Great Experiences Define Great Brands: The Evolution of Shogun

April 20, 2021

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Six years ago, when I wrote the first line of code for Shogun on January 5, 2015, I don’t think I quite knew the journey we were embarking on. But I did know what we aimed to do

Our vision has always been to empower brands to deliver exceptional ecommerce experiences.

The initial focus was to create a page builder for Ruby on Rails, but — with a request to make Shogun work for Shopify merchants — we pivoted to create a low-code/no-code page builder for ecommerce. Six years later, this simple pivot has led to 18,000+ ecommerce brands using Shogun Page Builder to build high-converting stores. These iconic brands include ecommerce greats like K-Swiss, Leesa, Rumpl, BeardBrand, MVMT, and Fila. 

Six years ago our team could only dream of the customer love we’ve since received from the ecommerce community using our product. Shogun has come to see over 2000+ 5-star ratings on the Shopify App store, with an average 4.8 /5 rating. But more importantly, the brands we support are building truly incredible storefronts for their customers.

And now, our original vision has led us to building our second product, Shogun Frontend. A way for more brands to realize the benefits of headless commerce via progressive web apps (PWAs). Our ambition with this next product is to combine the complex pieces of technology that comprise a headless PWA build (bundling all the modular choices typically involved in building bespoke) and convert this into packaged easy to use software that any brand can adopt. 

We want to democratize ecommerce teams’ access to headless commerce (it’s historically been restricted to brands with the biggest budgets), empowering them to sharpen focus on the customer experience.

We’re excited to share that, today, brands like OneBlade, Nomad, The Feed, and Undersun Fitness have launched blazing-fast headless ecommerce PWAs using Shogun Frontend. 

Exploring The Feed's progressive web app

Whether we’re helping brands create custom pages with Shogun Page Builder to augment their Shopify stores, or delivering headless commerce with Shogun Fronted — it all stems from our belief that great experiences define great brands. 

Evolving our visual identity 

With growing traction of our products and types of ecommerce problems we solve for, we embarked on a journey to evolve our brand identity. With two products delivering our vision, we began exploring how we could effectively communicate this through our brand. How could we have a united look and feel — all the while serving the different needs of our customers? 

Our amazing design team took on the challenge to imagine a new look and feel that articulates this vision, helping customers get started with the right product for their needs. Today I’m truly excited to share our new site and unified identity as it marks another important milestone in our journey.  

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Continuing to grow and build

And now, the adventure continues. In Q1 2021, we welcomed 26 new team members — doubling our year-over-year Q1 growth. Moreover, we have built out our executive team with Kristen Habacht (ex-Atlassian) as Chief Sales Officer, Tapan Bhatt (ex-Splunk) as Chief Marketing Officer, and Steve Won (ex-Duo Security) as VP of Product.  

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We have intentionally built a talented fully-remote, globally distributed team of diverse, inclusive team members (we call them Shogies!) around the world, and we have the support of top-tier investors in Accel Partners, Initialized Capital, VMG Partners, and Y Combinator. If you are as excited about our mission as we are — we’d love for you to join us

I want to thank all our 18,000+ customers, employees, investors and partners in helping us get to this stage. My cofounder Nick, I, and the entire Shogun team can’t wait to see what lies ahead as our adventure continues!

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Finbarr Taylor

CEO and co-founder of Shogun.

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