How to Add Video to Your Shopify Pages to Drive Up Conversions

April 6, 2022

Sean Flannigan

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Over the last several years, retail has moved online at a rapid pace. Increasingly, shoppers are spending their bucks at a digital cash register instead of the real thing (and, as a result, missing out on taking a receipt and immediately tossing it in the recycle bin).

Technology has made it easier than ever to find exactly what you need with a few searches and clicks. You no longer need to make an afternoon of it—you can simply get it done in a few minutes online.

But, the in-store shopping experience has something that the online experience does not—physicality.

In real life, we can turn objects around in our hands, inspect their colors and textures up close, feel their weight, and imagine how they’ll fit into our homes.

Online shopping, unfortunately, cannot beat that.

Nonetheless, ecommerce stores can do their best to approximate the in-store experience by using stunning photos, detailed descriptions, and amazing videos.

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This is evident from looking at the top-performing Shopify stores, like Allbirds and PANGAIA.

allbirds video homepage
Image: Allbirds

While product images and descriptions are super important, videos could make or break it for a sale. Let’s learn why.

In this post, we’ll cover:

We’ll start with why video is important for your store.

The benefits of adding videos to your Shopify store

People want to experience the products they are buying. Video marketing can help bridge the gap between real life and online.

One survey by RetailDive found that the ability to see, touch, and feel products rank highest among the reasons consumers choose to shop in a brick-and-mortar store vs. online stores. The benefits of video marketing are enormous.

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Video gets customers closer to the in-store experience

Even the best product photos—with strong backgrounds, glorious natural light, and a high definition camera—are static two-dimensional views of something that lives in a real three-dimensional world.

Videos can bring their subjects to life.

They are as close as we can get to experiencing something for ourselves online (outside of the added dimensionality of virtual reality or even augmented reality).

Product videos boost your conversion rate

Adding video to your Shopify store makes your product pages convert more shoppers into customers.

According to a survey conducted by Animoto, 96% of respondents find videos helpful when deciding to purchase a product online.

The same survey found that 73% of US adults are more likely to buy after watching a video that explains the product.

Videos keep returns low

Even better, you’ll see fewer returns.

One survey found that 22% of consumers cited the reason for their return was that the product received look different.

Also, the rate of returns from online purchases sits at 30% or more compared with less than 10% for brick and mortar stores.

returns statistics
Image: Invesp

The more they understand about your product, by way of complete visual description, the less likely they are to return that product.

Some brands have found success by utilizing user-generated content (UGC) to give an even more complete understanding of their products by other customers.

This can include images and videos, none of which you have to make yourself (woohoo!).

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Video is an SEO winner

Pages that include video are pages that shoppers spend more time on.

Dwell time is an important metric for showing search engines which pages are the best fit for particular search queries.

If shoppers spend more time on your product page and don’t bounce back out to Google, that page can get a bump in rankings.

But, your site pages aren’t the only things that can rank on Google. If your brand has a YouTube channel, your videos can show up toward the top of search results with great video SEO.

Plus, your loyal customers can share your videos to spread the word.

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Types of product videos for your Shopify store

There isn’t just one type of product video.

Your purpose for making the video determines the type of product video you are making (or sharing).

Product launch videos

When a new product drops, you want to get the word out.

With artsy shots and a dramatic voice-over, you can create a powerful video to market your brand new thing, driving valuable traffic in the process.

Feature announcements

When a beloved product of yours gets an update, you bet your customers will want to know.

Why not tell the world in the format that is easiest to consume and share?

User-generated video content

Your loyal customer base is a fount of great content. You just need to tap it.

Apparel brands do a great job of showing off all the great photos and videos that their customers add to social media. It’s great exposure for your customers and your brand.

Just ask for permission and plaster that video where it will convert shoppers into customers.

How-to guides or product demos

These videos show off the product and all it can do—be it a pair of running shoes or a coffee machine.

A great addition to product pages and on a YouTube channel, demo videos can be the tipping point for a shopper trying to make the decision to purchase.

Depending on the type of product and what is being demonstrated, you can use this type of video in your content marketing strategy.

How-to guides can be huge SEO tools and they can introduce an unfamiliar product to a new market. Copper Cow has done a lot with short how-to videos to make it clear what their product does.

How to add video to your Shopify store pages

These days, we all expect to see videos in the product gallery.

And, that’s a great place to upload video for your Shopify store. But, it’s just one out of many possibilities for adding video to your store.

If you’ve spent the time and energy creating great product videos, you should get them out there so more shoppers can see them.

So, add video to your Shopify homepage, on product launch landing pages, on special offer pages, on product collection pages—there are so many options!

The more eyes you can get on a really great video, the more converts you are likely to get out of it.

Embedding YouTube videos on Shopify

YouTube is easily the most common platform to host your videos, so we’ll use it as an example here.

Having your videos hosted on a third-party hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo is recommended. So, be sure to upload your videos to one of those services before adding to Shopify.

Plus, it allows you to also market your videos from a powerful platform that can rank well on Google.

Step 1: Copy the video URL

First thing, you’ll want to find the video you want to use and copy its URL.

copy youtube url bon appetit kombucha video
Image: Bon Appetit/YouTube

While YouTube has an embed option under its sharing options, you’ll want to take it elsewhere to make sure that the embed is totally mobile responsive.

Which brings us to our next step.

Step 2: Make your video responsive

Mobile responsiveness only becomes more important with time as there are more shoppers clicking away on their phones than ever before.

To make sure your video will respond well to a change in devices, go to Embed Responsively to create a completely responsive embed snippet code for your video.

Just take that URL you copied and paste it into the field for whatever platform you are using. YouTube comes up automatically, so we’ll just plug it in there and click Embed.

embed responsively add youtube url
Image: Embed Responsively

Step 3: Copy the responsive embed code snippet

The video thumbnail will pop up with an embed snippet below it. Now, just select the entire embed code and copy it.

embed responsively copy embed code
Image: Embed Responsively

As I mentioned before, while YouTube does generate an embed code itself, it isn’t the most responsive and you’ll be glad you took the extra effort to do it right.

Now, let’s get that video into your Shopify store.

Step 4: Log into your Shopify dashboard and find your page

Log into your Shopify store and from your dashboard, navigate to Online Store > Pages.

Find the page you want to add your shiny new video to and click on it.

shopify dashboard online store pages
shopify dashboard pages all about kombucha page

OK, we’re almost there. Just one more step to finish this up.

Step 5: Click the “Insert video” icon and add embed code

On your store page, you’ll find a number of formatting icons. Click on the icon that looks like a video camera.

A modal window will pop up and you’ll paste in your responsive video embed code and click the Insert video button.

shopify page insert video icon
shopify insert video add youtube embed code

Voila—you’ve added a video to your Shopify page! Now just click Save to make it official.

shopify page video added

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Adding video to your Shopify product page

To add video to your product pages, you can do it a few ways. You can either add the video to your product gallery or add it to your product description.

First, you’ll want to navigate to All products and find the product you want to video added to.

shopify dashboard all products

First we’ll show you how to add video to the gallery, then to your product description.

How to add video to your Shopify product gallery

To add a video to your product gallery, you just go down to the Media section, click Add media from URL, and click Embed video. Insert the original video URL (no embed code needed).

shopify page embed video in product gallery

You can then drag the video wherever you want in the gallery. For instance, you could put it front and center by dragging it to the beginning of the gallery.

Remember to save your page after making these changes and you are set.

How to insert video into the product description in Shopify

You can add video to the product description in two ways. You can simply use the same steps I laid out above using the rich text editor.

Or you can go the HTML route to create a clear divide using the “split” command. To do this, click the <> icon to Show HTML.

shopify product page show html button

Then, after the product description text, type in <!– split –> followed by your video embed code.

shopify product page add split and embed code in html

Now, save your product page and your video will show up in your product description!

While it isn’t too difficult to add your videos to Shopify within the dashboard, it isn’t simple (hence this whole blog post).

There is an easier way to do this, though.

Embed videos on Shopify the easy way with Shogun

Adding videos to your Shopify store pages is SUPER EASY with Shogun Page Builder. Literally, drag and drop your video element wherever you want it.

To edit your product pages in Page Builder, just click Add page on the dashboard, click into the Product tab, and find your product by searching.

To start editing in Page Builder, click Import to Shogun.

shogun page builder product page import to shogun

Once in the editor, you can simply drag and drop the video element below your product description, into the product gallery, above the product title, whatever you want.

shogun page builder add video drag and drop product page
Just grab that icon and drag it to your desired location
shogun page builder video added controls
With the addition of your video URL, your video has been added

Once your element is in place, you just paste your video URL in the element menu in the sidebar. There you can also change video settings, like the aspect ratio and how they play.

In the Styles menu, you can make changes to margins, padding, borders, and more to make it look exactly how you want.

No need to create a special embed code to make your video responsive here. It’s already done.

shogun page builder video element controls and styles menus

Adding video to your store pages just got so much easier.

Your store just got more engaging

However you go about adding videos to your Shopify store, it is sure to have a lasting impact on your store.

As a store owner, your job is to find the most effective ways to engage and inform your customers. Video fits the bill perfectly.

And, it is key to increased sales, fewer returns, and better rankings.

If you want to customize your store pages the easy way, Shogun Page Builder can help.

Add videos, images, sales countdown timers, maps, product collections, and so much more by simply dragging and dropping them into place. No code required.

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