How to Insert Video in Shopify

June 30, 2020
Derek Cromwell

How to Insert Video in Shopify

June 30, 2020
Derek Cromwell
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Aside from increasing purchases and revenue, online retailers tend to be a little obsessive about the visual appeal and aesthetics of their stores.

And that’s a great thing, since so much of the customer’s purchase decision hinges on their first impression of you, trust in your brand and how the overall shopping experience makes them feel.

So, you start looking for opportunities to make little improvements, which led you to other stores using video in their product pages. You’ve likely seen the same on Amazon, if you’re like 48% of online consumers who make a beeline for those marketplaces when they need a product.

In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of inserting video in your Shopify store pages and the steps to add your videos with ease.

Why Use Video in Shopify?

Video is probably one of the most under-appreciated, often ignored tools for boosting sales in ecommerce. When a retailer decides not to insert video into Shopify pages, they’re essentially opting to ignore human nature.

One survey by RetailDive found that the ability to see, touch and feel products rank highest among the reasons consumers choose to shop in a brick-and-mortar store vs. online stores. Customers naturally want to handle and inspect a product, partially to understand how it works. This ensures they’re purchasing the right solution.

This is where video can step in to help complete that digital shopping experience.

According to Animoto, 96% of potential customers feel that videos make their purchase decisions much easier. But that’s not all.

Inserting Video in Shopify Product Pages Will Sell More Products

Images are a great tool for showing off your product, but they’re static and they force the customer to use their imagination. A video, on the other hand, is a virtual demonstration of your product.

And it works.

Almost 75% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they can see a video explaining how it's used.

Customers Want Information Without Wasting Time

Prospective customers will take the time to compare prices, research a product and dig online until all their questions are satisfied. Still, people want to save time where they can. The easier you make it for them to finish their research, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Inserting video in Shopify product pages provides an information dump to customers that can be easily digested. In fact, 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than pour over a long product description.

Ecommerce Returns Will Shrink

Returns can be a costly headache for online retailers, and returns are far more common with online shopping.

According to Invespcro, at least 30% of products ordered online are returned compared to an average of just under 9% of purchases from brick and mortar stores.

A chart comparing online vs. brick-and-mortar returns
Image Source: Invespcro

If your customers can see a product being used, understand how it works, and see the value presented to them then they’re more likely to be satisfied with the purchase.

As part of a campaign to reduce returns, GlamCorner began leveraging user generated content which included videos on product pages. This approach allowed them to set more accurate expectations for products with their customer and they saw a 50% reduction in returns.

How to Insert Video into Your Shopify Store

Retailers typically want to get a video front and center as part of the product gallery. While there’s nothing wrong with that approach, focusing too intently on just that gallery real estate means you’re missing other opportunities to insert video in Shopify.

Insert Video in Shopify on Any Page

You can insert video in Shopify on any page throughout your store. Best of all, you can do it without the need to mess with code.

This includes pages like:

·         Custom landing pages for promotional and product launch campaigns

·         Collection descriptions

·         Blog posts

·         And any other content page

To do this, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Copy the Video URL

Shopify recommends uploading your video to a third party video hosting site like YouTube. Once the video is uploaded and live, you’ll want to copy the URL for your video.

Copy the URL for your video
Image source: YouTube

Step 2: Make Your Video Responsive

Since you’re embedding the video into your site, you want to ensure its responsive and will display properly on any device — especially mobile.

Embed Responsibly will help you build a fully responsive embed code so when you insert video into Shopify it’s displayed appropriately. Visit the site and paste in the YouTube URL for your video. You can also do the same if you use Vimeo instead of YouTube.

Paste in the YouTube URL
Image source: Embed Responsibly

Click on “Embed.” You’ll be given a preview of what the embedded video will look like. You’ll also find the source embed code which you can copy for use in your Shopify store.

Click on “Embed”
Image source: Embed Responsibly

Note: You can generate an embed code directly on YouTube as well as most other video sharing sites. Keep in mind the native embed code from some sites, like YouTube, may not be as responsive to some screen sizes on mobile.

Step 3: Copy the Embed Code

Copy the embed code
Image source: Embed Responsibly

Step 4: Log into Your Shopify Admin Dashboard

When you log into your Shopify admin, navigate to the page where you want to place your newly acquired video. You’ll find your current pages listed under Online Store > Pages.

Log into your Shopify admin dashboard
Image source: Shopify

Choose the page you want to edit and take note of the options in the editor toolbar.

Choose the page you want to edit
Image source: Shopify

Step 5: Click the “Insert Video” Button

In the toolbar of the rich text editor, click the video camera icon that represents video media. 

Click the video camera icon
Image source: Shopify

Paste in the video embed code and select “Insert Video."

Select “Insert Video”
Image source: Shopify

How to Insert Video into the Product Description in Shopify

The product description is another place where you can insert video in Shopify. This is a technique commonly used in online retail stores as well as on Amazon.

Adding video to a longer product page not only offers the benefits we covered above, it also makes the content easier to skim. Tidbits of product information broken up by content modules, images, and videos makes strategic use of whitespace that’s easier on the eyes.

Likewise, after watching a video, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product.

To insert video into your product description, follow the same steps as the previous section using the rich text editor to insert a video embed code. Alternatively, you can get a cleaner presentation of your video by using the “split” command within your page content. This splits the product description and gives your video it’s own section, like a big, eye-catching divider to break up on-page content.

To do this, click to edit your product page.

Click to edit your product page
Image source: Shopify

For the product description, click the <> icon to “show html.”

Image source: Shopify

At the end of your product description, type in <!-- split --> . Next paste in your video embed code so that it’s directly below the “split” command.

Paste in your video embed code so that it’s directly below the “split” command
Image source: Shopify

Alternatively, you can use an app like the Shogun Page Builder for Shopify to customize your pages. Instead of dealing with HTML and embed codes, you can use Shogun’s app to edit any page and place elements with the simple drag-and-drop interface.

Image source: Shopify

This includes adding and placing images, content modules and — of course —inserting video into your product pages.

Insert Video in Your Shopify Store to Start Building Sales Today

Online retailers and brands are constantly struggling to find better ways to engage customers, reduce abandonment and increase conversions and revenue. Now is the best time to leverage video to achieve those goals.

With the tips above, and the help of the Shogun app, you can insert video in Shopify on any page with just a few clicks. Continued testing of different videos and video placement will help you optimize each page to maximize conversions.

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