13 Top Shopify Landing Page Examples For Every Type of Marketing Campaign

September 6, 2023

Shopify Landing Page Examples For Every Type of Campaign Shopify landing page examples

Ecommerce marketers are no strangers to the power of landing pages. The fact is, they just convert better than your homepage.

And the biggest difference between landing pages and homepages is the messaging. Your homepage needs to speak to everyone, but your landing pages can target very specific audiences.

That’s their superpower—targeted messaging.

But we’ve already covered what’s so great about landing pages for Shopify merchants and how to build them quickly. This post is all about inspiration.

We’ve assembled 13 top-notch Shopify landing page examples from incredible DTC brands, each one built to convert visitors into customers.

Before we dive into the examples, though, we should talk about the different types of landing pages that ecommerce marketers build for their various campaigns.

The examples that follow will cover each type of landing page.

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10 Types of ecommerce landing pages

Here are some of the most common ecommerce landing page types top Shopify brands are customizing for their online stores:

  • Product landing pages
  • Special offer landing pages
  • Subscription landing pages
  • Product collection landing pages
  • Coming Soon landing pages
  • Product bundle landing pages
  • Collaboration landing pages
  • Seasonal landing pages
  • Consultation landing pages
  • Educational landing page

Let’s take a closer look at each type.

Product landing pages

product vs product landing Shopify landing page examples

You can create a landing page for a particular product line or raise awareness for a particular retail location.

As you can see above, it differs from a product page in some distinct ways. Product landing pages are built to attract, inform, and persuade gently, whereas the product page assumes you’re further down the funnel.

This type of page helps visitors add a particular product or service from a collection to their cart or directs folks to where they can make the purchase in the case of wholesale.

Special offer landing pages

Special offer (or discount) landing pages tell the world about your latest big sale.

These pages help you secure potential customers’ contact details (typically their name and/or email address) so you can re-market store promotions via email marketing to interested visitors later.

Shoppers are attracted to your brand for the initial offer and can be nurtured into repeat purchases through smart marketing.

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Subscription landing pages

subscription landing page shopify 2 Shopify landing page examples

This is similar to a product landing page and a special offer landing page in a few ways. Subscriptions are a product, but they’re usually one that enjoys a consistent discount.

This type of landing page can deliver targeted, educational information about the product while also promoting the savings shoppers can get from signing up.

Instead of having to decide for recurring purchases based on limited information, this page assures them of the benefits to secure the sale.

Collection landing pages

Once you’ve amassed a collection of products, you’ll likely need especially compelling product collection pages.

They aren’t simply a digital shelf of related products—they create smooth navigational experiences for shoppers, making them aware of products they might not have seen otherwise.

And while Shopify has great options for arranging a basic collections page—many brands want to add custom elements to make these as high-converting and on-brand as possible.

Coming Soon landing pages

harrys coming soon Shopify landing page examples

Have an upcoming product that isn’t available for sale yet?

You can build a pre-launch email list with a Coming Soon landing page. This builds excitement in your customers and gives you a clear understanding of the demand.

Once the product is available, you can quickly notify them to encourage immediate purchase.

Plus, you know what they like and can build nurture campaigns that convert later on.

Product bundle landing pages

You can create special offers by bundling various products together. You can also provide discounts on these bundles on holidays and other special occasions.

This type of landing page could be classified as a product landing page, but just as with the subscription page, it also often involves a discount.

Collaboration landing page

Hippy Feet Collaboration page Shopify landing page examples

Do you often collaborate with other companies and individuals on various projects?

Then it might make sense to create a landing page dedicated to these unique collaborations so potential customers can learn more and purchase.

Brands like Hippy Feet (above) and Rumpl use celebrity/influencer collaboration landing pages to target unique audiences with messaging that’ll appeal to them.

Seasonal landing pages

Consumer demand changes with the seasons.

For brands with products that ebb and flow in the same way, it makes sense to shift marketing to fit those demands.

Consider creating seasonal product landing pages that not only promote your products but also provide information relevant to that season.

This could help spike traffic and interest in products that solve common seasonal pain points.

Consultation landing pages

If you offer consultations to help customers find the most relevant products, a dedicated consultation landing page can help you get more bookings.

These pages are a great way to generate high-intent leads and come away with increased average order values (AOV).

Educational landing pages

While the primary reason for building an ecommerce store may be to sell your products to a wider audience, it’s not the only reason.

Many brands, like Tuft + Paw, Grace Loves Lace, and Seed have dedicated landing pages for customer education.

These pages aren’t necessarily designed to sell (although some might have product tie-ins).

The main purpose is to position your brand as an authority in your industry. Educational landing pages are a great way to establish your brand as a go-to resource and create trust among consumers.

For example, Tuft + Paw’s Cat Education Center is the ultimate resource for cat parents.

From high-quality articles on cat behavior to community forums and product reviews, Tuft + Paw has carved out their footing in the cat community as a trustworthy brand.

Tuft and Paw Educational Landing Page Shopify landing page examples

13 Shopify landing page examples from top brands (built with Shogun)

Just describing each type of landing page won’t do, though.

Let’s look at real-world examples of each type of page to see what top brands are doing to drive up their conversion rates.

1. Kodiak Cakes: Product landing page example

Kodiak Cakes uses this approach for their nut butter syrups: They have a Shogun-built landing page on their Shopify site that directs potential customers to Target where they can buy this particular line of products.

kodiak cakes syrups Shopify landing page examples

Note the call to action here: “Find a bottle”, wherein visitors are directed to Target to purchase over there:

kodiak above fold Shopify landing page examples

The page even features ideas for what you can do with these nut butter syrups! And of course, the product specifications:

kodiak syrups details Shopify landing page examples

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2. Ridge: Product landing page example

The Ridge is a maker of slim, metal wallets aimed to replace the classic chunky leather wallet.

Their ecommerce store—particularly the product pages—is a masterclass in communicating value visually.

Peppering bold, sleek imagery on product pages is a great way to convey quality, communicate product detail, and give shoppers more context.

Ridge Shopify Landing Page Examples 1 Shopify landing page examples

From high-quality, zoomed-in stills to an engaging slider feature that compares a Ridge wallet with a standard leather one, this site says so much without needing tons of copy.

The Ridge Shopify Landing Page Shopify landing page examples

The Ridge uses Custom Elements in Shogun to create this toggle experience, which they can reuse across multiple site pages if they wish.

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3. Falcon Enamelware: Special offer landing page example

This special offers page from Falcon Enamelware does a great job featuring a variety of products, from gift sets to single items.

Falcon Enamelware Shopify Landing Page Example 1 Shopify landing page examples

Not only is the page easy to find—it’s located in the top navigation bar—but it’s easy to add items to your cart right from the landing page.

Falcon Enamelware Shopify Landing Page Example 2 Shopify landing page examples

The simplicity of the grid layout of this page, combined with easy actions (like add to cart and quantity buttons) make this page successful.

4. Copper Cow Coffee: Subscription landing page example

The coffee brand, Copper Cow, sells single-use pour-over Vietnamese lattes. Their subscription program ensures customers get a regular supply of this delicious drink delivered to their doors.

They built a subscription landing page to drive customers from consideration to purchase faster. And it worked! Their Shogun-built landing page drove conversions big time.

“We saw our conversion rate double when we directed them to this explainer page first.” — Kate Strollo, Director of Digital Marketing

copper cow subscription Shopify landing page examples

They highlight the benefits of the program above the fold and then go into the savings and what you’ll get as you scroll down the page.

copper cow details Shopify landing page examples

By highlighting not only the savings but also the ability to control what you get and when you get it, Copper Cow does a great job of selling their subscription on its basic merits.

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5. OLIPOP: Subscription landing page example

OLIPOP is a tonic made with all the fixins for strong gut health like probiotics, botanicals, and natural plant fiber.

OLIPOP Shopify Landing Page Example 2 Shopify landing page examples

The Subscription page—also located in the top navigation bar like Falcon Enamelware—is not only easy to find, but it’s incredibly interactive and customizable.

OLIPOP Shopify Landing Page Example 1 Shopify landing page examples

Shoppers can easily choose their favorite 12-pack, cadence, and quantity.

What’s more, if shoppers change their mind on their subscription cadence, it’s quick to update directly in the drawer cart.

OLIPOP uses Stay.Ai to power their subscription arm, and has seen a 35% increase in revenue from subscriptions alone—a true testament to this page type’s power.

6. Craft: Collection landing page example

Craft has a customized landing page for their new Charge collection.

The products are displayed from various angles, giving visitors the full picture of the new collection, plus product details to encourage further research.

craft collection Shopify landing page examples

They use text elements to introduce the collection at the top of the page, slider elements to showcase featured products, and generally lots of slick imagery to spotlight different items.

craft collection detail Shopify landing page examples
craft collections Shopify landing page examples

And, of course, the call to action here is “Shop the collection”—directing visitors to individual product pages to checkout.

By showcasing the whole collection instead of just one product, shoppers could be enticed to add more products to their cart.

7. Badgley Mischka: Collection landing page

Iconic fashion brand, Badgley Mischka, has expanded their ecommerce presence over the years.

The brand’s wedding shop page speaks to not only their sophistication but to their prioritization of their customer experience.

Badgley Mischka Shopify Landing Page Example 1 Shopify landing page examples

This landing page centralizes all Badgley Mischka wedding attire—from gowns to accessories. The grid layout makes the page feel editorial, and is sure to spark inspiration from blushing brides.

Badgley Mischka Shopify Landing Page Example 2 Shopify landing page examples

The top sub-navigation makes it even easier for shoppers to narrow their search—whether they’re a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, or shopping for different wedding events.

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8. FRANKIE4: Coming Soon landing page

Podiatrist-founded footwear brand, FRANKIE4, uses the Coming Soon landing page type to encourage brand fans to become official brand ambassadors.

frankie4 coming soon example

The page is straightforward yet effective.

The use of imagery and bold headers makes the page feel editorial, and the buttons make it clear what customers are to do next.

9. BondiBoost: Product bundle landing page

Australian-born haircare brand has a solution for a variety of needs and textures.

With such an impressive product collection comes the need to show shoppers what products complement each other.

BondiBoost Shopify Landing Page Example 1 Shopify landing page examples

BondiBoost’s product bundle landing page not only features ample products together, but makes it clear how much shoppers can save when they bundle.

Customers can also sort the Shogun-built page by best-selling product, price, and more.

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10. Rumpl: Collaboration landing page example

Rumpl has Shogun-built collaboration pages for all of their incredible cross-over products as well as their artist collaborations. Whether it’s bringing a small artist into the national spotlight or working with well-known DTC brands for co-marketing, Rumpl does it right.

In this example, they’ve teamed up with Solo Stove to sell their cobranded blanket.

rumpl solo above fold Shopify landing page examples

Just below the fold, they clearly state the benefits of the blanket with cool icons declaring that they are packable, fire-resistant, and clippable for cape-wearing (there’s a superhero in all of us).

rumpl solo stove features Shopify landing page examples

The obvious overlap between these two brands is on display throughout the page with awesome photos of a woman staying cozy with her friends around the Solo Stove.

rumpl images Shopify landing page examples

Every image is a link leading back to the Rumpl homepage, allowing visitors to start shopping the whole collection.

This sort of co-marketing allows both brands to access the customers they might have in common. And, collaboration campaigns are a genius way to get in front of niche communities and build trust with influencers that people follow.

11. Flow: Seasonal landing page example

Flow has an autumn landing page where they share seasonal beekeeping tips. It allows them to target specific visitors around the autumn and winter months of the year.

flow seasonal Shopify landing page examples

Knowing that this campaign might not be as relevant in Spring and Summer, Flow can cycle in the right landing page for the right time of year.

In this instance, they know bee enthusiasts are starting to think about their honey-hoarding setup.

12. Temple Cycles: Consultation landing page example

Temple Cycles is the cycling enthusiast’s one-stop shop.

Whether you’re shopping for a specific part, or want to build your own custom bike, Temple Cycles has what you need.

Temple Shopify Landing Page Examples 1 Shopify landing page examples

The brand uses the consultation landing page type to offer their services: test rides, information on custom bikes, and more.

Temple Shopify Landing Page Examples 2 Shopify landing page examples

Temple Cycles uses Shogun text and image elements to bring this page to life—especially in adding the customer reviews and user-generated content grid.

Temple Shopify Landing Page Examples 3 Shopify landing page examples

13. Lyre’s Spirit Co.: Educational landing page

Lyre’s is on a mission to make non-alcoholic beverages available to the sober and sober-curious alike. The expansion of their ecommerce presence goes hand-in-hand with their prioritization of customer education.

Lyre’s Mixology Hub is the booze-free drinker’s ultimate guide to crafting the next great cocktail.

This educational landing page tells you what you need to stock your bar so you’re ready.

Lyres Shopify Landing Page Example 2 Shopify landing page examples

Then, you can explore recipes and watch videos of pro mixologists make your favorite drinks.

Lyres Shopify Landing Page Example 3 Shopify landing page examples
Lyres Shopify Landing Page Example 1 Shopify landing page examples

Pages like these are an exceptional way to blend product education with selling, while communicating your brand’s value.

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3 Shopify landing page templates to help you jumpstart your growth

Building high-converting pages from scratch on repeat eats away your valuable time.

Instead, using page templates to speed up your workflow *and* ensure consistency across your site is your secret weapon.

Shogun not only allows you to save your favorite page layouts as templates to accelerate your builds, but we have an entire library of templates to spark your next design.

Let’s look at a few of our favorite (fully customizable!) templates to inspire your next Shopify landing page.

Jewelry product page

This product page template has the foundation for conversions: ample space for product images, reviews, social proof, recommendations, and product details.

Shogun Jewelry Landing Page Template Shopify landing page examples

With product pages, you want to strike a balance between conveying enough product details without overwhelming.

This template ensures you check all the boxes customers have when shopping, while keeping your page clean, clear, and engaging.

See the full page

Beauty collection page

Collection landing pages need to tell a cohesive story. That cohesive story will help bump your AOV.

No matter how your products are grouped—like by seasonality or as part of a new collection—it needs to be clear how products are related to each other.

The Beauty Collection Page template in our template library helps you do just that.

Shogun Beauty Collection Page Template 2 Shopify landing page examples
Shogun Beauty Collection Page Template 1 Shopify landing page examples

This template features a product grid along with space toward the bottom to highlight other product collections in your store.

See the full page here

Pet food landing page

Lastly, this landing page template is excellent for creating a balance between your products and content.

Shogun Pet Food Landing Page Shopify landing page examples

Highlight new or best-selling products, and link ‌to educational or entertaining content.

Shogun Pet Food Landing Page Template 1 Shopify landing page examples

For brands looking to blend product and content, this is a great place to start.

Pages like these give shoppers options regarding what to do next (e.g., explore a product, read a blog post, or sign up for your newsletter), which is especially great for folks who are new to your brand.

See the full page

Shopify landing page examples frequently asked questions

How do I build a landing page on Shopify?

Building a dynamic, customer-ready landing page on Shopify can be challenging.

There are three ways to build them:

1. Use the Shopify theme editor. This approach is very limited but can be done directly in the Shopify dashboard.

2. Get a developer to code to your specifications. A more technical route, you can build custom landing pages but they take longer and require marketer-developer collaboration.

3. Leverage Shogun Page Builder. By far the fastest way to build landing pages, Shogun’s drag-and-drop editor allows anyone to design landing pages and quickly duplicate them for future campaigns.

Shogun is also changing the way you build landing pages with our new and upcoming generative AI features.

Learn more about how to build Shopify landing pages.

What app do you use to create Shopify landing pages?

Popular apps for Shopify landing pages are Shogun, PageFly, and GemPages.
Each offers drag-and-drop functionality, templates, and advanced customization options to craft captivating pages without coding.

That said, we’re a bit biased 😉

Learn more about what sets us apart from PageFly and GemPages:

Shogun vs. PageFly
Shogun vs. GemPages

Do I need a page builder for Shopify?

While you can create landing pages on Shopify using its built-in page editor, a page builder app, like Shogun, can significantly enhance your design capabilities and save you time.

Shogun offers more advanced customization options, layouts, pre-designed templates, and AI-powered features making it easier to create professional-looking landing pages without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

What are the benefits of creating landing pages in Shopify?

A landing page in Shopify serves as a focused destination for your marketing campaigns. Its benefits include:

Higher Conversions: A well-optimized landing page can lead to higher conversion rates, as it’s designed specifically for a single purpose.

Tailored Messaging: You can customize your messaging to match your campaign, which improves relevancy and resonates better with your target audience.

– Data Collection: Landing pages are great for collecting customer data, like email addresses, which can be used for future marketing efforts.

– Improved Analytics: You can track the performance of your campaigns more accurately, measuring their success and making informed adjustments.

When should I use a landing page?

Landing pages are helpful when:

Launching new products: Create a dedicated landing page to showcase a new product and its benefits.

– Running promotions: Dedicated landing pages for special discounts, seasonal sales, or limited-time offers not only create a buzz but make it easy for shoppers to find the promotion.

– Launching ad campaigns: When you’re directing traffic from ads, a landing page ensures a seamless and relevant user experience.

– Collecting leads: Landing pages are great for collecting valuable customer information in exchange for valuable content or resources.

Can you use a landing page to sell products?

Absolutely! Landing pages are perfect for selling products.

By concentrating on a single product or a related bundle, you can spotlight its features, benefits, and value.

This focused approach often boosts conversions. Just make sure you use persuasive elements like clear CTAs and compelling visuals.

Start building high-converting Shopify landing pages today

Shopify landing pages can take many different forms. In each case, the landing page is designed to inform, persuade, and build trust.

Ultimately, they’re built to drive potential customers further into the sales funnel, matching the messaging of whatever marketing campaign got them there.

Brands that neglect to take this targeted approach hazard losing valuable lead generation opportunities and, in the long run, sales.

Take a note from the above brands to create click-through landing pages that smooth the customer journey and boost conversion rates.

To build and launch these pages quickly, use a powerful tool like Shogun Page builder to simplify these high-converting opportunities.

With powerful pre-built landing page templates at the ready, you can create in no time to impact revenue more quickly.

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