories, including payment processing, analytics, content […]

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SCC) is an ecommerce platform with a host of advanced features. Apart from its built-in capabilities, the platform also offers a large number of integrations that can be used to enrich the platform with additional functionality.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integrations

These integrations span a number of categories, including payment processing, analytics, content management, marketing, localization, order management and product information management.

We’ve separated them into seven categories and offered more than 20 examples. Let’s take a look.

1. Payment Processing Integrations

Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrates with a variety of payment processing solutions.


paypal logo

SCC’s PayPal integration allows ecommerce businesses to increase sales and reduce operating costs by implementing PayPal payments.

The integration enables merchants to use PayPal Express Checkout from the cart and payment page, PayPal Credit and Easy Payments, IPN, PayPal One Touch and In-Context Checkout.



The AmazonPay integration for Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables merchants to simplify payments for existing Amazon customers.

With the help of this integration, customers will be able to log in to their Amazon account and opt to use their Amazon shipping and payment information for their order without leaving your website.

This will help to reduce the number of fields customers need to fill out, as well as help to make them feel more confident about buying from your website.


Braintree logo

The Braintree integration allows SCC merchants to accept both credit card and PayPal payments through Braintree’s payment solution. It provides access to features such as PayPal Credit, Advanced Fraud Tools, Vaulting, Tokenization, Hosted Fields and Multi-Currency Support.

This integration also supports ApplePay payment processing, enabling merchants to simplify checkout for customers who use Apple’s mobile and desktop devices.



Affirm helps ecommerce businesses offer payment plans to their customers. With Affirm, customers can make purchases straight away and pay for them over time.

Affirm’s financing solution is transparent, quick and simple. There are no late fees, as well as no compounding or deferred interest.

The Affirm integration for Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows merchants to accept Affirm payments and increase their conversion rate and average order value in the process.


Afterpay logo

Afterpay is another popular payment plan solution for ecommerce businesses. It’s used by a number of large online retailers, including Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, MAC and Sephora.

Afterpay’s solution has been shown to increase conversion rate, average order value and lifetime customer value for retailers that use it.

The Afterpay integration enables merchants to implement Afterpay payments for their ecommerce business quickly and easily.


Bolt logo

Bolt is an ecommerce checkout solution that includes payment processing, fraud detection and checkout UI. It provides a seamless checkout experience for both desktop and mobile users.

Bolt’s conversion-optimized checkout and conversion-focused fraud engine will ensure that you convert as many of your customers as possible. You can use Bolt on your website with the help of its official SCC integration.



Klarna provides payment solutions to more than 70,000 merchants. It supports features such as installment plans, pay after delivery and direct payments.

Klarna’s SCC integration allows you to take advantage of Klarna’s full functionality, including inline payment, fraud notification, installments and gift cards.



Worldpay provides an end-to-end payment processing service which includes card acquisition, storage, gateway and risk management. Its platform offers a fast and seamless checkout experience.

Worldpay’s SCC integration provides businesses with a modular framework that facilitates quick and effective new market launches. It comes pre-integrated with a number of alternative payment methods, including PayPal, AliPay and Boleto.

More than 200 additional payment methods are also available. Worldpay supports payment processing for 120 different currencies.

2. Analytics Integrations

SCC’s analytics integrations allow you to move away from basic Google Analytics tracking and take advantage of advanced analytics solutions.

Blue Triangle

Blue Triangle logo

Blue Triangle is an analytics solution that provides companies with a unified view of their web performance and marketing efforts. Retailers using Blue Triangle can gain insights into a variety of different aspects of their website and customer experience that might be impacting revenue.

Armed with this knowledge, merchants can then optimize their website and the experience they provide to customers in order to generate more revenue through Blue Triangle’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration.


Contentsquare logo

Contentsquare enables brands to understand how customers are interacting with their website or mobile app. It enables businesses to make data-driven decisions that will help to optimize their website performance and the customer journey.

The platform is used by a variety of large brands, including Sephora, Walmart, GoPro and IKEA.

Contentsquare’s SCC integration enables merchants to understand how every piece of content impacts conversions and revenue and allows them to uncover issues in the customer journey.


DynamicAction logo

DynamicAction helps brands analyze all data points across their organization and pinpoint disconnects in the customer journey that are causing revenue loss.

It enables businesses to recover lost revenue, sell more products at full prices, reduce the effects of promotion addiction and improve profits.

DynamicAction’s SCC integration allows merchants to export their products, pricing and order data in order to take advantage of the platform’s advanced analytics features, including opportunities, profit trees and task management.


Minubo logo

Minubo is an analytics solution designed to help ecommerce businesses reach their growth targets. It enables retailers to outperform their competition through smart, data-driven decisions aimed at optimizing the customer experience.

Minubo provides merchants with advanced tools, reports and dashboards that can be seamlessly integrated into their daily work processes to support improvements in performance marketing and customer lifecycle marketing results, as well as aid shop management.

3. Content Management System Integrations

Managing content in Salesforce Commerce Cloud becomes a breeze once you take advantage of the platform’s content management system integrations.


shogun logo

Shogun is a drag-and-drop page builder that allows SCC retailers to build custom pages on their website with ease. Its visual content editor is very user-friendly and doesn’t require users to write any code whatsoever.

Shogun’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration can be set up quite easily with the help of Shogun’s support team. After getting an account and acquiring the appropriate API keys, users are able to access the tool from within the business manager.

#cta-paragraph-fe#Learn how you can upgrade your SFCC store by taking it headless.

Live Story

live story logo

Live Story is a content management system that enables users who aren’t code-savvy to design and edit layouts quickly and with ease. Merchants can use Live Story to create product-focused galleries and layouts without worrying about templates or code.

Its SCC integration includes features such as a visual editor, automatic content creation and content folder management.


styla logo

Styla is a content platform that helps Salesforce Commerce Cloud retailers create and design shoppable content on the fly. Content created with Styla is automatically optimized to look good on all types of devices.

By automating content creation, Styla’s SCC integration saves time and money for brands that rely on visual content for the bulk of their content marketing efforts.

The platform is used by brands such as Thomas Sabo, Footlocker and Canterbury.

4. Marketing Integrations

SCC has a number of marketing integrations that can help ecommerce businesses improve and automate their marketing and personalization efforts.


curalate logo

Curalate enables brands to turn their image and video content into shoppable experiences. Businesses can take advantage of Curalate to monetize their social audiences more effectively.

The Curalate platform is used by a large number of big brands, including Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters, J.Crew and Sephora.

SCC’s Curalate integration helps brands connect each piece of their visual content to one or more of their products, turning every social post into a shoppable experience.



8select serves personalized recommendations for ecommerce businesses. Its platform helps retailers cross-sell more effectively and improve average order value with the help of dynamic product sets.

The 8select integration for Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides SCC users with features such as an integrated dashboard, a product set manager, a performance manager and a widget manager.


digioh logo

Digioh helps retailers create personalized web forms and widgets in order to reduce shopping cart abandonment and grow their email lists more effectively. It supports a wide variety of forms and widgets, including dynamic in-line widgets, multi-page quizzes and lead capture forms.

Targeting rules and trigger conditions can be employed to control forms and widgets even further.

With Digioh’s SCC integration, merchants can send automated email campaigns to reduce cart abandonment. They can also take advantage of dynamic one-time coupons, exit intent offers, back-in-stock notifications and product recommendations.


dotdigital logo

Dotdigital is a marketing platform that helps retailers engage their customers across multiple touchpoints. It syncs all your customer and product data to enable you to create omnichannel shopping journeys across a variety of mediums, including email, social, app and more.

The platform’s advanced segmentation and personalization features ensure that retailers reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. Dotdigital also includes features such as automated email campaigns, coupon codes and product recommendations.

Dotdigital’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration allows you to sync all your order, product and customer data to the cloud, design engaging campaigns, take advantage of segment templates to create highly-specific messaging, and craft omnichannel experiences based on customer behavior.


extole logo

Extole is a referral marketing platform that enables ecommerce businesses to acquire customers at scale through refer-a-friend marketing. It helps retailers launch referral programs to improve loyalty and generate more sales.

Extole’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration contains everything you need to successfully launch and manage a referral program for your retail business.

5. Localization Integrations

Localizing your ecommerce offering is very important if you want to reach new international markets. Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s localization integrations can help you do this with ease.


datawords logo

Datawords helps brands rollout their offering to international markets. It works with brands in a variety of industries, including fashion, beauty, luxury and sports.

Datawords takes a holistic approach to localization by combining a number of different technical, graphical and linguistic criteria. Its SCC integration allows it to seamlessly connect its Semantic Portal to Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s dashboard.


lionbridge logo

Lionbridge enables businesses to increase their market share by launching in international markets. It uses a Crowd-in-the-Cloud delivery model, which ensures brand consistency.

Lionbridge’s team consists of more than 100,000 professionals that specialize in localization and translation. The platform’s SCC integration enables merchants to quickly and easily localize products and other types of content by sending them to Lionbridge’s team for translation.

6. Order Management Integrations

Order management can get fairly complicated for multi-store retailers. That’s why Salesforce Commerce Cloud supports a number of order management integrations that can make the entire process a lot easier.

Deck Commerce

deck commerce logo

Deck Commerce is a highly flexible solution for inventory and order management. It helps merchants deliver omnichannel shopping experiences and grow revenue through the optimization of distribution networks and streamlining of the entire order management process.

Its Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration provides SCC merchants with omnichannel order management capabilities and helps them optimize inventory visibility and take advantage of advanced fulfillment features such as store pick-up, ship-to-store and return-to-store.

Fluent Commerce

fluent commerce logo

Fluent Commerce specializes in distributed order management. It provides automated omnichannel order and return management and helps businesses take advantage of fulfillment options such as in-store pickup and ship-from-store.

Fluent Commerce gives retailers a unified view of their inventory and helps them offer faster and superior shipping options through its SCC integration.

7. Product Information Management (PIM) Integrations

A Product Information Management system helps ecommerce businesses centralize all their product data and keep it up to date across all their storefronts. Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers plenty of PIM integrations, including:

Agility Multichannel

agility multichannel logo

Agility Multichannel is a sophisticated PIM solution that focuses on integrating experience management, product management and ecommerce. Its Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration comes with a starter kit that can help you connect your PIM to SCC quickly.

The integration enables you to manage your content and your product catalog from one central location.


Akeneo is a product information management platform that enables retailers to manage their product data more effectively while also facilitating a simplified data distribution across sales channels. It’s used by a number of large brands, including Fossil, Sephora and John Deere.

Akeneo’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration enables merchants to manage, consolidate, enrich and export product information with ease.


inriver logo

inRiver is a product information management solution that helps online retailers create, update and distribute product information. It’s used by more than 1,500 brands across 21 countries.

The platform’s SCC integration connects seamlessly with Salesforce Commerce Cloud through the use of inRiver’s extensive API.

Comestri by Fusion Factory

Comestri logo

Comestri is a product information and order management solution that connects seamlessly with a variety of back-end systems, including ERP, POS and CMS. It helps retailers enrich and publish product information across multiple channels.

Its Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration enables merchants to centralize product data management and map product information to individual channels.

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