29 Examples of Highly Successful Shopify Stores

Need some inspiration to elevate your site from standard to superb? Take a look at some of the most successful DTC Shopify stores. 

Although each business’s success story varies greatly, they all share one commonality: a great online storefront. Each site has a user-friendly layout, brand-defining design, superb product photography, clear navigation, simple checkout process and convincing call-to-action buttons. Most importantly, these companies exemplify their brand through web design.

Keep in mind that no two stores are alike. These highly successful stores serve as an inspiration, not a template. The intricacies of your site will be specific to your store’s brand identity. 

29 Successful Shopify Stores

Continue reading to see how highly successful Shopify stores use their website to drive brand image, conversions and sales. 

1. Allbirds

Allbirds is on a mission to prove that people don’t have to choose between footwear that’s comfortable, designed well or sustainable. Allbirds create shoes that are soft, stylish and environmentally-friendly. The bright, modern website design creates excellent contrast against the company’s earth-tone color shoes. 

Allbirds homepage with shoes on two models
Image source: Allbirds

2. Beardbrand

Beardbrand helps men take care of their beards. Beardbrand engages with visitors by asking them to take a quiz that evaluates what kind of “beardsman” they are. After finishing, it prompts users to enter their email to join Beardbrand’s email list, where visitors receive grooming tips, product information and special offers. 

Beardbrand homepage with a bearded man in glasses in the background
Image Source: Beardbrand 

3. BioLite

Outdoor brands have the opportunity to take incredibly beautiful photos. BioLite capitalizes on this, using large photographs to transform cookware into an outdoor experience. 

Biolite homepage with tent and BioLite charger in the background
Image source: BioLite

4. Bombas

When you buy from Bombas, you’re not only buying funky, high-quality, highly durable socks, you’re donating a pair to people in need. Bombas’ one-for-one business model is at the core of its tagline “Feel-Good Gear.” Its bright and colorful website alludes to the spunky socks the company sells.

Bombas homepage with various sample socks in the background
Image source: Bombas

5. Bulletproof

Bulletproof offers high-performance food, drink and supplements. Its mission is to help people perform better, think faster and live better with changing products. Just like Bulletproof products, the website has bolded font and the perfect amount of orange.   

Bulletproof homepage with Bulletproof collagen protein in the background
Image source: Bulletproof

6. Chubbies

Chubbies produces bright, casual clothes for fun-loving people with a sense of humor. Like its products, the Chubbies website is vibrant and colorful, yet clean. 

Chubbies homepage with a man on the beach in the background
Image source: Chubbies

7. Cuppow

Reusable food containers never looked so good. Cuppow showcases its reusable containers in big, beautiful photos all over its website. The attention to detail is superb; the juice in the reusable cups on the homepage even matches the company’s color scheme.

Cuppow homepage with Cuppow cups in the grass in the background
Image source: Cuppow

8. Fangamer

Fangamer is a video game merchandise company created to celebrate games. Customers can buy shirts, collectibles, accessories, office supplies, books and more with their favorite video games in mind. 

Fangamer homepage with Resident Evil 3 clothing in the background
Image source: Fangamer

9. Gymshark

Teenager Ben Francis created Gymshark in 2012 in his mother’s garage. Now, the famous fitness brand has made nearly $130 million in sales.

Gymshark’s minimalistic design focuses on product photography and call-to-action buttons. The site’s simple layout allows for a smooth, no-distraction shopping process.

Gymshark homepage with three men working out in the background
Image source: Gymshark

10. Intelligent Change

Intelligent Change brands themselves as “the toothbrush of the mind.” The company’s goal is to improve people’s state of mind and lives. The store’s design is airy and readable, encouraging visitors to take the first step in improving their lives. 

Intelligent Change homepage with The Five Minute Journal in the background
Image source: Intelligent Change

11. Jane Motorcycles

Jane Motorcycles is an apparel store that specializes in custom motorcycle apparel, accessories, art and books. The site’s homepage has almost zero text. Instead, it’s full of bold product photos that invite the visitor to shop different categories. Jane Motorcycle divides its products by classification and brand, making it easy to find what you’re looking through at lightning speed.

Jane Motorcycles homepage with man looking at motorcycle in the background
Image source: Jane Motorcycles

12. KITH

KITH is a multifunctional lifestyle brand for men, women and children. The crisp and clean digital storefront entices visitors to buy with stylish photos and sleek call-to-action buttons. KITH’s premium products range from in-house labels to multi-brand apparel and footwear.

Kith homepage with stacked towels in the background
Image source: Kith

13. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics brand, is one of the most successful Shopify stores to date. Her bubblegum pink website is distinct and eye-catching. The product page also uses close up, high-definition photos of Kylie Jenner’s lips covered in each product to remind visitors that Kylie Cosmetics is Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Cosmetics homepage with Kylie Jenner modeling lipstick
Image source: Kylie Cosmetics

14. Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair creates and sells clip-in hair extensions to thousands of women around the world. The minimalistic website features a white background and simple call-to-action buttons. In addition to its product catalog, the Luxy Hair website also features transformation videos, information on how the company manufactures the extensions, a hair blog and more. 

Luxy Hair homepage with before and after shots of Luxy extensions
Image source: Luxy Hair

15. Madsen Cycles

Madsen Cycles appeals to families with young children with its bright, bold, yet sophisticated aesthetic. The company balances fun and refinement with a mix of bright and muted colors.

Madsen Cycles homepage with family in Madsen bike in background
Image source: Madsen Cycles

16. Miracle by Aloft

Miracle by Aloft offers sheets, towels and pillowcases with antimicrobial silver. The site has a simple layout and baby blue theme that is soothing and dream-like. It almost invites users to imagine drifting to sleep in new Miracle linens. 

Miracle by Aloft homepage with a woman in a towel in the background
Image source: Miracle

17. mnml

mnml is an online-only clothing company that sells high-quality, progressive designs without the retail markup. mnml’s website is as minimalist as it gets, using a bright white background to accentuate bold product photographs and descriptions.

mnml homepage with man in sweatshirt in the background
Image source: mnml

18. MVMT

MVMT’s goal of making affordable, high-quality watches is brought to life by its sleek, professional website. The modern website design and sleep infographics target its core audience: millennials. 

MVMT homepage with two people in glasses in the background
Image source: MVMT

19. Nerdwax

Nerdwax is the all-natural beeswax designed to stop glasses from slipping down your nose. The company's colorful, contemporary website walks visitors through how the product works and what people are saying about it.

Nerdwax homepage with Nerwax, bold text and green background
Image source: Nerdwax

20. Nick Mayer Art

If you’re selling art, you need to make sure your website doesn’t detract or distract visitors from your products. Nick Mayer Art does a fantastic job creating a website that’s visually appealing while complimentary of his work. Nick Mayer Art uses a minimal layout with muted colors that add vibrance but also highlight his intricate, colorful prints.

Nick Mayer Art homepage with marlin fish in the background
Image source: Nick Mayer Art

21. Omaze

Omaze encourages charitable donations by giving people an opportunity to win prizes. The bright, flashy site invites visitors to explore prizes like dinner with a celebrity, a brand new car, tropical vacations and more. The site’s design is bold, just like the company’s mission.

Omaze homepage with a man in front of a mansion
Image source: Omaze

22. SkinnyMeTea

The Australian detox tea company is driven by its mission to help people reach their health and wellness goals. Using complementary pastels and bold fonts, SkinnyMeTea beautifully targets its audience of mainly women. 

SkinnyMeTea homepage with woman pouring tea
Image source: SkinnyMeTea

23. Spigen

Spigen sells high-quality, durable mobile phone accessories such as cases, screen protectors and other accessories for popular smartphone models. The straightforward web design emulates the brand’s no-nonsense products. 

Spigen homepage with three iPhones in the background
Image source: Spigen

24. Tattly

Tattly sells beautiful temporary tattoos created by some of the world’s most talented designers. Using a cartoonish website design, Tattly employs call-to-action buttons on the homepage to get users started on filling their shopping cart.

Tattly homepage with hands with tattoos in the background
Image source: Tattly

25. Taylor Stitch

Launched in 2020, Taylor Stitch specializes in custom-tailored menswear that’s not only sophisticated but affordable. Taylor Stitch’s online store has a rustic, natural feel that nicely complements its simple clothing catalog. 

Taylor Stitch homepage with three shirts in the background
Image source: Taylor Stitch

26. The Great Cookie

The Great Cookie specializes in all things cookies. The bright, cartoonish website captures the brand’s essence perfectly, and its intuitive layout makes finding the perfect treat fast and straightforward. 

The Great Cookie homepage with cookie cake in the background
Image source: The Great Cookie

27. The Ridge

The Ridge creates quality products that streamline and simplify everyday life. The first, and most popular, Ridge product is the Ridge Wallet. The RFID blocking wallet appeals to millions for its card protection, slim design, durability and lifetime guarantee. The Ridge uses a robust and industrial style layout to capture the strength of its products. 

The Ridge homepage with Ridge Wallets in the background
Image source: The Ridge


The Australian swimwear company sells simple and sporty bathing suits that appeal to women worldwide. TRIANGL’s website sports a homepage with no text, just a slideshow of grainy, vintage-looking photos of its bathing suits in action. The minimalist website points visitors’ attention to the quality and design of its products.

TRIANGL homepage with women in bathing suits in the background
Image source: Triangl

29. WP Standard

This men’s accessory brand won Shopify’s Design Award in 2013, which gave it immense exposure and skyrocketed its sales. Targeting quality-conscious tech men, WP Standard exemplifies its commitment to top-notch design and quality with its sleek, product-focused website.

WP Standard homepage with man holding a backpack in the background
Image source: WP Standard

We hope these popular, well-designed stores spark some ideas for your own business!

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