Shopify Plus Features and Benefits (and why it's time to switch to Shopify Plus)

Shopify Plus Features - Shogun

If your business is growing quickly, to the point of outgrowing the limits of Shopify, it may be time to consider upgrading to Shopify Plus. In short, Shopify Plus is the enterprise-level beyond Advanced Shopify (the highest tier in their standard pricing model).

It's specifically geared toward businesses seeking or experiencing exponential growth who need a scalable platform capable of handling higher sales volume.

Think this might be right for you? Let's outline the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus features to make sure the features and benefits align with your business needs.

Who Benefits Most from Shopify Plus Features?

First and foremost, there are some clear signs that Shopify Plus might be right for your business:

  • Shopify is currently your eCommerce platform of choice
  • You're hitting limits with the number of accounts, stores/brands, transactions, etc.
  • You're unwilling to uncouple and thereby bring everything in-house.

If these bullets describe the current state of your business, it's likely that Shopify Plus is a good next step to take.

How much does Shopify Plus cost?

Shopify requires that you reach out to them to get a quote for your particular store.

shopify plus features cost of service plans

Shopify Plus Features

Unlimited Staff Accounts

Advanced Shopify caps out at 15 individual logins to the admin. There are no such restrictions with the top tier plan.

Custom Reporting

No other plan allows you to modify default reports, or create brand new custom reports. If analytics are paramount to you, this feature can be priceless in of itself.

Advanced Reporting

Not only can you customize reports, Shopify Plus give you insight into otherwise inaccessible data. For example, showing you the stats on your most loyal customers, or customers at risk of churning.

Real-Time Calculated Shipping

Improve customer service at checkout by providing accurate, real-time shipping rates from third-party services.

Up to 10 Clone Stores

The ability to clone your e-commerce store up to ten times with variations. This can help you quickly scale to an international business, as well as help with your SEO.

This is especially important for selling across multiple countries with different domains (.com,, etc) and accepting multiple currencies.

Sales Tax Automation

Shopify Plus gives you Avalara integration to help you manage sales tax across the fifty states.

100+ Payment Gateways

You have more options and flexibility when creating different checkout experiences for your customers. Now shoppers can checkout via Facebook, mobile, etc.; as well get personalized offers and discounts.

Shopify Plus Checkout Options - Shogun

Access to Shopify Flow

This app is only available to Shopify Plus accounts. Shopify Flow automates tasks such as sending emails/Slack notifications or segmenting customers. This can help you manage more with a smaller team, as well as help businesses scale up.

Access to Scripts Editor

Much like Shopify Flow, you'll have access to edit scripts via the Scripts Editor app. Using Ruby, your dev team can create scripts to automate tasks depending on customer actions.

Access to Launchpad

Another exclusive app, Launchpad is an intelligent scheduling tool. With it, you can automate when products are published, launch a sales campaign, or run time-sensitive events.

Exclusive APIs

The top tier plan allows access to exclusive APIs with better, faster, and more reliable integration.

Sell B2B/Wholesale

Give access to a secure segment of your store geared toward selling wholesale to other businesses. Comes with custom shipping rules, ability to provide bulk discounts, and everything else you need to function as a wholesaler.

A Key Selling Feature of Shopify Plus - Industry Leading Support

If you read any reviews of Shopify Plus, you'll see nearly universal praise for their dedicated customer support. No matter how heavily you need to rely on their support team, they're always available. This might be worth the cost alone.

Shopify Plus Support - Shogun

Aside from the 24-hour phone support from Shopify, you're assigned a Dedicated Merchant Success Manager.

Your success manager will be your point person to answer questions and work closely with your brand. You'll have a Shopify expert who already knows and understands the specifics of your needs.

Shopify Plus support also includes access to a:

  • Launch Engineer (for setting up any new aspect of your store)
  • Solutions Engineer (to get your tech in sync with their tech)
  • and Consultants to audit your store and proactively suggest improvements

Shopify Plus can save your enterprise money by lowering fees and taking care of all hosting duties. All of the above while providing automation and support that can cut down on your in-house hours. If you foresee limitations in future growth, it just might be time to upgrade to Shopify Plus.

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