Maximize Profits With Shopify Wholesale: Top Strategies

May 15, 2023

Image of multiple boxes of wholesale product

Are you an ecommerce professional looking to optimize your wholesale operations and scale your B2B ecommerce?

With increasing competition, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. That’s where Shopify and its flexible, integrative wholesale solutions come in.

As an experienced ecommerce manager, you know that the key to success lies in selecting the right tools and strategies to optimize your operations.

But with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which Shopify apps and platforms are best suited for wholesale operations.

Shopify is one of the most widely used ecommerce platforms offering flexibility and integrations for B2B wholesale solutions.

With Shopify wholesale, you can streamline your inventory procurement process and enjoy the benefits of selling online, such as increased customer reach and reduced operational costs.

So why settle for less when you can elevate your B2B ecommerce game with Shopify wholesale? Start exploring our insights and strategies today to take your wholesale operations to the next level.

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What is Shopify wholesale?

Shopify wholesale is a feature that allows merchants to offer their products to wholesale customers at discounted prices.

This option is ideal for businesses looking to expand their reach by targeting a broader audience while also simplifying their sales process.

What sets Shopify wholesale apart from other product offerings is its ability to integrate seamlessly into your current store, allowing you to manage retail and wholesale operations from a single space.

If you’re interested in learning how to sell wholesale on Shopify, the first step is to set up your initial Shopify store and activate the wholesale channel.

Shopify offers a lot of helpful resources, such as tutorials and guides on setting up and managing a wholesale store to help you along the way.

By incorporating Shopify wholesale into your current operations, you can grow your customer base and simplify your sales process. With the right approach and resources at your disposal, you can easily integrate wholesale operations and achieve significant growth.

Benefits of Shopify wholesale include:

  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Simplified order management
  • Improved customer relationships.
  • Merchants can better source products which can help to lower costs and improve margins.

How can I add Shopify wholesale to my store?

If you’re looking to incorporate Shopify wholesale into your store, follow the straightforward steps below.

How to set up Shopify wholesale in five steps

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add Shopify wholesale to your store using the wholesale channel:

  1. First, log in to your Shopify account and navigate to the “Sales Channels” section.
  2. Click on “Add sales channel” and select “wholesale” from the list of available options.
  3. Once you’ve added the wholesale channel, you can set up your pricing and discount options by navigating to the “wholesale” tab on your Shopify dashboard.
  4. From there, you can create price lists for your wholesale customers and set discounts based on the quantity ordered or the customer’s purchase history.
  5. To make sure that your wholesale customers can access their pricing and discounts, you can create a password-protected page on your store where they can log in and place orders.

Shopify offers various resources and support options to help you get started with Shopify wholesale and answer any questions, as each online store is unique.

Shopify also offers a range of apps to help you set up a wholesale store, such as the wholesale Club app or the wholesale Pricing Discount app.

These apps offer a range of features such as custom pricing, minimum order quantities, and customer group management to help you manage your wholesale operations effectively.

Get inspired by these examples of the best Shopify wholesale stores

Discover how these successful Shopify wholesale stores blend appealing designs, user-friendly navigation, customized pricing, and payment options to drive sales and make their business stand out.

Take inspiration from these examples and bring their strategies to life on your own website to help make your ecommerce store unique, effective, and profitable.


Screenshot of Gymshark's website

Gymshark, a well-known gym clothing brand, offers its wholesale customers a minimum order quantity of just 10 items, making it more accessible to small businesses and individual trainers.

Gymshark was valued at £1.25bn in 2020, making it one of the UK’s most successful startups.

The company’s sales grew by 54% to £401.9m, with its wholesale program playing a significant role in this growth.

SKKN Beauty

Screenshot of SKKN Beauty website

SKKN Beauty is a cosmetics brand by reality TV star Kim Kardashian. The brand has used Shopify wholesale to expand its reach and offer its products to beauty salons and retailers worldwide.

SKKN Beauty’s website features high-quality product images and descriptions and a user-friendly interface. This makes it easy for wholesale customers to place orders and manage their accounts.


Screenshot of

Koio, a luxury sneaker brand based in New York, uses Shopify wholesale to manage its wholesale operations.

By streamlining their sales process, Koio reduced their order processing time, allowing them to focus on creating high-quality products for their customers.


A screenshot of Brooklinen's website

Brooklinen is a direct-to-customer (DTC) linen home essentials business.

By focusing on DTC sales, Brooklinen could bypass traditional retail channels and offer its products directly to consumers.

Shopify’s B2B wholesale functionality has unlocked a self-serve option for Brooklinen B2B customers.

Placing online orders themselves, instead of placing bulk orders over the phone, frees up Brooklinen’s staff to offer a more personalized shopping experience and spend 80% of their time working with customers.

Laird Superfood

Screenshot of Laird Superfood's website

Laird Superfood needed a solution to automate and streamline the high volume of orders they were receiving 24 hours a day.

They implemented the Shopify wholesale channel to allow their customers to order independently 24/7. The result? 550% increase in sales growth year over year in Q2 of 2017 and a 15% monthly sales increase.

By implementing the Shopify wholesale channel, Laird Superfood can dedicate more time to marketing and manufacturing to increase productivity.

“Being able to automate the wholesale process changes how we build our team,” says Luan Pham, Laird’s marketing chief. “It prevents us from missing 2 A.M. orders and keeps our customers from having to wait to place an order until we’re in the office. It just solves so many problems.”

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What optimizations and conversion tools should I use with Shopify wholesale?

When setting up a Shopify wholesale store, there are optimizations and conversion tools that can help you maximize your sales and grow your business.

These tools can help you improve your store’s performance, increase customer engagement, and drive conversions.

When optimizing your ecommerce store to enhance conversions, there are several useful tools and tactics you can use. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites. Let’s start with a quick overview:

Graphic table comparing the features of Shopify Wholesale Apps

Upselling: Bold Upsell

Upselling is a tactic used to persuade customers to add more products to their cart, ultimately increasing their order value.

Bold Upsell appears as a pop-up window with product suggestions related to the customer’s current purchase, encouraging them to add more items before checking out.

This app personalizes the upsell suggestions based on the products added to the cart and displays them in a way that doesn’t disrupt the buying experience.

Screenshot of Bold Custom Pricing's website

Reviews: Yotpo

Displaying customer reviews and ratings on your product pages through apps like Yotpo can help increase trust and lead to higher conversions.

Potential customers may be hesitant to purchase from a brand that doesn’t have any reviews or ratings, as it could indicate a lack of trust and credibility.

Positive customer reviews can encourage potential customers to make a purchase.

Screenshot of Yotpo's website

Cart abandonment: Klaviyo

Cart abandonment is a common issue in ecommerce.

With apps like CartHook or Klaviyo, you can send targeted emails to customers who abandon their carts, offering discounts that incentivize them to complete their purchase.

This kind of email can remind them of the products they left behind and make them feel valued by your brand.

What’s more, Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with Shogun Page Builder custom forms. Easily embed Klaviyo forms to drive more email sign-ups, increase engagement, and ultimately, drive sales and revenue.

A screenshot of's website

Personalized shopping: Nosto

To personalize the shopping experience for your customers, consider using apps like LimeSpot or Nosto.

These apps analyze customers’ browsing and purchase history to create personalized product recommendations and dynamic content.

These personalized recommendations can lead to higher conversions, customer loyalty, and building brand value.

Screenshot of Nosto's website

Chatbot: Tidio

The Tidio app offers a range of convenient features for communicating with customers on your ecommerce website, including a live chat tool, chatbots, and email integration.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for website visitors to engage with your brand, while its customization options allow you to tailor the experience to your specific needs.

Using a chatbot can improve customer engagement, boost sales, and build a stronger online presence.

Screenshot of

Landing page and store design: Shogun Page Builder

Shogun Page Builder is designed to help you create engaging, high-converting customer experiences.

With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Shogun Page Builder allows you to create and customize landing pages, product pages, homepages, and more, tailored to your wholesale customer needs.

Join the thousands of ecommerce businesses worldwide and elevate your Shopify wholesale business today with Shogun Page Builder.

Screenshot of Shogun Page Builder's website

#cta-visual-pb#<cta-title>Build an awesome Shopify store<cta-title>DIY your store design with the best page builder tool by creating stunning store pages and landing pages that drive conversions.Start building for free

By taking advantage of these optimizations and conversion tools, you can improve your store’s performance and drive more sales.

Shopify also offers a range of resources and partners to help you optimize your store, including their app store, developer documentation, and community forums.

Best Shopify wholesale apps: comparisons and recommendations

Incorporating wholesale into your Shopify store can be a smart move if you’re looking to broaden your customer base and expand your business.

Nevertheless, the abundance of Shopify wholesale apps available can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to the wholesale scene.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight Shopify wholesale apps based on ratings from real users.

This resource is designed to educate you on the various options available and provide you with comparisons and recommendations to aid in your decision-making process.

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Screenshot of Bold Custom Pricing's website

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale is a powerful wholesale app that helps you set up custom pricing rules and discounts for your wholesale customers.

The app allows you to show specific products to wholesale customers based on their shopping behavior and categorize customers into Silver, Gold, and Platinum for VIP pricing.

The Auto-tagging feature categorizes customers based on their purchasing behavior, and you can add conditional logic to upgrade customers to a higher VIP level automatically.

Bold Custom Pricing: wholesale offers tiered discounts, bulk discounts, quantity breaks, and the ability to manage product visibility.

Key features:

  • Customizable pricing tiers. You can easily create custom pricing tiers based on order volume or customer segment.
  • Easy management. Bold Custom Pricing allows you to easily manage your wholesale pricing alongside your regular pricing.
  • Streamlined checkout options. Your customers will experience a seamless checkout process, with automatic wholesale discount calculations and customizable payment options.

Pricing: Customizable pricing tiers. Bold Custom Pricing’s pricing varies based on the plan you choose. Plans range from $19.99 to $99.99 per month.

Free trial? Yes —14-day free trial

Best for: Ideal for businesses looking for an easy way to manage their wholesale operations and offers customized pricing and discounts to their customers.

B2B Wholesale Club

A screenshot of B2B Wholesale Club

B2B Wholesale Club is a Shopify wholesale app offering powerful wholesale operations management features.

Creating a second Shopify store or using workarounds for pricing and variants is unnecessary with this app.

Key features:

  • Customizable pricing and payment options. B2B Wholesale Club allows you to easily set up custom pricing tiers for your wholesale customers.
  • Quick ordering options. With B2B Wholesale Club, your customers can place large orders with just a few clicks, saving time and effort.
  • Automated invoicing and reporting. B2B Wholesale Club automatically generates invoices and reports, reducing manual labor and potential for errors.

Pricing: Starts at $39 per month, and you can add the features as you like and pay accordingly.

Free trial? Yes—14-day free trial

Best for: Overall, B2B Wholesale Club is an excellent choice for online stores looking to streamline their wholesale operations and provide a better customer experience.

Shogun Page Builder

Screenshot of Shogun Page Builder website

Shogun Page Builder integrates seamlessly with wholesale stores on Shopify, making it an ideal solution for ecommerce sites of all sizes and industries.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface for easy customization. Customize your storefront quickly and easily without needing any coding experience.
  • Built-in analytics to track the performance of your pages. Monitor the performance of your store and optimize it for maximum returns.
  • Product cross-selling. Increase average order value and conversion rates by easily cross-selling related products on any page. Access your full product catalog within Page Builder and add product elements anywhere.
  • Reusable custom page templates. Save time and maintain brand consistency by creating custom, reusable page templates. Easily duplicate any page layout you’ve designed to use as a template for future pages.
  • Exceptional customer service. Shogun’s customer service team is helpful and available to answer all your questions to help you every step of the way, ensuring you get the best results.

Pricing: Plans start from $0 per month

Free trial? Yes

Best for: Ideal solution for ecommerce teams and businesses of any size and in any industry looking to build a highly customizable and professional-looking store.

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Wholesale Pricing Discount

Screenshot of Wholesale Pricing Discount website

The Shopify wholesale pricing discount app is a valuable tool for businesses seeking to enhance their wholesale operations.

Key features:

  • Unlimited discounts. Set up unlimited discounts, in percentage or fixed price, for your store, specific products, or collections.
  • Import/export pricing. Streamline the pricing process by importing and exporting prices through Excel files.
  • Minimum order quantity. Set minimum order quantities for discounts to encourage bulk purchases from wholesale customers.
  • “Pay Later” option. Offer a convenient “Pay Later” option to your wholesale customers.
  • Integration with over 30 popular apps. Wholesale Pricing Now can be integrated with over 30 popular apps, making it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to optimize their wholesale operations.

Pricing: $19.99 a month

Free trial? Yes—21-day trial

Best for: Integration with over 30 popular apps further enhances its capabilities, making it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to boost their wholesale operations.

Wholesale Genius

Screenshot of Wholesale Genius demo website

Wholesale Genius is a powerful and intuitive mobile application that makes wholesale business transactions seamless.

The app disrupted the traditional wholesale marketplace with an array of features tailored for wholesalers and retailers alike.

Key features:

  • Customizable pricing and payment options. With Wholesale Pricing Discount, you can set up custom pricing rules based on percentage or fixed amount discounts, and also offer quantity-based discounts or special shipping options.
  • Quick setup: It’s easy to get started with Wholesale Pricing Discount with just a few clicks and no coding required.
  • Compatible with other Shopify apps: Wholesale Pricing Discount integrates seamlessly with other Shopify apps, including POS systems, inventory management, and more.
  • The built-in messaging feature enables wholesalers and retailers to communicate directly, facilitating quicker negotiations and deal-making.

Pricing: starts at $4.99 a month

Free trial? Yes—15-day free trial

Best for: Small to medium ecommerce businesses looking to customize their wholesale pricing options for their customers.

B2B/Wholesale Solution

Screenshot of B2B Wholesale Solution Demo

The B2B/Wholesale Solution App for Shopify is a comprehensive tool designed to address the unique needs of wholesalers operating on the Shopify platform.

  • Customizable wholesale pricing. Set pricing tiers, quantity breaks, and apply additional fees to meet specific demands of wholesale customers.
  • Dedicated customer registration. Customize forms and automatic tagging for customers and orders to help businesses easily manage their client base and track orders.
  • Wholesale-specific features. Order limits, quantity increments, manual order creation, and customizable shipping rates provide businesses with greater control over their operations.
  • Tax automation. Automate VAT exemption and tax display rules to ensure the tax compliance of wholesale businesses.
  • Additional features. Discount codes, buy-one-get-one promotions, custom fields to orders, and a public API make this app versatile and able to cater to various business needs.

Pricing: starts at $25/month

Free trial? Yes—14-day free trial

Best for: With its customizable pricing and automatic tax compliance, B2B/Wholesale Solution is a preferable choice for wholesalers dealing with bulk orders.

Wholesale Gorilla

Screenshot of Wholesale Gorilla's Website

Wholesale Gorilla is a comprehensive B2B solution designed for Shopify store owners, created by real merchants who understand the complexities of managing a wholesale business.

Key Features:

  • Wholesale portal. Wholesale Gorilla integrates a wholesale portal to your existing store, providing approved customers access to wholesale prices, manage orders and inventory.
  • Comprehensive feature set. Wholesale Gorilla covers a wide range of wholesale needs including net terms, custom shipping, order limits, product exclusions, and quantity breaks.
  • Increased sales. Quick order forms and tailored B2B features ensure an efficient ordering process and smooth transactions, boosting your sales.
  • Seamless integration. Seamless integration with your existing store allows you to maintain a cohesive brand identity while serving both retail and wholesale customers.
  • Exceptional customer service. Wholesale Gorilla’s dedication to customer service ensures that managing your business is a manageable experience.

Pricing: Starting from $39 a month.

Free trial? Yes—30-day trial

Best for: Businesses that deal with large wholesale orders, want to scale their wholesale operations easily, automated invoicing, and customer management solutions for increased operational efficiency and drive sales.

Wholesale Pricing Now App for Shopify

A screenshot of Wholesale Pricing Now App for Shopify

Wholesale Pricing Now is a robust and user-friendly app designed to address the unique requirements of Shopify store owners operating in the B2B domain.

This app simplifies the process of implementing wholesale pricing strategies for your products, providing an efficient and seamless experience for your wholesale customers.

Key Features:

  • Customized pricing options. With Wholesale Pricing Now, you can easily set up custom pricing based on customer groups, product categories, and more.
  • Quick setup. The app offers easy installation and setup to get you started in no time.
  • Compatible with other apps. Wholesale Pricing Now integrates seamlessly with other apps, like product bundles, discounts, and more.

Pricing: Plans range from $0 to $19.99 per month

Free trial? Yes—14-day free trial

Best for: Wholesale Pricing Now is perfect for ecommerce businesses selling to both retail and wholesale customers who need to streamline their pricing process. Whether you’re a small business or an established store, Wholesale Pricing Now can help you simplify your pricing and improve customer satisfaction.

FAQs about Shopify wholesale

Does Shopify have a wholesale program?

Yes, Shopify offers a wholesale program that allows businesses to create custom price tiers for bulk orders, provide discounts, and manage their wholesale customers’ accounts.

You can also find options for wholesale integrations and customizations in Shopify’s app store.

Which Shopify plan offers wholesale?

The wholesale program is only available on Shopify Plus, the enterprise-level plan designed for high-volume merchants with complex requirements.

You can contact Shopify’s sales team to learn more about the features and pricing of Shopify Plus and whether it’s the right fit for your business.

How do I set up Shopify wholesale?

1. Go to your Shopify admin page and click on “settings”.
2. Click on “plan and permissions” and upgrade to a plan that supports the Wholesale channel.
3. Enable the wholesale channel in your sales channel list.
4. Set up your wholesale pricing by creating custom discount codes or using third-party apps.
5. Set up your wholesale customer groups by creating tags with wholesale customer data or using third-party apps.
6. Publish your wholesale offers by making them available to your wholesale customers through the wholesale channel, personalized emails, or draft orders.

How to make money selling wholesale products?

1. Sell high-quality products at competitive prices.
2. Have clear and transparent pricing and payment terms.
3. Provide excellent customer service to keep your customers coming back.
4. Optimize your supply chain to manage costs and ensure timely delivery.
5. Have a strong marketing strategy to reach your target audience and stand out from the competition.

What are the benefits of Shopify wholesale?

1. A built-in wholesale channel or access to third-party apps for custom wholesale experiences.
2. Customizable pricing options for different customer groups and product categories.
3. Streamlined order management and inventory tracking for both retail and wholesale customers.
4. Integration with other Shopify apps to manage your business more efficiently.
5. Increased revenue and profitability by expanding your customer base and selling in bulk.

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Boosting your business with Shopify wholesale

Shopify has become a game-changer in wholesale operations.

Partnering with Shogun Page Builder’s easy-to-use platform and powerful conversion tools, your ecommerce business can streamline wholesale transactions, save time and money, and focus on growth.

By adopting the right strategies and staying up-to-date on the latest B2B trends for wholesale, you can offer your customers better pricing and more extensive product catalogs, increasing revenue and growing your customer base.

Incorporating Shopify wholesale into your operations can significantly impact your bottom line.

By leveraging the power of technology, businesses can compete in the highly competitive wholesale world and grow operations confidently.


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